Thursday, May 25, 2006

Latest News [ Offset by about 2 weeks ]

i've been out of Hawai'i for about a week,
and before that, i was in The Wahiawa Hospital; Orthopedic Ward, for about Ten Days,
And before that, i was walking around on a broken hip for about a week...
So that i am just now beginning to 'be able to' update this blog again.
Where am i?
i'm staying with my sister ( Sandi ) in Spokane Washington.
[ See My Resumé for the current address...! ]
There is Me here, and Sandi, and Deana ( Her Daughter ) and Derrick ( Her Son ) is coming and going, because he just broke up with his girlfriend and he is between residence's.
There are also two cats, Peeps and Molly.
i'm am getting along best with Molly.
Peeps was very friendly at first, but i was a little too rough with her, and then she was avoidingme for several days; but today i caught her napping on my sisters bed and she let me pet her for awhile... until i hopped onto to the bed, and then she ran off...???!!!
There are additionally; Two Turtles and one fish of Derrick's.
My Right Leg hurts most of the time, with a dull constant throb.
What is kind of annoying; is that several parts of my leg hurt that are far from the broken hip, specifically my Knee and Shin...???
It is hard to find a good sleeping position that doesn't seem to make it worse.
When i'm tired enough though, it doesn't seem to matter.
i've also recently developed something 'weird' in my mouth, that may be a broken tooth, or ???.
It doesn't 'Really' Hurt, but it feels funny (???) and it's sometimes hard to swallow.
And i was on AntiCoagulents for the time i was in the Hospital, and i've got quite a bit of blood in my Number Twos...!!!And i just had some Diarrhea...from Carrots or Chicken soup...???!!!
And my Right Hand seems to be loosing all it's strength...???
From pressure using The Walker...???
When i went over to The Department of Social and Health Services,
They told me that i couldn't apply for 'Food Stamps' and Medicaid until the end of June,
When Hawai'i would be able to complete their paper work of cutting me off...!!!
But until then; My Medicaid Card from Hawai'i would still be good, as well as my EBT Card for Food Benifits...???
But then; 2 days later, i got a letter from DSHS saying that i was approved for Medicaid immediately... and i would get my 'Coupons' in 3 to 5 days... But we are going right into a 3 Day Weekend, which are always trouble for these sorts of things...!!!
But i just know that if i present The Medicaid Card to anyone over here, they will just Balk at it...!!!
AND i've already schedualed a Dentist Appointment on the 30th and a Doctor's Appointment to Establish a Primary Care Physician, on the 1st...
And i very much suspect that neither of them will be cooperative, and may even Black List me...!!!
i think my Leg will have completely healed by the time i finally find a Orthopedic's Docter to do The Follow Up Care that i'm supposed to be getting...!!!
Still... Everyone else's problems are much worse than mine.

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