Friday, December 29, 2006

Slight Update... # 2

i have been gone from this blog for a few months because i recently had a partial hip replacement ( the top of my right femur is now predominantly plastic and cobalt ) So i've been in the Hospital, then a care facility, then home, sleeping mostly... and i still don't have a computer of my own.
i only have an hour on the library computer and i want to do some other things right now...!!!

Extremely Bad Craziness...!!!

Someone has hacked into my other blog account...!!!
The Riders of The Golden Hamster and is filling it with evil nonsensical advertisements...!!!
The curious thing though, is that they are not hacking into this account...???
Evil Knows No Logic...!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Multimedia message

New Phone # 1 509 280 5247 ~~ EMail Message Affix:

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Tiny Update

If you're curious about my recent thoughts and such, i am most active on the internet ( hardly at all really ) on The HP48 Newsgroup:
HP48 Newsgroup
The HP48, if you're wondering, is a programable calculator, that has been superceeded in recent years by a number of 'newer' calculators, but the site is still called the HP48 Newsgroup, because all the newer ones suck donkey bile.
i finally got around to seeing Disney's 'The Black Hole'!
i was expecting it to be awful and it was pretty awful, but not as bad as my worst case senarios. The ending was awful though. It could have been worse in that they might have escaped the black hole, but thankfully, they were all sucked into it; except for Ernst Borgnine, who was blown up by the evil robots, and Anthony Perkins who was sliced and diced by the evilt robots ( this was one of the most annoying aspects of this movie... An evil robot with a cusinart attached to its manicals. )
The awful part was that it was unresolved, to my satisfaction, as to what was on the other side.
The good thing ( one of the good things ) about NetFlix is that it allows you to watch really bad movies, because it's so convenient to do so...!
i have an appointment on the 25th to see a doctor about getting my leg finally fixed, or perhaps he'll tell me that it can't be fixed within the parameters of my health insurance...???
Out of time again...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Continuum of Craziness Persists...

So i switched over to Tracfone from Cingular to get away from the extremely evil company cingular, and then i discovered that Tracfone is actually Cingular with a different halloween mask on...!!!
On Sept. 20th, i went over to see Dr. Mark Olson and he told me that my leg is not getting worse, but it's not getting better either, and the angle of the brace is about 20 degrees off true...???!!! and that unless this huge gap of missing bone fills in, essentially immediately, he want to arrange for another doctor to pull out all the old crap in my leg and put in new crap...
Getting back to Tracfone, i just TODAY noticed that the address that Waldomart had written down for my address is WRONG, and that this is probably why i have not recieved the new SIM card that i need to pull my old phone number to my new phone...!!! Plus-- i have tried three times to contact their techical support service over the internet and once by phone and been turned away by either technical difficulties or lack of appropriate automated choices...!!!
i hate cingular.
summer is over in spokane.
spokane doesn't seem to have a red light district.
my sister was telling me where to go to find the choicest whores, but i haven't seen any yet.
there are however, lots of pale, ugly caucasians. ( very few filipinoes and asians... ) ???
i'm still looking for a year or three or four ( obsolete ) ibook or such...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

More Extreme Craziness...

More things have been happening that are too crazy for you to believe, and so crazy that i think that i'm just making them up...!!! Wheneven i try to tell someone around here what is happening to me, i feel compelled to provide them with some kind of documentation or the testimony of another person before i can expect them to buy into any of this...!!!
As you may already know, all the physical therapy that i've been doing to make my leg stronger, has probably been hurting it more, since it turns out that i have osteoperoses ??? and it's not healing properly, at all...!!! And so now, i'm supposed to be keeping ALL weight off it for gawd only knows how long...???
Then my Cell phone company decided ( Cingular ) to terminate my Billing Plan, and so, not only would i have to find a new billing plan, i would have to BUY A WHOLE NEW PHONE too...!!!
So i switched to a Tracfone, and i tried to get Cingular to switch my old phone number to the new phone, as they are required to; by LAW...!!! But they insist that it will take at least 2 weeks to switch...!!!
My phone number for the Tracfone is 1-509-842-8199, but i might switch back to my old number at any moment... ( 1-509-990-2750 )
Then; since i had to buy a new phone and i made a bunch of other crazy purchases the last few days, i ran over my checking account, for 2 days, and my Bank ( Washington Mutual ) charged me nearly 100$ in Overdrawn charges...!!! 27$ x 3
And two of those were on one day- The 7th...??? !!!
i'll have to look into that...!!!
Then i promised to get my Aunt, who i still owe 600$ for plane fare, a subscription to Netflix, but i'm so frazzled that i don't know if i will do that this month...!!!
Speaking of Netflix, the mail boxes in my new apartment building are so small that they won't accept the DVD's...!!!
Things are Very Wiggily...!!!
Also; i've been having the films sent to my sister's house, but she is being very tardy about bringing them over, and it appears that she may have lost one...???!!!
My leg doesn't hurt very much during the day, but it is very hard to find a comfortable position when i'm trying to sleep...!!!
i am still looking for a computer.
It might even be a Intel, NonMac, which i would like to install with Linux...???
Any help with that would be appreciated too...
Something kooky happened the other day while i was trying to access my blog via my cell phone and a weird message came up that seemed to relate to the Anomalous Genitalia Posting ( moved to Picoans ) But now, i can't seem to find that message...??? On the cell phone, it was a big Warning ( from Blogspot ??? ) with a note saying: What is this?, ( or - What does this mean? )
But now, it's disappeared...???

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Usual Craziness...

So i found out about 2 weeks ago...
That all the Physical Therapy that i'd been doing for the past 6 weeks was, in all probability, actually hurting my leg, since it wasn't healing properly to begin with...!!!
i'd asked my doctor here in Spokane to take an X-Ray when i first contacted him, and he assured me that the Physical Therapist would decide if i was healing 'on course' or not...
Well; after several weeks of unnecessary, and unaccounted for pain, i finally got the X-Ray that i'd been begging for, and it showed that the stem leading to the ball was 'Bent' and that i had Low Mineral Bones...???
And now; i'm supposed to be OFF the leg for at least a month, and then they're going to retest it, and see if i can get back into physical therapy or stay off it for another few months...!!!
Since i'm still using the computers at the library, and i can only use them for an hour at a time, it may take awhile to type in all the data for my latest, extremely evil, cabbage code.
i have a new theory on art as well...
It is The Theory of Opposites.
What kinds of pictures should i be drawing...
i've been playing around with an old favorite; Anomalous Genitals...
But this seems as Old Hat as Bowls of Fruit, or Ocean Beaches....
So i'm thinking that the Next Big Thing in Art will be--
The trick here is finding some 'x' and then determining what it's Opposite is...
That's the trick.
What is The Opposite of a Cat.
A Dog?
A Dog is just about the same thing as a Cat...
What is really The Opposite of a Cat...???
How can you even begin to analyze this...???
So-- for now; This is a very raw idea...???

