Friday, December 16, 2005

Odd Bits

  1. i did laundry this morning... the first few laundries i did here on Oahu were over in Wainai...???
    [ i just accidently learned how to do a 'ShortCarriageReturn...!' ]
    ...But i went over there one day, and i picked up some "Bad Vibes"... which i'm very sensitive to... So i started looking around for a new laundromat...! and now i'm using on in Waikiki, which in pretty small, but it's in this neighborhood where everybody must have a washer/drier, because it's usually empty, except for tourists that are too shy to ask at their hotel how they can do some of their own 'personal' laundry...???
    So anyways... i didn't really plan on doing laundry when i got up this morning, but while i was walking through Ala Moana Shopping Center this morning at around 5:50, i came across a huge pile of clothes laid out on top of some bushes...???!!! So i looked through them a little bit, and found a HUGE T-Shirt ( i LOVE Huge T-Shirts! ) but it smelled just a little like Pee...!!! ...So i went over and did some laundry with that on top.
    i think i cost around 11.50 or so... i remember when i used to do laundry for $2...!!!
    oh well. It has to be done every six months or so.
  2. This happened quite a while ago, but i keep forgetting to mention it.
    i was riding on the bus one evening, on my way to bed, and i was sitting facing the aisle, and across from me, at about a 40 degree angle, there was a woman, facing forward, that was ranting up a storm...!!! As far as i could tell, she wasn't talking to anyone, since everyone around her was completely ignoring her...??? There were a bunch of kids around her, but i was trying to discount the possibility that they were hers, because what would be like to be raised by a schizophrenic mother like this...???
    So this went on for like 20_minutes, and then i noticed her looking vaguely over her shoulder, into the dark window, where she could see the person sitting directly behind herself...
    So this Guy sitting behind her, i heard for the first time, said something like, very quietly;
    "Will you please shut up."
    And she does not shut up. She keeps ranting and nagging about drinking and things that no doubt happened 40 years ago, but she's still as mad about them today as she was then... Perhaps more so. Almost certainly.
    So again; He chids her gently to please be quiet.
    She will not.
    So apparently he decided that he'd had enough, and reached up to pull the stop cord, and yanks it with such force...
    ( this is one of those quarter inch, wrapped steel cords with a plastic covering... )
    ... that it SNAPS!!!
    Just try and imagine how much force would be needed to break a quarter inch wound steel cord...!!!
    So as he's getting off, The driver begins to berate him for breaking the bus...!!!
    And he says; "How could i have broken the bus, a little guy like me..." And He Is a Little Guy...!!! With thin bony arms and a very meek disposition...!
    And the Wife decides that he's abandoning her, so she gathers all the kids together and get off the bus as well, --obviously far from where they intended to get off-- and she keeps ranting & nagging the entire time she's getting off, and continues while they all sit there outside the bus, and the driver is on the phone reporting this guy for breaking the bus--
    and after a while we left.
    The Bliss of Married Life.

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