Thursday, December 29, 2005

Second Chrstmsa Package

i got a second Chrstmsa Package from my Auntie Barebelly...

It contained:

A Mini ( Completely Useless ) FirstAid Kit
Some M&M's
Some time ago i came up with a list of 'Directives' for 'Good Present' giving...
And i can't even recall what they all were now...

But i think there were three of them:

The Present should be given from someone to someone...
As opposed to: From K-mart to A Complete Stranger that you feel obligated for some reason to buy them something for Xingmsa...!
Such that The Gift should mean something special to the Giver, and hopefully, will mean something special to the Recipient... This may require some amount of Explanation provided by the Giver...???

It seems to me that there were three, but i can't think of what the middle one was...???
( i think it had to do with Money... as in: You should never give money, because when you do, you are saying that you have nothing to share with the Recipient...! )

The Present should be of The Highest Imaginable Quality...
But this doesn't mean that it has to be expensive, ( i.e., M&M's are of the highest imaginable quality, and yet they're very affordable )

So every year, i'm sure to get some M& M's.

20$ along with a note that reads:
I called SSI and they said I could send you $20 without your having to declare it.
Sounds like your immune system is needing a decent meal.
Merry Merry... B

i've been meaning to buy a 'Box Lunch' and i used $5 of it ( so far ) to buy one.
A Box Lunch is a lunch that comes in a Styrofoam Container... They are very popular over here, and the ones that i've found in garbage cans look very appetizing... But they usually contain things that go bad very quickly, so i would rarely eat them...!
The one that i bought was a Mini Beef Curry with Rice and Macaroni Salad...

...All mixed together pretty much....!
It was alright, but the Beef Chunks had a lot of fatty Gristle on them...???
Apparently she used the left over cuts for the Curry...!!!
I'll have to try something else next time...!!!

There were also Three packages that i saved for Chrstmsa...!!!
a) Safety Scissors ( i already have a pair! )
b) Tweezers ( i already have a pair! )
c) Fingernail Clippers ( i already have a pair! )

i decided to keep the Safety Scissors that she sent, since i effectively destroyed my previous pair by digging out a McDonald's Happy Meal Plastic Figurine...! It was of a Witch, and i wanted the fetish that it was connected to... i thought that it would easily detach if i unscrewed the pin in the back, but it was more firmly attached than that, and it was so thoroughly glued together that i could only break off it's legs, and then i had to use my scissors to slowly whittle it away until the string came loose...!!!

i also decided to keep the tweezers... when i got my first pair from Longs Drugstore, i wasn't paying sufficient attention to what i was doing, and got some that had straight across grippers... instead of the preferred needlized nose that is better for digging out thorns and slivers...!!!

i also had some Toenail clippers, which i like better than Fingernail clippers...??? !
So i'm now looking for a new home for the bad tweezers and Fingernail Clippers...
The bad scissors still work, but they are a little bit bent... so they don't close exactly correctly...???

oh well.

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