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Looking for an Old Computer...???

i'm looking for an older computer, a Mac maybe,
something that predates OSX, which i HATE...!!!
OSX is a total sell-out to the appearances of MS...!!!
You see this same trend with HP Calculators, they are looking more and more like TI Calculators...!!!
But anyways...
i would also like it to be a portable; laptop, or such, and have a CD burner built in...???
Also; since i'm so poor, i would like it to be around $200...!
This doesn't strike me as completely unreasonable, as the resale value of computers is amazingly low...
Perhaps this is why you never see old computers in Hock Shops...???
So if you've upgraded in the last few years, and have the old one still sitting in a closet, or a box in the basement, and would like to support the Consortium--

Then Thanx for considering us...!!!


Well; i don't want to jinx it by saying too much, but it looks like i'll soon be moving out of my sister's house & into my own apartment--
It'll be the best place that i've ever lived in on my own...??? ( !!! )
more later...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Anomalous Oddity of This Blog...

One of the Oddest things about this Blog, is that, from time to time, i will have an absolutely & unconditional certitude that i have entered onto this Blog a Page containing various items...
And then; At some later time-- i absolutely can not find it...!!!
Or-- i'll do an Internal Search of The Blog, for a particular term that i feel must exist on numerous pages, and it insists that there are "No References" for that term...???
Blogger has; i believe, from time to time, lost or forgotten pages, that later turn up again, or occasionally, i will be unable to find a page when looking for it, from one direction, only to have it turn up, when examining a set of pages that were retrieved in a slightly different manner...!!!
How very annoying.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Forced to Use MicroS-

So i finally got around to working on my Owie Series: Broken Hip today,
Adding a new picture, and reorganizing all the other ones,
and intending to add some more text biddles,
Updating this crazy nonsense and so on...
and i get about half done with the tedious job of moving the pictures around in html code...!
Because this stupid Blog format won't let me just lift pictures up and move them around...
That would be too easy wouldn't it...
And This Stupid MS Internet Explorer decides, for no reason at all, to just; Up and quit...!!!
Maybe i'll get up the energy to try to work on it again tomorrow...???

Monday, July 17, 2006

My Latest Project...

Can You Win @ Roulette...???
Can you...???
After extensive simulations with a new scheme,
that turned out to be a perversion of several older, well digested schemes,
i'm not sure if this new approach really works or not...???
It seems to,
but there is just a crack of doubt leaking at the edges...???

Saturday, July 08, 2006

For Deana: Extra Fancy & Fun Coffee Travel Mugs

These are awfully cute...
Brugo Mugs

Surprise Surprise ( for me!!! ) Many of these actually claim to have a Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Technology for Superior Insulation...??? For only 25$
Thermos Nissan

Is this a Coffee Mug...???

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Most Recent Row with Deana Crabtree

So last night; i was doing the dishes and discovered that the bottom of one of their Stainless Steel Traveling Coffee Mugs had popped off rather easily-- taking the hint, i then pulled off the top portion and washed the inside inner liner and let all the parts dry off in the dish rack.
This morning; i discovered that Deana had thrown all the parts away, thinking that it was 'Broken' ...! ...that i had 'taken out the inside' ...
Dang! i forgot her actual expression, but it was pure jibberish...!!!
So i asked her what she meant as she ran down stairs.
- no response.
This is very archetypal of her behaviour, and i got to thinking that it is exactly like my mother's behaviour...!!! That is; She will either respond with a completely inattentive & archived apposite remark -or- She will become completely hysterical.
Not that she apparently behaves this way around everyone...
As i mentioned before; everyone else loves her, in their eyes;
She is the most perfect little canary in the whole dang kitchen...
So what is it about me that brings this out in these two...???
i think it may be related to the aphorism:
"If you make someone think that they are thinking, then they will love you,
But if you make them actually think, then they will hate you."
i am absolutely terrible at making people think that they are thinking...!!!
Instead; i frequently ask questions or make comments which necessarily require the listener to engage both hemispheres of their grey quishy lumps.
Some people can't handle this.
So as long as she's participating in pointless bantering with Sandi or her boyfriend, then she is able to put on a happy face and appear to all the world that she is a little princess from faerieland.
When she came back upstairs, i asked her again what it was that was broken about the coffee mug...
( Looks very much like the first mug shown / Scroll down a little )
...and after a little more incoherient ranting, i came to believe, that she believed, that the inner lining of this mug, contained an Insulating 'Vacuum'...???
You may recall that such a design is called a:
Dewar flask n.
An insulated container used especially to store liquefied gases, having a double wall with a vacuum between the walls and silvered surfaces facing the vacuum.

