Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Blind Leading The Deaf : Plus Commentary

Spontaneous Dada...

Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 13:32:02 -0500 (EST)
From: ross priddle
Subject: taking up a collection


oohhh, that looks so nasty, that wound! you gotta get yourself straightened out! quit wasting money on stupid electronic gizmos! get yourself a little home!

this probably won't make much difference but i just posted this on my blog: (entry for Nov. 30)
( See Addendum at Bottom for The Correct Link )

maybe i'll try a little test sending thru western union, or something? i ain't a millionaire, but i should be able to send something! will you pick it up?

ross priddle

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Massively Ponderous Mailing...

Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 10:24:55 -0800 (PST)

From: "D. Ross Priddle"
To: Chrs-
CC: Auntie BareBelly , Dan Dziekan , De .....
Subject: Re: Help get Babynous off the street!

Doesn't anybody care?

here's one of our own, obviously in need of help, and what do we do?
Come on people!
surely if we all kicked in five bucks we could help Chrs- to a month's rent or at least a sqaure meal! tell us where the nearest western union outlet is there Chrs- and we'll see what we can do for ya --
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Well; i had nothing to do with this...
As most of you that know me, know already...
i love to suffer.
i wouldn't have chosen this incarnation scenario,
spent all my time drawing things that everyone hates,
and spent an extra $2.50 on an Insane Brain before coming here,
and also: picked the incredibly lame support group that i did
without The Advocacy Group of Gaurdian Angels
that carefully advised me on all these issues beforehand...
Karma is something you have to balance carefully,
and you can't go around living The Life of Riley--
Every Recarnation...
You have to sometimes live the life you need to...

For the love of gawd, don't send any money...
i'm fine... really...!

But seriously...
if you took everybody that ever lived,
i would be in the top 5% of the luckiest ones...
( make that the bottom 20% if i used only Canadians )

i feel terrible whenever anything good happens to me...!
'i don't deserve this...!'
is what i think...!!!
i feel guilty whenever i want something good to happen to me...!!!

i've had plenty of chances for endless happiness,
and i've turned them down every time...

Next Reincarnation though...
i'm going to cash in my trading stamps!
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Addendum : Plus More Commentary...!

Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 18:41:13 -0500 (EST)
From: ross priddle
To: chrs-
Subject: the wheels are in motion

this is the post i was referring to: (i think)

and the gears are in motion!

i've heard from: john m. bennett, jukka-pekka kervinen, dan waber & sheila murphy: all willing to help!

all we need to know (at a minimum) is your name & the nearest Western Union outlet! (or maybe you have a bank account or something? how do you get your money from the ad-sense program on your blog? do you have a credit card? maybe set up a pay-pal account? Western Union charges $12 to send up to $50! and then slightly less (as a percentage) for larger amounts (ie 14 up to 100, 18 up to 200? or so)

ross priddle

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More Commentary...

i have to tell you something that will make your head explode...

You should already know, by now, that the greys,
who are the same beings as our ancestors called Elves, Faeries and Gnomes,
Own Us.
We are their Property.
And they are harvesting our souls.

You should already know that,
so that's not what i'm about to tell you now.

It is this:
Are you sitting down.

As a Crazy Person, i'm on a Government Sponsored Program called SSI.
Under this program i am allocated a small allowance,
which for many years provided me with a roof over my head,
and plenty of coffee to drink,
And it also allowed me to experience the horrors of MailArt...!

But there is a Satanic Element to SSI.
i have to report all the income that i recieve, other than my Allowance from Dick Cheney.
Whenever i find a quarter in a phone booth, Dick Cheney takes away a Quarter from my Allowance!
Under SSI, you can NEVER accumulate more than the Allowance that they provide for you.
You can NEVER get ahead.
You can NEVER climb out of it.

The only way to Escape SSI is to Jump out of it,
In ONE leap.

So if you did sent me some Aid,
i would be forced, by LAW--
to report it, and they would take it out of my Allowance.

If i failed to report it,
and somehow... ( ??? )
they discovered that i had gotten this extra income,
i would be in BIG DO-DO...!!!

thanx anways...

Dick Cheney says "F*** **u!"

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