Friday, December 30, 2005

Recent Thingers...!!!

  1. A few days ago, i lost a Clothes Pin.It was tied to the side of my Backpack and from time to time, these attached things come loose and fall off...But--!!!It always happens when i'm looking right at it...!!! that i don't loose anything...!This has happened SEVERAL times, So this last time, that resulted in a lost Clothes Pin is certain to Mean Something...???
  2. Speaking of Near Disasters... The Second from The Top Zipper on my Backpack is becoming more and more sickly...!!! The Third from the Top, The Big Zipper was Installed Incorrectly, and after lugging it around for nearly a year, i finally fixed It... But the Second from the top one has 'Popped' open several times, and i've taken to checking it constantly...!!! It contains my glasses and my wallet... So it would be Disasterous...!!!...If AnyThing in there Fell out...!!! So just now, i noticed that it had done it again, under the most Unlikely circumstances...!!! These things are always happening under the most Unlikeliest of Circumstances...!!! Like now; When it wasn't under the tiniest amount of stress or shearing force, it popped open...!!! It was just sitting there under the table... While if i lug it around all day, it behaves itself...!!! But i also just noticed that when i pulled the clasper way to the beginning to fix it, it was out of registration at the alpha links...!!! that the clasper couldn't reach all the way down to them... So that they will remain out of registration...!!! i suppose The Smart thing would be to sew those links together...
    Maybe tomorrow.
  3. Something Quirky happened at The Park down near Waikiki a week or so ago...
    There is this Crazy girl that 'lives' by the Restrooms by the Tennis Courts, and she's been Collecting things for several months... Apparently she wanders around at night and brings back anything she finds, which mostly towels and T-shirts, but she has quite a few other things as well... So this collection has reached the volume of two Refrigerators... When the big race came around... There was a Big Race down in that area recently... and before it took place, someone chased her off and removed the pile of things that she'd collected...??? Then she was missing for about another week after the race, and just the other day i saw her again. She is much to crazy to talk to, and i'm to shy to ask her about it, but something weird happened.
  4. Speaking of Crazy Ladies... The Crazy lady that lives downtown and has several very large baggage carts piled with -???- has gotten a new cart, so that now she has five. i just CAN NOT Believe that NO ONE has taken an interest of SOMEKIND in her and straightened this out...??? She has been living and pushing all these carts around for more than a year, at LEAST... and it's just crazy...!!!
  5. Speaking of Crazy People Downtown... i pass through the Chinatown area every morning on the bus and it is FILLING UP with homeless people that sleep on the sidewalks down there...??? i'm not nearly that sociable...!!! The place i sleep at is situated so that i'm all alone... just the way it should be...!!! i will just fall over dead if i'm chased away from there...!!!

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