Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Forced to Use MicroS-

So i finally got around to working on my Owie Series: Broken Hip today,
Adding a new picture, and reorganizing all the other ones,
and intending to add some more text biddles,
Updating this crazy nonsense and so on...
and i get about half done with the tedious job of moving the pictures around in html code...!
Because this stupid Blog format won't let me just lift pictures up and move them around...
That would be too easy wouldn't it...
And This Stupid MS Internet Explorer decides, for no reason at all, to just; Up and quit...!!!
Maybe i'll get up the energy to try to work on it again tomorrow...???

1 comment:

C. Z. Lovecraft said...

After a very long time, I have found you again. You sound like you're not doing too badly. I have certainly missed all the fine and arresting artwork you do. (did?)
And the opposite of a cat is one of those needful religious-right republican monkey-faced homophobic Judge Judies!!!!