Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Looking for an Old Computer...???

i'm looking for an older computer, a Mac maybe,
something that predates OSX, which i HATE...!!!
OSX is a total sell-out to the appearances of MS...!!!
You see this same trend with HP Calculators, they are looking more and more like TI Calculators...!!!
But anyways...
i would also like it to be a portable; laptop, or such, and have a CD burner built in...???
Also; since i'm so poor, i would like it to be around $200...!
This doesn't strike me as completely unreasonable, as the resale value of computers is amazingly low...
Perhaps this is why you never see old computers in Hock Shops...???
So if you've upgraded in the last few years, and have the old one still sitting in a closet, or a box in the basement, and would like to support the Consortium--

Then Thanx for considering us...!!!

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