It is typically used to store fluids such as Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen or Hydrogen.
Not usually used for Hot Coffee or Ice Tea.
Of course no amount of reasoning would dissuade her from this belief...
...Because she's an idiot.
The curious thing about this is that while i was a street person, i would get the most glowing reports about her, That she was going to an exclusive Military Academe, or learning to Fly Airplanes or Spending the summer Fishing in Alaska, or raising Pigs.
But now that i've had some first hand experience with her...
i don't even believe that she's average.
( The dead giveaway for this may be seen in her extensive and tepid collection of videos and dvd's, The Complete Absence of Books in her Room; ( except for piles of Romance Novels ), The Games that she has for her X-Box, or The lack of interesting programs or games on her computer... Neither does she seem to create -Anything- Poetry, Journals, Documenting Ideas... again: except for numerous photographs of Flowers, that she's taken, that are routinely photographed, dead on, without the slightest suggestion of insightful perceptions...??? )
Clearly-- She seems to be an overachiver ( See: Rushmore, or Broadcast News for other notable overachievers ) but like all good overachievers, she's just a bit dumb.
And in the worst way--
That is:
She doesn't know it.
One of the great hallmarks of a genius- like me -is that i know i'm dumb and will freely admit ignorance when confronted with things that i don't understand, or when someone says something confusing or unintelligible... Unless of course; i have very good reasons for believing that the source of these unintelligible remarks is an imbecile.
oh well.
It's all very sad.
July 7th '06
i was talking to my sister Sandi this morning, ( Deana's Mother ) and i asked her what Deana's Academic Record consisted of throughout her years in The Public School system, and she said that Deana was A Straight A Student.
My opinion has been; Not just recently, but for years and years-- Perhaps having formed as early as the 7th or 8th Grade, was that The Straight A Students are Not the Smartest Ones.
The B- Students, and possibly lower, Often have the greatest intellectual potential, and are often much better 'Read' than The SAS's.
It's not simply that TSAS's take the easiest; No risk classes, or that they possess a higher than normal 'IQ' ; Specifically tailored to Manipulate or 'Suck up' to Authority Figures and other mildly willed Kingfishes...
...It is more than that--
They have experienced from their earliest days, A Pavlovian Behavioural Feedback Loop that has 'Taught' them to seek The Safest and Blandest Aquiescent Validation that is available.
And within The Public School System, This translates into Straight A's.
Everyone else that is struggling to form An Autonomous Personality and Self Actualize, is Turbulently & Brutally pushed away from those Inane, Capricious & Vain markings on their Report Cards.
It basically comes down to "How do they get those Straight A's?"
A: By accepting The Indoctrination Methods of The Public School System.
If you resist, and actually try to learn something...
You Will be Punished.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Boycott IMAX...!!!

This Rant may contain Spoilers for Superman Returns... ( ??? )
i got my sister to take me over to the local IMAX Theater Sunday to see; Superman Returns in 3D...!!!
Only to discover the rinky dink IMAX Theater here in Spokane Washington isn't showing it in 3D...!!!
Additionally; The posters on view throughout the IMAX complex there advertise the film as being: 'In IMAX'...???
What does this mean; 'In IMAX'...???
It was Not filmed in IMAX, since the film; On screen only took up about half the full screen,
One quarter of which was empty along the top and bottom.
It was simply a conventional theater quality version,
Shown on an IMAX screen. Should this qualify it for inclusion in the IMAX genre of film...???
You could show any home slide show on an IMAX screen, and then argue persuasively that it is 'In IMAX'...!!!
i just noticed while reading the blurb on the website sited above that--
Even in the 3D version, ONLY SELECTED BITS have been converted to 3D...!!!
What a Freakin' Rip Off...!!!
Boycott IMAX!
What else.
i'm still hobbling along on my walker, since i broke my hip back in May, and while i was there, None of the IMAX attendants asked me if i needed any assistance, or showed me any consideration in finding a suitable seat. In fact, there are NO facilities there to accommodate any Disabled Persons toward the end of finding a suitable viewing seat.
The only seats that are availbable to persons in wheelchairs, are in the very freakin' front row...!!!
And then; The carpeting had a very detailed and complex pattern to it, that made it very difficult to determine where the edges of the stairs were...
Since these edges were not marked or lit in any reasonable manner...!
It was a genuinely very dangerous arrangement of stairs and darkness...!!!
Even for ably mobile persons...!
The film 'Superman Returns' is a 2 1/2 Hour film, substantially longer than most IMAX films- i suspect- and as such, Was made additionally unbearable to me- in particular- because the seats are bare hardwood...!!! Even the sleaziest conventional theaters have padded seats...!
The film itself.
Was very Lame.
If you recall the 1978 version, the byline was "You'll believe a man can fly" which was especially cruel, because; given-- even-- the technology that was available at that time, it was just wrong.
They filmed it wrong.
They mismatched the backgrounds to the wired superman in the foregrounds...
and they shipped it anyway...
That is Lame.
Very Lame.
This New Version, at least, did not suffer from that same 'type' of Lameness...
It was Technically - OK - But just a bad film.

It had this one bit, about 20 minutes into the film which highlighted the 'SuperEffects' and thereafter, it was amazingly tepid.
And the storyline was essentially nonexistant.
Superman, leaves-- for no good reason, and then returns...
In a Kryptonian Spaceship.
The curious thing about this is that a pivotal plot device later on, perpetrated by Lex Luther, requires us to have some comprehension-- Or Sympathy-- for this 'Idea' of a Technology based on Crystalography...???
Wouldn't it have been nice, if at the beginning of the film, we were able to witness how this technology actually worked, on board the freakin' Kryptonian Space Ship...
But NO!
We are only allowed to see the damn thing Crash...!!!
What does that really say about the superior benefits of Kryptonian handiwork...???
Then: Later on-- to add to this point --Lex Luthor is going to essentially take over the world by using this Kryptonian technology that he stole from Superman's, Amazingly Security Free, Fortress of Solitude...
So anyways...
Lex impliments this 'Landmass Bomb' and then the world sits on it's hands.
OK -- Very little time as gone by during this period, but even so,
Lex-- while claiming to have the technological resourses to combat all the worlds armies and such...
Is completely Unprepared at this time...!!!
He has not created a single Kryptonian weapon to defend himself with...!!!
Wouldn't it be nice if we got to see him impliment some of this Crystal Manufacturing Process in a more functional and INTERESTING Manner...!!!
i was reading in Newsweek, the director; Bryan Singer was saying that he's really evolved as a director, because this film was made to attract 'gals' with it's 'Romantic' Elements...!!!
What a freakin' HOOT...!!!
The Romantic Elements consist of Lois Lane being a Cold Fish towards both her 'New Boy Friend', Clark Kent & Superman.
There is also the not very subtle revelation that her child is actual Clark's/Kal El's --
But it faulters repeatedly when we'd rather hope that there was a deeper scratch into this theme...
Plus: There's this Article that Lois wrote: "Why the world doesn't need Superman" that she's won a Pulitzer Prize for... But we never get to see even a hint of what her argument was...???
If the Superman Suit is Invulnerable, as is demonstrated repeatedly...
Then why does it allow Lex to stab Superman with a Kryptonite Knife...???
OK -- The suit is susceptible to the effects of Kryptonite too...
OK -- If that's so...
Then when Superman is fatally weakened at the end, lifting the Crystal Continent into space,
Why isn't the suit equally damaged, and torn off him during reentry...???
Are there any clever, memorable lines in this film...???
In the first film, you may recall; Lois screaming-- "You've got me-- Who's got you!?"

