Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rain, Rain, Rain...!!!

  1. It's been raining, pretty much, non-stop here along the Hawai'ian islands for some 3 weeks...
    Torrentially so in many places...
    We're supposed to get around 1 1/2 inches this month, and have gotten nearly 12...!
    Amazingly; we are only up by 200% for the year so far...
    Usually; Torrential rain around here will come on very quickly, dump a huge amount of rain, and then go away...
    When i was here several years ago, a huge tropical rain storm tore out a bunch of streets in the hills and then when i first came here last year, there was a big storm that flooded the library's basement at the local university... destroying a few billion dollars worth of rare documents...!!!
    But this last storm has lasted for such a long time that these sorts of things just keep happening and happening... A damn has broken, sewage has been overflowing, roads are being torn up, the ground everywhere has turned to mush... and i can't get my socks to dry out.
    It is making me very crazy.
  2. i added a bunch of new pictures to the Picoans section, and although they're not 'sized' very well...
    ( this stupid blogger-editor is not accepting the sizes that it used to...??? )
    ... they are still reliably awful.
    i really need to go through them and edit them down to the best 5% or so...
  3. My left foot hurts. It looks OK, but it feels like i may have stepped on a big nut or something...???
  4. There is this weird effect that has befallen me several times...
    ( how can i not learn from the first few times...!!! ??? )
    ...and that is that when i get my shorts wet, and then sit for a few hours, my butt develops a huge Owie...!!!
    This latest one has finally drained, but it still hurts when i sit on it.
  5. i have another owie on my right hand that may or may not be getting better...???
  6. Although it may not look like i've been very active with my blog lately, i've been adding things, and reorganizing page in the 'Alternative Contents' sections...
    Look around in them for new stuff...
  7. i keep forgetting to mention that my old Church back in Spokane Washington,
    Saint Paul Lutheran Church
    2159 North Hamilton St. Spokane, WA. 99207
    Has gone out of Business...!!! And been sold...!!!
    ( This was a few months ago...! )
    Have you ever heard of a church going out of business...???!!!
    [ Naturally-- i can't find any new about this on the Internet...!!! ]
    i have seen 3 McDonald's go out of business and each has struck me as a sure sign of the coming Apocalypse...???

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