Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Tiny Update

If you're curious about my recent thoughts and such, i am most active on the internet ( hardly at all really ) on The HP48 Newsgroup:
HP48 Newsgroup
The HP48, if you're wondering, is a programable calculator, that has been superceeded in recent years by a number of 'newer' calculators, but the site is still called the HP48 Newsgroup, because all the newer ones suck donkey bile.
i finally got around to seeing Disney's 'The Black Hole'!
i was expecting it to be awful and it was pretty awful, but not as bad as my worst case senarios. The ending was awful though. It could have been worse in that they might have escaped the black hole, but thankfully, they were all sucked into it; except for Ernst Borgnine, who was blown up by the evil robots, and Anthony Perkins who was sliced and diced by the evilt robots ( this was one of the most annoying aspects of this movie... An evil robot with a cusinart attached to its manicals. )
The awful part was that it was unresolved, to my satisfaction, as to what was on the other side.
The good thing ( one of the good things ) about NetFlix is that it allows you to watch really bad movies, because it's so convenient to do so...!
i have an appointment on the 25th to see a doctor about getting my leg finally fixed, or perhaps he'll tell me that it can't be fixed within the parameters of my health insurance...???
Out of time again...