No such wit exists in this version.
The closest is a convoluted aphorism about seeing the world through each others eyes...???
It was too long.
And dull.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Something New...

i have something new, that was posted in my Heretical Ideas & Inventions Section...
Is it possible to Win Consistently; At Roulette...???

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Are you Reading This...???

It has recently come to my attention that some humanimals are actually reading this blog...!!!
i would like to remind you-- that if you are...
Then: You have a moral obligation to leave a comment on at least 33.3% of these occasions.
How to do this:
Scroll down to the bottom of this entry,
or the page entry that you're reading,
and click on the phrase "0 Comments".
Then when that comes up:
Click on "Post a Comment"
In the box below "Leave a Comment"
Type in some Words.
Scroll down to the 'Radio Buttons' for Anonymous or Your Identity...???
Click on the appropriate button.
The next part is crazy and complicated
Next to the box that says: "Word Verification"
Type in the psychodyllic characters imediately above that...
This is meant to prevent evil spammers from posting ad's here...!!!
Then click on "Login and Publish".
That should be it...???

Monday, June 19, 2006

Pedigree Tables & Asperger's...

One thing that i seem to have noticed from my recent exposure to 'the rest of my family'...
Now that i've done some research into Asperger's and Schzoid Personality Disorder...
Is that i think EveryOne of my blood relatives has Asperger's or some closely related personality disorder...
But that for some, unknown factor, they are all comparatively functional, while i am not.
Classically; Symptom wise-- Many of these people are much more pathologically disturbed than i am...
So i'm thinking...
Maybe Asperger's itself isn't the disabling blight that it's occasionally made out to be...
( Asperger's is; already conceeded to be, pretty dang subtle in most cases )
...But is a sauce that highlights some other disaffection...
Like unrequited genius.

Lack of Bloggic Attention...

It seems unlikely that anyone has even noticed that i haven't been very attentive towards my blog here, but-- with my fractured hip and staying at my sisters, where i have to sit in these terribly hard chairs that they have in front of their computers... it's very trying to get anything done...
Plus-- this stupid leg hurts in all the wrong places...!!!
It doesn't hurt in the vicinity of the hip joint, that was actually fractured...!!!
It never did-- !!! --it always hurt along the inside, around the groin, and now it's migrating to the knee and shin...!!! And a little of the foot.
But mostly- it hurts all down the inside, especially when even the tiniest amount of torque is applied to it... ???
But on top of that; there is this comparatively low volume of annoying discomfort all the time, which makes it difficult to concentrate on anything for even the shortest length of time, and i always had a pretty short attention span to begin with...

Sandi- my sister -took me out to look at rooms and studios the other day, and it was productive in that we discovered that everything is very expensive, and those few that aren't very expensive are disturbingly slovenly... or have kooky elements to them, which i suspect will be the measuring stick for the room that i eventually settle on...
e.g.; Just how unacceptably kooky is it?
i'm not getting along with my niece; Deana, at all.
Everyone else in the family thinks she's the darling; and i suspect that the reason for the disconjunct is that she knows that i know that she is really a scheming vampiric witch.
Is it my fault that i have supernatural powers?

My Medicaid has finally been approved...!!!
And i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to get a referral to a Orthopedicologist... and get started on some genuine Physical Therapy.
more when i can...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Old DVD's

i just recently got a DVD Player, one of those little ones, with the big screen ( if you sit close enough to it...??? )
So i've been catching up on the movies/films that i've missed out on, during the last 2+ years of intransigence...???!!!
Of course the BAD Films make a much stronger impression than the good films, which i hardly even remember seeing...
i was hoping that NetFlix would have a record of all the films that i'd watched during the last couple of weeks, but they don't...!!!
The WORST film that i watched recently was 'Polar Express' which was a WONDERFUL Book, A True Classic, that when converted to film, was translated into an Arnold Schwarzenegger
Profit ( The TV Series that ran for all of 6 Episodes back in the early 90's ) is as PERFECT Now as i Remember it being Then...!!!
Profit; Is still, i believe-- The Best TV Show Ever Created.
The Latest Harry Potter Machine... Eh.
i think the last one was better.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Recent Biddles... ( ReDirection...! )

While i haven't been posting directly to this Blog Stream,
There are some New Items under The Alternate Contents Menu;
In Picoans--
And Owies Series: Broken Hip.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Latest News [ Offset by about 2 weeks ]

i've been out of Hawai'i for about a week,
and before that, i was in The Wahiawa Hospital; Orthopedic Ward, for about Ten Days,
And before that, i was walking around on a broken hip for about a week...
So that i am just now beginning to 'be able to' update this blog again.
Where am i?
i'm staying with my sister ( Sandi ) in Spokane Washington.
[ See My Resumé for the current address...! ]
There is Me here, and Sandi, and Deana ( Her Daughter ) and Derrick ( Her Son ) is coming and going, because he just broke up with his girlfriend and he is between residence's.
There are also two cats, Peeps and Molly.
i'm am getting along best with Molly.
Peeps was very friendly at first, but i was a little too rough with her, and then she was avoidingme for several days; but today i caught her napping on my sisters bed and she let me pet her for awhile... until i hopped onto to the bed, and then she ran off...???!!!
There are additionally; Two Turtles and one fish of Derrick's.
My Right Leg hurts most of the time, with a dull constant throb.
What is kind of annoying; is that several parts of my leg hurt that are far from the broken hip, specifically my Knee and Shin...???
It is hard to find a good sleeping position that doesn't seem to make it worse.
When i'm tired enough though, it doesn't seem to matter.
i've also recently developed something 'weird' in my mouth, that may be a broken tooth, or ???.
It doesn't 'Really' Hurt, but it feels funny (???) and it's sometimes hard to swallow.
And i was on AntiCoagulents for the time i was in the Hospital, and i've got quite a bit of blood in my Number Twos...!!!And i just had some Diarrhea...from Carrots or Chicken soup...???!!!
And my Right Hand seems to be loosing all it's strength...???
From pressure using The Walker...???
When i went over to The Department of Social and Health Services,
They told me that i couldn't apply for 'Food Stamps' and Medicaid until the end of June,
When Hawai'i would be able to complete their paper work of cutting me off...!!!
But until then; My Medicaid Card from Hawai'i would still be good, as well as my EBT Card for Food Benifits...???
But then; 2 days later, i got a letter from DSHS saying that i was approved for Medicaid immediately... and i would get my 'Coupons' in 3 to 5 days... But we are going right into a 3 Day Weekend, which are always trouble for these sorts of things...!!!
But i just know that if i present The Medicaid Card to anyone over here, they will just Balk at it...!!!
AND i've already schedualed a Dentist Appointment on the 30th and a Doctor's Appointment to Establish a Primary Care Physician, on the 1st...
And i very much suspect that neither of them will be cooperative, and may even Black List me...!!!
i think my Leg will have completely healed by the time i finally find a Orthopedic's Docter to do The Follow Up Care that i'm supposed to be getting...!!!
Still... Everyone else's problems are much worse than mine.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Latest News...!!!

