Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bad to Good...???

This will have to wait...!!!
This stupid computer at The Library won't let me transfer ANYTHING from ANYWHERE...!!!
Plus: It has this 'Draw' program, but it Saves things in this weird, Totally Propriatory Object Type, that Blogger refuses ( And rightly so...!!! ) to recognize...!!!
( What is .sxd...??? )
So i'll have to do all my picture loading and such at the WikiWiki Cynbernet Cafe...
$6.00 an Hour...!!!
i have thought about this ALOT before just now,
And it has long sense seemed to me that there are WAY, WAY, WAY too many Object Formats...!!!
There should be just ONE...
That resembles my old ClarisWorks Draw Format,
Which would allow anything to be pasted onto it...!!!
Plus you could Arrange Text to Set ANYWHERE...!!!
Making it VERY EASY to create Mathematical Expressions & such...!!!
Why are there so MANY...???
Is it just too Keep You from Accomplishing Anything...???
i think so.
i think that's it.

Additional Commentary: [ Jan 20 '06 ]
i've hidden all the pictures at the bottom of my blog,
and will pull them back up
for Stories and such...!!!
They are still There; Hiding,

Just a little bit...!!!

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