Saturday, June 10, 2006

Old DVD's

i just recently got a DVD Player, one of those little ones, with the big screen ( if you sit close enough to it...??? )
So i've been catching up on the movies/films that i've missed out on, during the last 2+ years of intransigence...???!!!
Of course the BAD Films make a much stronger impression than the good films, which i hardly even remember seeing...
i was hoping that NetFlix would have a record of all the films that i'd watched during the last couple of weeks, but they don't...!!!
The WORST film that i watched recently was 'Polar Express' which was a WONDERFUL Book, A True Classic, that when converted to film, was translated into an Arnold Schwarzenegger
Profit ( The TV Series that ran for all of 6 Episodes back in the early 90's ) is as PERFECT Now as i Remember it being Then...!!!
Profit; Is still, i believe-- The Best TV Show Ever Created.
The Latest Harry Potter Machine... Eh.
i think the last one was better.

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