Tuesday, February 07, 2006

War on Tear Or...

Is that Tear as in Rip or Tear as in Salty Dribble...???
Is that Rip as in Lacerate or Rip as in Resting Peacefully...???

The Twelve Danish Cartoons

The Muslim's have a curious sort of religion,
It's derived from Judeo/Christianity in that Mohammed is thought to be Validated as 'Just another Prophet, as was Jesus & Siddhartha Gautama...'

But Islam differs from Main Stream Protestantism, or Even our so called 'Fundimentalism';
In that most quotidian Muslim's take many of their catechisms seriuosly...!!!

The 10 Commandments reveal in no uncertain terms that it's forbidden to represent [such] [ gods ] by any carved statue or picture of anything in the heaven above, on the earth below, or in the water below the land... But this is perhaps the most universally ignored commandment of them all... Even more so than the incomprehensible ones regarding coveting... Or; Baring False Witness...
Christians love to split hairs when it comes to 'What is Really Wrong with This...?'

( Baring False Witness for example: Only applies to Testimony given in a Court of Law, and then; Only if you've been Sworn In... and then; Only if you agree with how the prosecution uses various pronouns or adverbs... It Certainly Does NOT apply to gossiping about your neighbors-- who are undoubtly going to hell anyways... seeing as how they go to a different church than you do... and they have the audacity to drive a foreign made car...! )

Any Painting or Statue of Jesus, The Virgin Mary or any of The Saints is So Amazingly in Violation of this Precept that it's genuinely AMAZING that No One 'Gets It'...???
[ The Idea being that you're missing the point when you worship 'A Thing', rather than the idealization of The Thing's Conceptual Basis... -- That is probably too subtle for you too, wasn't it...??? ]

Muslim's on the other hand have taken this stuff very seriously...!
Particularly the one about engravened images...
They think it's wrong, ( Presidents of Islamic States excepted ) to make any image of any organic entity...
So perhaps that's what they're argument is against these Danish Cartoons...
Many of which are Staggeringly Bland... and Incomprehensible...???

The Fault lies in that they are depicting Mohammed,
Not that they are depicting him in an untowards manner...???


Speaking of Politicibbles...

i've been thinking for a-long time that it would be 'cute' to run some 'ads' against an incumbent president that were Ostensibly 'For' him or her...
The best way...
( in case you didn't already know this )
...To win an argument...
( and this goes hand in hand... ( so to speak ) ...with it's conceptual corollary of:
If you make someone think that they're thinking, Then they will love you--
But if you actually make them think, Then they'll hate you! )

...Is to Argue for a Particular Point: Badly.

So this series of Ad's would be of Ne'er-do-wells, Delinquents, Ruffians & Middle Easterns to promote the sitting President...!
Hell's Angels could do a spot saying that they've recently all registared to vote, just so that they could help reelect the president that had done more for their cause that any before him...
Or -- For W.; You could have an Osama Bin L- Look alike say that he's encouraging all the members of his sleeper cells in America to Vote for George W. Bush ( or the coming Election, his heir apparent ) because he's given them everything that Alq'da had ever dreamt of in terms of destroying our economy, our global prestige and all of Our Constitutional Values that they had sought to bring down...
( Give several examples... )
just a thought...

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