Thursday, December 29, 2005

Why i Hate Getting Presents...!!!

There are Four different kinds of Presents you can get:

The Lame Present
A Lame Present is Disagreeable.

The Inappropriate Present
Likewise; If The Recipient defines a Gift as Inappropriate,
and who else would be qualified to do so--
It is Disagreeable.

The Something You Need Present
If you need something,
Then you should, or someone that knows that you need it, should;
Go out and get it for you.
This sort of thing, is Maintenance, and should never be considered a gift.
Thus; It is Disagreeable.

The Good Present
The Good Present is something that make you happy,
And if you're like me, You will feel that you don't deserve to be happy,
and thus:

The World is Not Working in a Manner that indicates that Gawd is Just.
Finding that The World is Not Just;

Means that The World is Random and Chaotic.
And this is Disagreeable.

Such that any present i receive--

Will be assessed as Disagreeable.

Additional Commentary:

One of the most disagreeable aspects to Chrstmsa is the frantic manner that everyone seems to express towards, Either being happy, or Trying to make other people happy...
This is loathsome.

Especially since it is so utterly futile.
If you're not going to be happy for the rest of the year,
Why do you even try to be happy for a few short weeks,
or one damn day.

Happiness is simply beyound your reach.
It is beyound the reach of The Damp Masses.
It is an Illusion.

Happiness; in it's purest form,
Is merely the temporary deescalation of torment & angst.
And unfortunately; When you struggle your hardest to obtain Happiness,
You only expand the natureal delimiters of the pain that sustains your existence.

Have you EVER had a Happy Chrstmsa.
Unless your deeply Insane; and experience Sorrow as Glee,
As some people experience Redness as Squeeking...
Then you have not.

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