Monday, April 10, 2006

Broken Bee...!!!

Weird Broken Bee...!!!

i think you can see from this picture that this bee is broken...!!!
Also that it's a really Big Bee...!!!
When i was here in Hawai'i the first time;
Back around 1986-7 and so on...
i had come across a kind of bee that was Entirely Black,
Like this one--
But it also had Wings that looked like they were stamped out of Copper Foil...!!!
i haven't seen any more bees like that-- this time around...
One really curious thing about This Bee...
Is that despite it's Very Broken Wings...!!!
It was actually able to fly pretty well...!!!
It wasn't extremely excellent flying,
But it was off the ground, flying around for a minute at a time, flying...!!!
Bee's are supposed to be barely able to fly to begin with,
And this one barely has any wings at all...!!!
And how did they get all broken up like that...???
- - -
Speaking of Weird Insects...

When i was living in Bremertowne,
i'd come across these Giant Ants...!!!
...From time to time...
Then i heard on Art Bell that there was a Beetle in California that looked Just Like an Ant...!!!
Which seemed perfectly consistent with These Giant Ants that i was seeing...
Because-- Although they Looked Just Like Giant Ants...!!!
They were always by themselves...!
That is:

They were always seen Individually,
Not in Groups, which is the usual Modus Operenti for Ants...!!!
Why would a Beetle Evolve to look just like an Ant...???

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