Monday, December 19, 2005

More Odd Bits...

  1. figure ia : Merry Stinking Chrstmsa!

  2. figure ib : Alternative; Merry Stinking Chrstmsa!
    Special Thanx to The Smell Of Steve Illustration used without Permission!

  3. i may add an illustration to this later...
    My Chrstmsa Present to Everyone...!!!
    There's this 'Thing' over at the Ala Moana Shopping Center...
    It's not in one of the Store's, but featured on a Rolling Kiosk Dealie...
    And it's kind of Neat-O...???
    It's made of Glass, So the cheapest ones are like $50...!!!
    But you could easily Make One yourself, using only a Clothes Hanger, and a Toy Ball...
    Find a Clothes Hanger that is Wire, but with a Colourful Plastic Coating... and cut off a Long Piece of it...
    Then Wrap it into a Spiral Cone... So that it looks like an Ice Cream Cone... OK...! ?
    So the Narrow end is just looped any old way,
    But The Top has to be arranged into a Hook, so that it can be Hung from a String...
    The drop a Toy Ball into it, So that it rests around half way down into the Cone.
    Then Tie The String to The Wire Cone's Hook and to something overhead...???
    Then Gently Nudge the Cone so that it Spins along it's vertical axis ever so slowly...
    Not Too Slow, But Not Too Fast Either...!!!
    So that The Cone looks like it's moving Up or Down...???
    Anyways; If you did this right, The effect is pretty kewl.
    It would look nicer if you made it out of Glass,
    But after watching your wire one for about 5 Minutes,
    You'll be sick of it...

    figure ii : Magickal Floating Ball
  4. i was going to mention that this reminds me of my 'Mammalary Curve'
    A Mammalary Curve is kind of Like a 'Bell Curve'
    But instead of One Hump, The Mammalary Curve has Two Humps...!!!
    Like a Bactrian Camel...!!!
    It represents alot of different things...
    But in this case, It represents The Relationship between Intelligence and Curiosity...!!!
    The Curve has essentially
    5 Parts...
    The Lower Left Leading Plane, rising to...
    The First Hump,
    Then a Valley,
    Then The Second Hump,
    Then The Latter Tail leveling off...
    The First Level section is
    The Really Dumb People that are too dumb to see anything interesting in The Ball & Cone Dealie...
    The First Hump is The kind of Dumb People
    that will watch it for hours and hours and cry when you tell them it's time for dinner or bed...
    Then The Normal People ( The Damp Masses )
    are in The Middle Valley and they think it's kind of neat,
    but quickly become bored with it...
    Then The SubGenius' occupy The Second Hump; that find it fascinating and watch it for hours and hours and try to figure it out, and try all sorts of variations with it,
    and stay up for a long time playing with it...
    Then lastly; The Limp Tail is for The True Genius' that think it's vaguely curious, but quickly understand all it's implications and become bored with it.
    i first became aware of The Bactrian/Mammalary Curve when i was in Grade School and Noticed that The Really Stupid Kids ( The really, really stupid kids would in Special Ed classes, so that the Really Stupid Kids that i had access to, were in the First Hump Category ) and The SubGenius' were The Goofiest Kids,
    While The Normal Kids and Very, Very Smart Kids were the
    The Very, Very Dumb, The Normals & The Very, Very Smart, All think they're Smart
    While The Reasonably Dumb and SubGenius' know they're Dumb.
  5. i refreshed my Pi Friendly Gematria a little bit,
    adding some more statistics and searches through Phi, Tau & e.
    Regretfully; i didn't add any more Haikus.
  6. i took the bandage off my owied elbow this morning and it looks almost completely healed...???
    ...and most of my other 'budding' owies are behaving themselves...???
  7. And my cold is finally over i think... 2 days shy of the usual month that i take to get over one...!!!
  8. Something Fun: If This Link Works...???
    If not; Then go to Google; Groups;
    and look around for
    'A Story...'
  9. i found something in a magazine awhile ago,
    advertising for
    Inventions ....
    But when i tried to check it out, they required that i get a Patent out
    on my invention first, and when i tried to work my way through their website that was supposed to help me with that, it turned out to be more of a Blocking Strategy to keep Kooks out of the Competition...!!!
    So i didn't submit my Invention:
    Take A Look At It & Decide For Yourself...???
  10. Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005
    03:05:00 -0400
    From: jim leftwich
    Subject: Re: new address
    you should send me some stuff for this
    email as jpgs or send hard copy and i'll scan it
    So i sent him my whole sub-notebook
    ( preliminary doodles not fit for my journal
    or other temporary notes for this blog site,
    or programming for my calculator...??? )

    and he didn't use any of the 50 or so pages of
    incoherent ranting &/or scribbles...!!!
    Voice your Concern...!!!
  11. Giant Evil Sea Turtle...???

    figure iii : From The Daily Xingmsa Parade

    @ Ala Moana Shopping Mall!

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