Monday, March 13, 2006


My SubJournal is pretty much filled up, and i need to get a new one...
Would you like ( this one ) my old one...

What is it exactly...???
It's just a notebook of ideas and some doodles, and scratch pad things, and reminders and whatever i needed to write down, so i wouldn't forget... unless i forgot to write it down...???
Contains genuine Aspergerian Rants...!!!
( Not quite as crazy & insightful as Schzophrenic Rants...! ??? )
Send me your Addie...!!!
[ Will be sent by First Class Postage : Poste Haste } ( !!! )

If you like it; You can send me something fun...
( Like a Tabloid Subscription...!!!
i wish i could afford to subscribe to all of them...!!! )

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