i am no longer in Hawai'i...!!!
i am now in Spokane Washington, living, for awhile,
with my sister [ Sandi ]
and niece [ Deana ( who is letting me use her computer...!!! } ],
and nephew [ Derrick { who comes and goes, as he is also in a transitional state...!!! ) ]
i am working on the epic tale of The Broken Hip...
It can be found; in it's still partial form at:
Alternative Contents
Owies Series: Broken Hip

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Friendly Birds

After the big rains in Hawai'i,
The birds had been terribly neglected by the tourists,
who had failed, day after day to show up in the parks and feed them...!!!
Consequently; when i did show up to feed them,
they were VERY friendly & aggressive...!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

(Tummy Hurts.!)Tummy hurts!?

(Delay?)Gate changed ... Boarding not on schedual...!?

(LA)Now in LA will be here for 4 hours! Tried to call Beu, but connection keeps breaking off,..!!!

(AirPort)Walking around the airport is VERY tiring!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

(Walker)Got a (second) new Walker - ( INVACARE 6241-A)

(Ageing)Bob Barker is getting Really Old! I cant stand watching celebrities getting older - !!!

(Trip To Airport)Not 35$ - 60$!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

(DiVince Code)This is about as revealing as: "I've found errors in 'Winnie the Pooh'."

(DiVince Code)There's a ad on the TV where a guy says "i've found errors in the DiV- codes!"

(X-Ray)Got a prescription for antibiotics for my owie toe...

(X-Ray)Had an xray this morning...

(Diet)All the food here has been great - but i must have had something "funny" yesterday...???

(Boring Day)Only news is that it will cost about 35$ to take a taxi to the airport!

(Balance...?!)...Since May 8th!??! All tests show that everything is working just as it should be...!??!

(Balance...?!)...From the dead! It is working perfectly and the date activator is advancing... But it hasn't saved any

(Balance...?!)Something weird happened to my 'is the universe in balance' program, which also returns messages...

(Left(Good)Toe)About a week before i broke my hip i "somehow" injured my left big toe: which may be ingrown- !

Sunday, May 14, 2006

(Stuff)Met dr. Lee - the dr. That admitted me - i thought he was a resident...!!!

(Stuff)Broke battery powered shaver! I think i may be able to get 2 more shaves out of it...???

(Elevating Leg)I tried elevating my leg ( more floating ) last night & it really helped my puffiness...!

(MythBusters-Quote)"We never believe the mathematics on MythBusters!" (engineering rules!)

(MythBusters!)This is the PERFECT Science Show! Rather than serving an agenda, they are actually searching for the Truth!


(M.D.)Happy Giant Self Replicating Molecules Day...!!!

(Messages...)Send to :
Note : They may NOT be more than 108 characters!!!

(Flight)My Aunt Barebelly has apparenty succeeded where i failed twice - and that is to get me a flight out of here!

(Clean Up)So i just washed it off the best i could with a wash cloth & antiseptic soap! I think it will be OK?!

(Syncronicity)One of my other aids ( Darlene ) has visited Bremerton! Her sister lives in Silverdale.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

(The Grand Order)...Of things
"No happiness, but sometimes unhappiness helps. Russian Proverb

(Messages...)Send to :

(Clean Up)When i fell & broke my hip- i got my back pack filthy & there's no mechanism for washing it...!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

(Walker! )Ivan found me a "REHAB" Walker...!!!

(No Walker!?)He assured me that he would get me a new one- but now i dont even have the lame one that i had before...?!?!

(No Walker!?)Wade just came in and took my walker for a lady that was leaving today- that was their last one!

(IV)Beth took out my IV plug - haven't used it since Tuesday (?)

(Steerage...!)Being moved to steerage some time today... Boo hoo hoo ...!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

(PhonePlan)My aunt Beverly just called & we chatted for 33 minutes!!! My phone plan prefers shorter calls!!!

(Pictures)You might think that i'm sitting here drawing- but i am sitting doing nothing! Broken hips will do that!

(Bugs)I just realized that i haven't been bitten by a bug or ant since Friday...!

(Syncronicity)My nurses aid ( Louie ) for today (Thurs) used to live in Bremerton!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

(Obvious?)These hospital meals are giving me some idea of what a healthy dinner should look like...?!

(Expulsion...!!!)It would appear that my tentative expulsion date is now May 17...!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

(Eeeeeeeek...!!!)Some of these posts are being bounced...!!! Resent ones are probably very confusing...!!!

(Phone Home)(-part 2)
didnt think that she was sincere enough?!?!
but now= pain & sufficient craziness Conquers all

(Phone Home)Tried calling my sister that offered to take me in a few months ago, but i blew her off bcuz i didnt (...)

(Sandi)My sister (favorite sister) just called & said i could move in with her for awhile when i get back to Spokane!

(Sandi)My sister (favorite sister) just called & said i could move in with her for awhile when i get back to Spokane!

( d:=))i don't want to be bad...

(1st XRay)Dr. Mitchell now says that the 1st xray (examined by dr g. Bruno) did show the fracture...!!!

(Sandi)My sister (favorite sister) just called & said i could move in with her for awhile when i get back to Spokane!

Monday, May 08, 2006

(Phone Home)(-part 2)
didnt think that she was sincere enough?!?!
but now= pain & sufficient craziness Conquers all

(Phone Home)Tried calling my sister that offered to take me in a few months ago, but i blew her off bcuz i didnt (...)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

(Supreme Wiggiliness)I dont want to be a crazy street person any more ( !!! >

(Supreme Wiggiliness)Im in the Wahiawa Hospital with a broken hip !

Friday, May 05, 2006

(Thinking)I've been thinking lately that i seem to lack the ability to rank items by their importance...!!!? (

(Methodology)To painful to go to library = messages being sent by cellphone!

