Thursday, December 22, 2005

First Chrstmsa Package...!!!

My mother, still alive at 80 + a few days;
After a lifetime of chain smoking and recent morbid obesity...
Sent me a package, after i'd begged everyone NOT to send me anything...!!!

i just hate getting presents...!!!

The box that she sent was about half the size of my backpack,
Which is about the size of a regulation bookbag...
Or possibly a little bigger, especially along the sides, where there are extra pouches...
i'm trying to keep my carrying load as small as possible,
So that i can remain as InVisible as possible...
Many people; especially Pan-Handlers ( ! )
Don't believe me when i tell them that i'm a Street Person Too...!!!
( So that's good Confirmation that the plan is working...! )
But there are Other Street People around here that have even smaller bags than i do,
So i'm deeply envious of them...
( although-- it might be noted that one of them is an alcoholic that just sits and drinks around the Mall all day ( he's very well behaved though, so they let him...??? ( ! ) ) --
And the other is a Catatonic Schizophrenic that just sits around the mall staring off into space...
( Neither of them seems to be interested in Reading, Gematria or Watercolours,
So that, by itself helps to limit the amount of crap that they have to carry around...! )

But Mostly; i'm definitely fearful of becoming one of those lunatics that 'Gathers stuff...!!!'
And has to keep it all in a shopping cart,
OR-- in several noted cases; SEVERAL Shopping Carts...
( There is one lady, a VERY Pretty 30ish lady
that pushes around 6 BIG Airline baggage carts
piled with Gawd Only Knows What...
i would like to ask her, but she Scares the crap out of me...!!! )

So i want to avoid THAT...!!!

i should also note that i have Gathering/Hoarding genes in my brain,
So i am susceptible to this sort of Diseased Behaviour...!!!

Fortunately; It was mostly air bags to protect The Rice Crispy Squares...!!!
( i opened everything; even though it's not quite chrstmsa yet...!!! )
She also sent Two ( 2 ) flashlights...!!! One is a Toucan Bird, and one is a Mini-mini one...
i already have Two... My regular one, and a back up Regular one...
All the mentioned flashlights here are LED versions, and like Digital Photography,
Anyone that is still doing this...
( Flashlights with lightbulbs or Film Photography )
...The Old Fashion Way ---

She also sent a tube of first aid cream... Which i didn't need EITHER...!!!
When i need things, i can get them myself...
i have a very well packed First Aid Kit...
But that really doesn't make up for the Really Terrible Quality Skin i have...!!!

i have lots of bad molecules.

And Two packages of Chocolates...
One of which i gave to the librarian at the Kapolei Library,
Because they are so nice here...!!!
All the other libraries will only let you use the computers for an hour a day,
But here; You can use them for as long as you'd like,
So long as no one is waiting to use one...!!!
The Worst System is at The Main Branch,
( Where you'd think they would have the best system...
wouldn't you...??? )...
There-- You have to start at the half hour and get off at 25 after...
So that if you're a little too long, the librarian will start to nag and nag and nag for you to get off the computer...!!!
Or -- If you're there ONE MINUTE too early,
you have to wait one minute, even if no one is using the computer...!!!
Most of the branches will let you start at any old time,
And then you put a little Post-It Note on the computer when you're time is up...
Which is a little more civilized...??? ( ! )

And a Chicken Bauble Head.
( It's that 'Smart' PreAdolescent Chicken in the Warner Brothers Cartoons )

And Four Sharpie MiniPens.
i don't normally use Sharpies for drawing becuase they smell funny, and they're so oily that they'll bleed right through just about any kind of paper... The only thing they're really good for is writting addresses on Brown Papered Packages... or Grafitti...!!!
But i tried one the other day because i went over to Franklin Crafts and they didn't have the kind of pen i wanted, so i had to use The Blue Sharpie pen and it wasn't horrible.
So i guess i'll use the rest of them... eventually.

And also a bunch of McD's $$$ & Some Junk Mail...!!!
The Junk Mail was some insurance scam from my Bank, and my stupid phone company, which i hate, reminding me that i'd recently 'changed' my billing information... While what i was actually doing was 'Repairing' my billing information, after they got through with changing the expiration date on my new debit card...!!!
Do you like your Cell Phone Company... Which one is it...???

Thank You Very Much...!!!


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