Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Recent Phenomena...

It's been ages since i've done a Recent Events entry...!!!
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i was listening to NPR the other day, and they had a 'Commenary' on by Daniel Shore--
i haven't trusted him since the Clinton Impeach hearings when he said... Something- i forget what now...
But i think it was mean-spirited towards the Republicans, and so mean-spirited and disingenuous that i decided that he must be senile or somesuch whatnot...!!! ( he is REALLY OLD now...!!! )
So the other day; he was ranting about Free Speech or something like that...??? And the topic of Tiananmen Square came up... ( out of the blue ) ...and he was saying how Google was CENSORING it's content, because when he did a search for Tiananmen Square-- All he got was a polite Tourist Information spread of pictures... And nothing about The Massacre that took place in 1989...!!!

( at first i thought that he 'meant' Yahoo... But they have nice coverage of it too...??? )
[ Apparently -- ( Note from the future ) --He meant that it's been Censored IN CHINA...
But he didn't say that, or even Imply it...???!!! ]

Needless to say; No Such Self Censorship is taking place... He just made that up...!!!
How can i Not Trust NPR anymore...!!!

Plus; They did that to me a few days ago, when they suggested that The October Surprise never took place...!!! ( They never even mentioned it when talking about the Release of the Iranian Hostages...! )
Everyone is THEM...!!!

There is NOWHERE to turn for a trusted view of World Events...
Except maybe; TheStranger.

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i was on the bus the other day, on my way to bed, and this 'kid' sits down beside me and starts pushing this book... Which he hasn't even read yet...!!! ...called; The Celestine Prophecy
And he's going on and on about this, and he so frazzles me that when it's time for me to get up, he won't move out of the way...!!! He's being Really Slow about it...!!!
i just about started screaming...!!!
So he finally get up and moves aside, and i jump up and dash off the bus, and almost immediately realize that i've forgotten my HAT...!!!
How can i live for more than 20 seconds without my HAT...!!!

i am more attached to my hat ( which wasn't even a very good hat...!!! ) than Dipsy...!!!
So i am thinking... Well-- the bus is on a loop up the hill, and will be back down in about 15 minutes, so i'll just cross the street, ( actually; i was already sitting at the correct bus stop when i was thinking this...!!! ) and wait for it to come back down...
But i was so tired, and still frazzled... that i just went to bed, and coughed all night; because i also have this weird cough that doesn't seem to be evolving into a real cold...!!!
So the next day, i had to go without a hat for about 5 hours, before i found a replacement along Waikiki.
It is not a Ball Cap-- as i had been getting... But a Gilligan type hat...
It is Army Green, but with Maui in Gold, and some Hawaiian Pictoglyphics, so it looks kind of spicy,
i like it-- even though it is just a tiny bit too small for me...

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All these weird things are always happening to me, and i think-- i'll remember them...
But i never do while i'm sitting here...!!!
[ i still remember them- But not right now...??? ]

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So a few days ago; i hd this TERRIFIC idea for how to find a place to live...!!!
i will put an ad in various newspapers on the coast ( via the internet...??? ) that will say:
"Middle aged male artist, with Asperger's, needs a sparse, very cheap, living space.
The Translucent Amoebae Consortium"
And that's all it will say; and anyone that thinks that they may be interested in renting out their basement or attic to me, will look up The TAC on the internet, and find out everything important and interesting about me...
And most of all; i won't have to go looking for someplace...!!!

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Book Reviews:
i FINALLY got around to reading Philip Dick's; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.
This was the book that spawned the movie; Blade Runner, that i read somewhere, is Harrison Fords least favorite movie...!!!
At first i thought that the movie had followed the book about as carefully as a Harry Potter adventure; but after a few chapters, it strayed farther and farther into more familiar Dickian religious philosophy and oddness... which they left out of the movie.
Like many movies, if you read the book that it was based on, many things that you saw in the movie, suddenly make alot more sense...!!!
Like the Bleakness of Blade Runner... It's never explained in the movie, but this Replicant stuff ( called simply Androids / and Decker is merely a Bounty Hunter in the book ) happened after a devastating war that killed off virtually the entire animal population on Earth...!!! So that people; that desparately need the companionship of animals, resort to having 'Electric' imitations...! These Electric Animals are simple machines, while the Androids/Replicants are Biological Imitations... And the only way you can tell ( be certain ) that a Replicant isn't human... is to seek it's cooperation in taking a Voight-Kampff test which determines if the subject has the same emphatic responses as you would expect from an emotionally healthy human...???
The book also covers another Dick Theme; Mercerism... Which is a Religion, of sorts, where the participants are allows to mentally bond with a mysterious TV character called Mercer, who is forever trying to climb to the top of a hill, but his enemies keep throwing rocks at him...???
When a rock hits Mercer, everyone that is 'Connected' to him is injured too...!!!
Both the movie and book are actually not terribly concerned with 'Retiring' the escaped Replicants...
But the movie, in this regard, doesn't seem to be concerned with anything, except layering us with eye-candy...!
The book is all about having, or wondering if you have; 'Empathy' for your fellow creatures...???
What is it that defines a human-being as being human?

After that book i checked out another Dick book, called: The Divine Invasion which is pure religious gibberish... Dick is a fine, fine short story writer, and his novels are occasionally brilliant, but when he turns out a pot-boiler, the chickens that should be making up the stock, are nowhere to be tasted...!!!
This book was either taken apart, or put back together, from several short stories, because i kept running across entire chapters that sounded awfully dang familiar...!!!
The story; as such, is sort of about the second comming of christ... Or it may all be a hallucination of the principle protagonist that is frozen solid, awaiting a new spleen...???
It doesn't really make as much sense as you'd like, either way...???

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i checked my mail this morning, and found a home-made Valentines Day Card from my Mother...
It's signed, but there is no note or letter accompanying it...
As i look back at my childhood, and wonder why noone was able to see that i had Asperger's...
Or; that something was seriously wrong with me...???
i only have to reflect that the principle symptom of Asperger's ( which wasn't 'Cataloged' until 2 years after i finished highschool...! ) is a lack of empathy, and incommunicativeness ( See : Replicants ( above ) ) --
And then realize... Everyone in my whole Family is like that...!!!
oh well...

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Maybe i'll add some more here...
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