(Health Watch)I need someone to take care of me!

(Health Watch)I need someone to exploit me!

(Health Watch)I have an inflamed tendon in my right leg that makes it excruciating to walk!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Stuff...

A lot of the 'New' Stuff is hidden under
the 'Alternative Contents' Sections...

Which are merely Regions of Sorted Pages...!!!
There's no way of knowing which ones have been updated,
Unless i tell you here...???

Disquieting Visions has a-lot of new stuff...
And Reasonable Beliefs is mostly just resorted material...
There are lots of new Picoans and Stories...
But i still have a-lot of stories left to fill in...
Also; i've tried putting the 'Good' Ones at the top...!!!???

New Owie Docuementation Coming Soon...!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

i just discovered
something kind of Kooky...!!!
If i don't fill anything in the Title: Box...
Not only is it left Blank...!!!
But it's not seen as Blank, but just
left off...!!!
This changes the look of the entries significantly...???

Second Kooky Discovery...!!!

Notice the Date below each Entry...???
If you click on that; You'll bring up that page, all by itself...
So--- You can clip out the http: Address and paste it into a email to all your friends or enemies...!!!

Try it Today...!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


  1. Those Lunatics that work where i sleep at night, left a whole bunch of lights on last night...!!!
    So naturally; i thought that somebody was working late, and wandered around for awhile, but when i came back around 9:00p, the lights were still on, and there weren't any cars in the vicinity...??? So crept up onto my usual porch, and waited very quietly for another hour before deciding; after not hearing any sounds or seeing any shadows moving around inside, that they were all gone...!!!
    This is the third night, in the last week that they've left lights on...
    They are just toooo irresponsible...!!!
  2. i found a book at the library the other day on The Standard Theory; The Theory of Almost Everything -- and i would Really like to Catchup on what physics is doing these days, and find a good explanation of 'Quantum Theory', But all the books that i find; just drive me CRAZY...!!!
    So after flipping through this one at the library, i PROMISED myself that i would read this one all the way through, and if i came across things that ticked me off, i would TRY VERY HARD to just ignore them,
    and press on...!!!
    So i made it all the way through the Introduction; and almost half way through the First Chapter, when the number of annoyances started to pile up on me...!!!
    [ i didn't finish it...!!! ]
    Why i hate Science Books...!!!
    1. Failure to Include Elemental Axioms...
      They typically start in the middle of an argument/explanation and just assume that the reader knows all sorts of fundimentals about physics...
    2. Failure to Explain Mathematical Equations...
      It doesn't seem to me that it would be To Difficult to define all the variables of an Equation, ( if you're going to include them ) and then ReExpress the gist of it in Plain English... Typically; They will insist that this Can't be done... But i would take this as evidence that they are just parroting the equations, without having an understanding themselves, of what they represent!
    3. Failure to ( A Loathing For ) Include Illustrations, or including really lame illustrations...!!!
      i think that many writers & publishers think that Illustrations are for 'Babies' and that serious books, even serious books for 'Lay' readers shouldn't include Illustrations...!!!
    4. Using Common words in Novel ways, and failing to explain their usage.
      An Excellent example of this is the use of the word 'Spin' when describing a property of Electrons... i would like to know, what this is...!!! And short of that; how are they measuring it...??? Is it a magnetic property... or what...???
    5. In this last book, they mentioned that 'The Double Slit' Experiment has been done with; not only photons or electrons, or even whole atoms, but with 'BuckyBalls' ( Buckministerfullerenes C60 Molecules...!!! ) ...!!! But they failed to describe the whole experiment fully... The Buckyballs apparently reproduced the Stripes that suggest Wave Interference, but they didn't say how they were measuring their impact on the screen...??? Were there actually stripes of carbon molecules in certain places and a dearth of them between these... What does this mean... Were the molecules, whole molecules, canceling each other out...???
      Wasn't important enough to mention; apparently.
    6. In another spot, the author brings up that Einstein, by means of interpreting Maxwells equations, discovered that faster than light travel was impossible.
      Does he mention these equations, or how their interpretation would lead to this conclusion...???
      Another thing about Einstein & E=mc^2... Doesn't it strike you as just a tiny bit Odd, that the multiplying factor for converting Mass to Energy would be THE SPEED of Light...??? Where does that come from... Why would it be The Speed of Light...??? Does anyone ever ( In these books ) touch on this...???
      Or is it that everyone else thinks that this is the most natural place to get this factor...???
    7. And Relativistic Time...!!!
      When you put an Apple in the Refrigerator; Is it Time Slowing down that Retards it's spoilage, or just the slowing of the apples molecules...??? It also seems to me that when things are happening on this planet; things are happening on a planet in the vicinity of Alpha Centuri at the same moment, and by calculating when those events took place, from radio transmissions, you could KNOW that they happened simultaneously... This is the same thing as Sound Traveling through Air... No one makes the mistake of thinking that Sound Transmissions are fooling with Time Frames... Why do they make this mistake with Light...??? It seems to me that when it comes to Light; Physicists turn all Religousy...!!! Einstein said this, Darwin Said that... Don't contradict our Gawds...!!!
    8. And The Example of Gravity and Acceleration... There is a Parable that describes an Elevator that is either Accelerating through space at such and such a rate that the effect is Equal to The Gravity of Earth at Sealevel, Or The Elevator is at Sealevel, motionless, on Earth.
      There is; According to this Parable; NO WAY to tell which it is, if you're in the Elevator... But by their own rules, You Can...!!!
      Time is ( alledgedly ) effected by Gravity, and if you had two very sensitive Atomic Clocks ( or some such ) and put one at the top of the Elevator, and one at the bottom-- then; if you were in a Gravitational field, like the Earth, the clocks would differ after a time,
      But the clocks in the accelerating Elevator would remain in sync.
      Why do they create these idiotic storys that are just plain wrong...!!!
      Like the one with falling Balls...! The Heavier Ball would hit first...!
      ( Not by much; but it would fall slightly, ever so slightly-- faster...! )
    9. Why are Science books so awful...???
      i think it may be that; Some time ago; The Illuminatii discovered that it was Really Easy to Destroy The Whole Universe, and in order to protect it--
      They have to keep everyone really stupid...!!!
      The Universe would really be better off with nothing smarter than Dinosaurs,
      but The Illuminatii are trying to make the best of things, the way they are.
  3. i lost my hat the other day, Again...!!!
    i was on my way to bed the other day, and instead of taking the 62, i thought it might be fun to take the 55, all the way around the island, the other way...
    which would take an additional hour and a half...
    But after awhile-- While reading Johnny Tremain, i noticed out the window that we were at an 'impossible' intersection...???
    The way the 55 goes; there is almost always the ocean on one side, so that busy intersections are pretty much impossible...!!!
    So i tried looking out the windows, which were like mirrors, and i couldn't make heads, nor tails of where we were...!!! Then i saw a familiar McDonalds, and knew that we were near The Valley of The Temples, and this must be a 65...!!! But the Sign on the Bus clearly Said 55... Circle Island...!!! Ugh!
    And at this time, some of the other passengers realized that this was not the 55...!!!
    So i had to ride the bus for another half an hour, until we came to The Hygenic Store ( Which is anything but...!!! ) and i had to wait another half an hour for The 55...!!!
    ( The Electronic Sign on the first Bus was Broken...!!! )
    And when changing to the real 55, i was so frazzled that i forgot my hat on the 65...!!!
    So; The next morning, i bought a new one, Same Style, only Blue ( last one was Green ).
    There have been too many unexpected expenditures this month...!!!
  4. The Rain has Stopped, mostly... ( Still plenty of Drizzle ) ...but now there is lot of Blustery Wind, and it is very Cold, both at night, and During the Day...!!!
  5. ugh.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Light Anomalies

