Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Pretty Good Septagon

How To Square a Circle:
Introductory Examination...???

i have recently learned that although
teachers have been telling students
for years
That Squaring a Circle is Impossible
That is:
Drawing or Defining a Square
So that it has the Same Area
As the Source Circle...
- -

And quite easy
With only a Straight Edge
And a Compass
And a Drawing Utensil
The key to cheating is that you're allowed
to make a mark on the Straight Edge
and Move it along the surface of the Paper...!!!
- - -
The Method that i was thinking of here though...
Was to find a Line Segment or -???-
That equaled the Appropriate Amount
Necessary to Make a Square in a More
Honorable Manner...???

- - - - - - -

Another possibly Impossible Figure...
Is A Perfect Septagon...

This method doesn't work
But it does provide a pretty good approximation...!!!
- - -
i've often wondered why
If Seven is Gawds ( Jehovah's ) Number
Then why does The Star of David
The Jewish Logo
Have 6 Stellations...!!! ( ??? )
Why didn't Gawd ever Reveal to The Jews
How to Draw a Perfect Septagon...???

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