Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Are you Reading This...???

It has recently come to my attention that some humanimals are actually reading this blog...!!!
i would like to remind you-- that if you are...
Then: You have a moral obligation to leave a comment on at least 33.3% of these occasions.
How to do this:
Scroll down to the bottom of this entry,
or the page entry that you're reading,
and click on the phrase "0 Comments".
Then when that comes up:
Click on "Post a Comment"
In the box below "Leave a Comment"
Type in some Words.
Scroll down to the 'Radio Buttons' for Anonymous or Your Identity...???
Click on the appropriate button.
The next part is crazy and complicated
Next to the box that says: "Word Verification"
Type in the psychodyllic characters imediately above that...
This is meant to prevent evil spammers from posting ad's here...!!!
Then click on "Login and Publish".
That should be it...???

Monday, June 19, 2006

Pedigree Tables & Asperger's...

One thing that i seem to have noticed from my recent exposure to 'the rest of my family'...
Now that i've done some research into Asperger's and Schzoid Personality Disorder...
Is that i think EveryOne of my blood relatives has Asperger's or some closely related personality disorder...
But that for some, unknown factor, they are all comparatively functional, while i am not.
Classically; Symptom wise-- Many of these people are much more pathologically disturbed than i am...
So i'm thinking...
Maybe Asperger's itself isn't the disabling blight that it's occasionally made out to be...
( Asperger's is; already conceeded to be, pretty dang subtle in most cases )
...But is a sauce that highlights some other disaffection...
Like unrequited genius.

Lack of Bloggic Attention...

It seems unlikely that anyone has even noticed that i haven't been very attentive towards my blog here, but-- with my fractured hip and staying at my sisters, where i have to sit in these terribly hard chairs that they have in front of their computers... it's very trying to get anything done...
Plus-- this stupid leg hurts in all the wrong places...!!!
It doesn't hurt in the vicinity of the hip joint, that was actually fractured...!!!
It never did-- !!! --it always hurt along the inside, around the groin, and now it's migrating to the knee and shin...!!! And a little of the foot.
But mostly- it hurts all down the inside, especially when even the tiniest amount of torque is applied to it... ???
But on top of that; there is this comparatively low volume of annoying discomfort all the time, which makes it difficult to concentrate on anything for even the shortest length of time, and i always had a pretty short attention span to begin with...

Sandi- my sister -took me out to look at rooms and studios the other day, and it was productive in that we discovered that everything is very expensive, and those few that aren't very expensive are disturbingly slovenly... or have kooky elements to them, which i suspect will be the measuring stick for the room that i eventually settle on...
e.g.; Just how unacceptably kooky is it?
i'm not getting along with my niece; Deana, at all.
Everyone else in the family thinks she's the darling; and i suspect that the reason for the disconjunct is that she knows that i know that she is really a scheming vampiric witch.
Is it my fault that i have supernatural powers?

My Medicaid has finally been approved...!!!
And i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to get a referral to a Orthopedicologist... and get started on some genuine Physical Therapy.
more when i can...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Old DVD's

i just recently got a DVD Player, one of those little ones, with the big screen ( if you sit close enough to it...??? )
So i've been catching up on the movies/films that i've missed out on, during the last 2+ years of intransigence...???!!!
Of course the BAD Films make a much stronger impression than the good films, which i hardly even remember seeing...
i was hoping that NetFlix would have a record of all the films that i'd watched during the last couple of weeks, but they don't...!!!
The WORST film that i watched recently was 'Polar Express' which was a WONDERFUL Book, A True Classic, that when converted to film, was translated into an Arnold Schwarzenegger
Profit ( The TV Series that ran for all of 6 Episodes back in the early 90's ) is as PERFECT Now as i Remember it being Then...!!!
Profit; Is still, i believe-- The Best TV Show Ever Created.
The Latest Harry Potter Machine... Eh.
i think the last one was better.