There are two Light Anomalies
that i've been experiencing lately...

This one has been happening to me ever since i started wearing glasses,
and it occurs very infrequently... But around a dozen or so times in the last 5 years.
The circumstances of this anomalie is that i will be sitting, and usually looking down at some piece of work i'm doing, and i will notice a 'light blob' or 'necklace of light blobs' tranverse my field of vision,
usually; exactly horizontally, rarely vertically, never diagonally--
It's apparently a reflection that occurs on the surface of the lens; on my glasses.
The thing is; What makes it anomalous, is that there is nothing around me that could account for this...
The other day it happened outdoors, so there is a considerable amount of unaccounted for phenomena around me-- But nothing that would immediately explain the light.
In times past; This phenomena would occur ( more frequently ) in my room, where there was nothing that could even come close to explaining where the reflected, primary object, was located.
On several occasions i tried to reproduce the effect; without success.

The place that i sleep at night is A Porch in the middle of a long building, with no lights along the side that i sleep on. [ Except for a timed, proximity activated porchlight that during this phenomena is never activated. ]
On the opposite side, facing this side of The Building, is A Ravine approximately 20 yards wide, filled with heavy vegetation.
On the other side of that is a park, which features many bright lights over a baseball field and throughout the park.
On the other side of The Building is a busy thoroughfare.
The Building is solid, and light from the cars can not penetrate the upper rooms...
But-- The Building is constructed with a 1 1/2 to 2 foot space beneath it, from which, the head lights of cars easily penetrate to the side that i occupy.
So the lights from the cars can frequently be seen; causing a multitude of curious shadows and shapes that play on the side of A Shed several feet from The Main Building, and all along the vegetation leading into the ravine.
The Anomalous Phenomena is the rare occurance of A Very Bright Spot, that Flashes along The Top of The Shed, just under the awning, taking on different shapes, and occuring all along this strip under the awning.
It is much to bright to be compared to any of the lights coming from the car's headlights, which are usually very dim, considering distance and their pathways.
The Bright Spots are also directly on the opposite side of The Shed, from The Park's Lights.
There is also nothing that could account for the lights coming from anything along either side of the building, perpendicular to The Building, and perpendicular to The Shed's side where these Lights are occurring.

( ??? )

Somebody Sent Me A Comment...!!!

Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006
18:21:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: edgarblythe
Subject: [The Translucent Amoebae Consortium]
4/13/2006 03:21:47 PM

I have to say, you are very talented.

--Posted by edgarblythe to
The Translucent Amoebae Consortium
at 4/13/2006 03:21:47 PM

Monday, April 10, 2006

Broken Bee...!!!

Weird Broken Bee...!!!

i think you can see from this picture that this bee is broken...!!!
Also that it's a really Big Bee...!!!
When i was here in Hawai'i the first time;
Back around 1986-7 and so on...
i had come across a kind of bee that was Entirely Black,
Like this one--
But it also had Wings that looked like they were stamped out of Copper Foil...!!!
i haven't seen any more bees like that-- this time around...
One really curious thing about This Bee...
Is that despite it's Very Broken Wings...!!!
It was actually able to fly pretty well...!!!
It wasn't extremely excellent flying,
But it was off the ground, flying around for a minute at a time, flying...!!!
Bee's are supposed to be barely able to fly to begin with,
And this one barely has any wings at all...!!!
And how did they get all broken up like that...???
- - -
Speaking of Weird Insects...

When i was living in Bremertowne,
i'd come across these Giant Ants...!!!
...From time to time...
Then i heard on Art Bell that there was a Beetle in California that looked Just Like an Ant...!!!
Which seemed perfectly consistent with These Giant Ants that i was seeing...
Because-- Although they Looked Just Like Giant Ants...!!!
They were always by themselves...!
That is:

They were always seen Individually,
Not in Groups, which is the usual Modus Operenti for Ants...!!!
Why would a Beetle Evolve to look just like an Ant...???

New Wiggly Cycle Beginning...???

Maybe it's not just beginning now...
Maybe it's been cooking up for awhile...

