Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Seven Eleven

Just about every morning
i go and get a fancy coffee and a cinnamon roll
at The 7-11 in Wahiawa.

This is Joshua.
( Is that a GANG Sign he's doing...!!! ) ( ??? )
He is very smart.
i don't think he's ever said anything to me to make me believe that he's smart...
Except that he just radiates smartness...!!!
Joshua came by to visit this blog & he wants me to take down his picture...!!!
He wouldn't say, but i think he might be Islamic...!!!
Muslums hate to have their picture taken...
i bet that's it.

This is Margarita.
She usually calls me 'Cinnamon' because i get a Cinnamon Roll
EVERY STINKING DAY...!!! ( almost! )
So i asked what her pet name was,
( i was showing an unusual amount of curiosity that day...!!! )
So she said it is; "Spam-moo-sha-pee"
[ That's a rice cake with a slab of Spam in the middle,
wrapped with a strip of fish skin...???
( it looks like fish skin...??? ) ]
She is usually working with Minda,
But after i took these pictures of Margarita & Joshua,
They told me that i wasn't supposed to take any pictures inside the store...!!!
And Minda wasn't there that day,
So i would have had to come back the next day,
and Take some more pictures,
after they told that it would be deeply immoral...!!!
This kind of reminds me of the time when i was living in Bremertowne,
And i took some pictures of the kids that lived upstairs,
And i was converting them into Ascii Art pictures...
And i showed Dan & Mel a couple of them,
But i still needed to make a good one of Christina and Victoria...
But Dan called me up
And said that Mel didn't want me to have any pictures of the kids,
Bbecause she was afraid that i might 'doctor' them
And post them on the internet...!!!
So i had to give my word that i would delete them...!!!
This; by the way,
Is the same Mel that later ( or was- at that time )
Screwing ( Sexual Intercourse )
All the young boys in the neighborhood
And had several ( dozen ) Internet lovers...!!!
When they got Divorced...
It was Mel that Divorced Dan,
'He couldn't deal with her cheating on him,
and she found that intorerable.'
( ??? )

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