Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Things i don't like about...

Things i don't like about:
The Franklin SCD-1870
Dictionary & Thesaurus

  1. Although it has all Seven of George Carlin's Forbidden words:
    It doesn't have 'Golden Ratio' or 'Comeuppance'...
    And many other commonly used words...!!!
  2. Although it actually pronounces some words, it doesn't pronounce all of them,
    And the ones most frequently excluded are the foreign ones that i really need help with...!!!
  3. It has a special section, that it way too small, for Symbols, but there are not only too few of them listed, the graphical representation of them is too small...
    Absurdly so.
  4. Although i have a Duacell Ultra Battery in it,
    and it's apparently a long way from actually being dead,
    The Dictionary keeps 'Resetting' itself...
  5. And when it does reset;
    The Font is reduced to Its smallest size,
    And The Word of The Day is turned off...!!!
  6. And When The Word of The Day is Reset--
    It starts over again with a Prearranged List...!!!
  7. The Scoring Method for Letris & Letter Poker is really Stupid...!!!
    All words are assigned points on how long they are;
    So that a one letter word gives each of it's one letters One Point,
    While a five letter word is allowed Five Points per Letter ( 25_pts. )
  8. Hangman often uses Obscure &/or Foreign Words...!!!
  9. Athough you can Highlight -most- Words and then look up their definitions...
    This doesn't work with all the words,
    Nor does it even work with the Abbreviations that it uses,
    And it doesn't list those Abbreviations anywhere...!!!
  10. The Thesaurus is really lame.
    It does have 'Class' words occasionally, but not as a general rule.
  11. Given the amount of memory that mp4 players, and other 'modern' devices have now,
    This Dictionary should have all the words from The Complete Encyclopedic Set of The Oxford English Dictionary... ( Plus Illustrations; In Colour...!!! )
    But it squeezes by on the nearly same set as they were using 20 years ago, with their first Electronic Dictionaries...!!!
  12. The Protecting Cover is really lame.
  13. [ add more here ]

Other than that though...
It's ok.

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