  1. i have A New Owie...!!!
    It is on my right forearm and it started at about 2:00am on April 2nd!
    i woke up to discover a White Blister on that spot, and it looked like a White Eraser in size and shape...??? So i popped it, because it was annoying me, and i didn't really think too much as to what it was, or where it came from... But then, almost immediately afterwards, i got to thinking... 'i should put some 3 in 1 Antibiotic salve on it', so i did.
    But the next day, or so, it 'Blew Up' and then a day after that, i decided to put a bandage on it, and i was also thinking that i really should 'Dig it out'...! But i didn't because it was really hurting alot... and The Bolus was really snuggled in there...!!!
    Then i was going to just 'Leave it alone' for awhile, and see how long it took to heal, without getting any perscription antibiotics for it...!!!???
    But then; Sunday ( April 9 ) i noticed that i was leaking pus quite a bit, so i took the bandage off; and the brown, sickly pus fountained out of it, and with just a little squeezing, LOTS MORE pus flowed out this HUGE hole in my arm.
    So; after i squeezed most of the pus out, i noticed that the Bolus looked 'Loose', so i decided to dig it out with Tweezers...!!!
    Owie, Owie, Owie...!!!
    The Bolus had the colour and consistency of Butterscotch Pudding, so it was pretty hard to get a grip on it...!!! i was also using some Q-tips, With which i was able to fit the whole head of them into the Hole...!!!
    How can it do that...!!! There is supposed to be Muscles and Nerves and Arteries in there...!!!
    How can my hand still work...???
    and Ugh.
    Owie, Owie, Owie...!!!
    i think i got most of The Bolus out, which i think is The POISON from Whatever it was that Bit me, surrounded by Dead White-Corpusceles...???
    Then i filled it with Iodine, and poured that out, and filled it with 3 in 1 Antibiotic Salve and put a new bandange on it.'
    It doesn't hurt quite as much as it did the other day, and/or/but -- it is still leaking, but i think it is leaking blood now, and not pus. i think i would rather have it leaking blood than pus...???
  2. i went over to check my mail today...
    i'm expecting a letter from Marc Calvary that is supposed to have sent me $40 from The 'Show' in Portland... and i have going AROUND AND AROUND over this...!!! It is making me COMPLETELY CRAZY...!!! Because i am NOT supposed to have any 'Extra' Income from my SSI...!!! They will not allow me to keep 5¢ more than what they send me...!!!
    i think that is CRAZY...!!! What incentive am i supposed to have to get a job and work my way out of this, if they just take everything that i earn away from me...!!!
    Or if my aunt sends me $10 for Chrstmsa or my Birthday... They take that away from me too...!!!
    [ Does that sound EVIL to you...!!! ??? ]
    And it's not like i'm getting extremely wealthy...!!!
    i get $600 from them, and the cheapest studio apartments around here are like $1500...!!!
    But if i don't report it, and hand it over ( or they deduct it ) then i'm afraid someone will yell at me...!!!
    i hate getting yelled at...!!!
    They won't just settle for me telling them that i've 'Earned' $40 from this Show in Portland, they won't take my word for it that it's $40...!!! They'll demand Complete Documentation for it...!!!
    i don't have any documentation for it...!!!
    When i reported that i'd gotten some money one chrstmsa, they made me write to my mom and aunt, and they had to send Certified Receipts for the money that they'd sent me...!!!
    [ It sounds too CRAZY to Believe doesn't it...!!! You can call and ask them about this yourself...!!! The Number is: 1-800-772-1213 ]
    And another thing...!!!
    i was over at the office awhile ago about something or another...??? and the worker there just spontaniously mentioned that if i did find someplace to live, and it was below 'The Market Value' -- Such as if i moved in with a relative or something, and didn't pay a full rental amount... They would slash the amount that they do send me, because it would no longer 'Be in Need'... !!! ( ??? )
    They just tell me these things to torment me.
    So anyways-
    it hasn't come yet...!!!
  3. But while i was over at the mailbox place, ( Postal Connection of Kapolei ) i discovered an OVERDUE Notice in my box...!!! It was over-due way back in February...!!! But she didn't remind me about it until NOW... and so i think i had to pay a bunch of penalities...???
    It was hard to be sure, because she was even harder to understand today than she usually is...??? ( i think she's natively Korean...??? )
    But the fee to cover it until July 18th was $76... and it seems to me that it was ALOT cheaper last time,
    when i originally got it...???
    i was just checking my Checking Balance this morning, and i was thinking, well; $112 should be enough to get me through this month... and now that's been
    Wiped Out...!!!
  4. It looks like the rain is finally overwith...???
    There was a 'Letter to the Editor' from some Geezer that was around in '58 when Hawaii had it's last 'Big' Rainy Season, and he was saying that; "You think this was rainy...! HA! Back in '58, we had 17_inches in 24 hours... This time; it took a whole month to accumulate 17_inches...!"
    But it's still pretty cloudy... it's not exactly back to weather as usual... And plus; All the rain brought a whole bunch of Mosquitoes & Gnats... And FLESH EATING BACTERIA...!!! Several of the beaches are closed due to this Man Eating Bacteria...!!!
    The kind that i have on my arm looks pretty OOGY... But it's Localized...???
    i don't understand how it could be Localized though...??? Why doesn't it just stream through my blood...??? ( ??? )
  5. Around the beginning of the month ( April ) or a few days before that...??? My Left foot started ( Suddenly ) Hurting like CRAZY...!!! Like it was full of broken Glass or somesuch...??? And that lasted for about a week, and now it's back to it's 'Usual' amount of pain... just around the toes...??? The weird thing was, it didn't look at all injured... They never do...!!! The Owies on my legs and arms always LOOK like Serious Owies... But my Feet always look FINE... But hurt all the time...!!! ( ??? ) ( Maybe they're a little puffy...??? )
  6. Good News! My poops have been looking really healthy the last two times...!!!
  7. Partial Book Report:
    i didn't actually read the whole book:
    The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore...
    And Another Book that is kind of like it--
    Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link...
    That i did read all the way through...
    Both of these books were started on the premise that they were 'Quirky' writers...!
    Moore has the dullest style... He apparently just wrote a fairly dull and ordinary story, and then went back and took all the adjectives and 'spiced them up' which is the sole attribute of his quirkiness...!
    The story itself is as plain as paste.
    Kelly Link
    has a fun and easy to read writing style and her stories contain lots of quirky and fun detailing... But they go on and on, without going in any particular direction...! Then as most of her critics have mentioned; they end with a twist. i think that that 'twisted' endings are a direct consequence of her not knowing where the story was ever going, but that she needed to end it after so many pages; perhaps because she'd exhausted all the ideas she had for that narative... and so; she simply turned the story line off in a perpendicular direction and stopped typing.
    The book i'm reading now is; Terry Bisson's
    The Upper Room, and other likely stories.
    This is also a quirky collection of short stories, and he does some things that i would normally think of as very annoying, but he seems to pull them off; such as repeating lines or catch phrases, over and over and over again...???!!! The stories are very imaginative and easy to read... But although i'm only 2/3's of the way through this first book of his, they are beginning to seem just a tad formulistic...???
    But still; i'm planning on following this up with
    Numbers Don't Lie... and Bears Discover Fire... if i can find it...???
    Then i'd also like to find Link's
    Stranger Things Happen... which the library doesn't have either...!
  8. ...???