Thursday, March 02, 2006

Normalacy & Deviant Sexuality...

If you've ever fished through a Strangers Garbage Can,
Or gone 'Dumpster Diving'...
Or perhaps you've heard First Hand Accounts of people that have...
No Second Hand accounts are acceptable...
You just can't sustain the same level of 'Believing' with a Magazine Article
or a Careless Anecdote thrown around at work...!

Then you'll no doubt have some appreciation for all the weird, wonderful and amazing things that people will throw away.
Everything happens in threes.
Have you heard that expression...???
i think that there may be some truth to it...!!!
Weird things DO seem to happen in sets...???
So the other day, i happened to find BOTH a Dildo and a Penis Pump...!!!
In Different Locations...!!!
How often have i EVER found a Dildo or a Penis Pump...???

Then One Day after that, i found four Porno DVD's
Along with an envelope with Pictures, Apparently from these DVD's,
Printed on extremely expensive Photographic Paper,
and carefully inserted into Clear Plastic Display Pages for a 3 Ring Binder...

The most curious thing about that was that although every effort was made to make their presentation professional looking, The images themselves were of the crassest, unimaginative, unartistic poses imaginable... Plus; The simple quality of the images made them appear as if their were photographed off an old 12_inch Television set with a cheap Polaroid camera...???
The other very curious thing about those DVD's
Is that this is the SECOND Time i've found Porno DVD's in that particular garbage can,
which in located on the top parking lot level of The Ala Moana Shopping Center...???

That's very mysterious.

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