Saturday, April 15, 2006

Light Anomalies

There are two Light Anomalies
that i've been experiencing lately...

This one has been happening to me ever since i started wearing glasses,
and it occurs very infrequently... But around a dozen or so times in the last 5 years.
The circumstances of this anomalie is that i will be sitting, and usually looking down at some piece of work i'm doing, and i will notice a 'light blob' or 'necklace of light blobs' tranverse my field of vision,
usually; exactly horizontally, rarely vertically, never diagonally--
It's apparently a reflection that occurs on the surface of the lens; on my glasses.
The thing is; What makes it anomalous, is that there is nothing around me that could account for this...
The other day it happened outdoors, so there is a considerable amount of unaccounted for phenomena around me-- But nothing that would immediately explain the light.
In times past; This phenomena would occur ( more frequently ) in my room, where there was nothing that could even come close to explaining where the reflected, primary object, was located.
On several occasions i tried to reproduce the effect; without success.

The place that i sleep at night is A Porch in the middle of a long building, with no lights along the side that i sleep on. [ Except for a timed, proximity activated porchlight that during this phenomena is never activated. ]
On the opposite side, facing this side of The Building, is A Ravine approximately 20 yards wide, filled with heavy vegetation.
On the other side of that is a park, which features many bright lights over a baseball field and throughout the park.
On the other side of The Building is a busy thoroughfare.
The Building is solid, and light from the cars can not penetrate the upper rooms...
But-- The Building is constructed with a 1 1/2 to 2 foot space beneath it, from which, the head lights of cars easily penetrate to the side that i occupy.
So the lights from the cars can frequently be seen; causing a multitude of curious shadows and shapes that play on the side of A Shed several feet from The Main Building, and all along the vegetation leading into the ravine.
The Anomalous Phenomena is the rare occurance of A Very Bright Spot, that Flashes along The Top of The Shed, just under the awning, taking on different shapes, and occuring all along this strip under the awning.
It is much to bright to be compared to any of the lights coming from the car's headlights, which are usually very dim, considering distance and their pathways.
The Bright Spots are also directly on the opposite side of The Shed, from The Park's Lights.
There is also nothing that could account for the lights coming from anything along either side of the building, perpendicular to The Building, and perpendicular to The Shed's side where these Lights are occurring.

( ??? )

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