Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ugh & Ugh...!!!

Well— i was sure that i'd saved all the old links that appeared on The Side Bar of my old Blog Template...
But Incredibly; ( or not incredibly ) i have misplaced or lost them...!!!

i'm fairly sure that most of them may be recovered by tediously sifting through my eepmail archives to find various connective links to mailartists and such, but it may be awhile before a suitably puisant bipolar swing allows me to accomplish this...???

i've also realized that all ( or most ) of my posts were colorized in a manner that highlighted various features, pursuant to the old colour scheme, but will now have to be recalibrated...
What a Nuisance...!!!

Like anyone really cares.

Monday, December 24, 2007

To Hell With Everyone...!!!

i didn't get a single x-mas card this year.
What is the point of being good, if you're not going to make any money off of it...???

i didn't even get any eepmail x-mas cards...!!!
i did get a few xie-mas related thingies, but i wouldn't really consider them, in any way, in any personalized way, x-mas cards:

Although... The Seventh Day Adventists from across the street brought over some cookies and left them at my door...???
Gawd Bless The Fundamentalist Fringe Cults!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

This is a Test of Flickr to Blog...???

Fly, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

As a test, i can't think of anything to say about this...


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Buoyant Zmass— All & Sundry...!!!

i've been very depressed lately because i'm getting so little attention paid to my Flickr/Family Snap Shots Project...!!!
So that i haven't felt inclined to
do anything...!!!

But this proposal did occur to me, for a
chrstmsa card...

Here are some undeveloped ideas concerning


The next generation of XMass & YMas
Ways that Zmass is Better than either Xmass or Ymas

Given that Xmass is the Celebration of Christ's Birth...

Ymas was the corruption of this holiday by introducing Santa Claus & The Commercialization of the holiday...

Zmass is the complete overhaul of X & Y masses to integrate a new holiday into the fundamental spiritual, social & economic needs of The Damp Masses leading up The Reevaluation of our culture in the year 2012.
( Which curiously; will occur around December 21st. )

Faux holiday that is based on an imaginary deity whose teachings more accurately reflect the mores of post 911 western civilization.

Rules of present giving is clearly delineated and enforced by law.

Chrstmsa trees that are all electric lights, festooned with tiny bows of evergreen twigs.

New tradition in which standing under mistletoe gets you to second base.

Santas ( to be called something else... ? ) at the department stores are nude, which make them especially popular amoung sexually precocious, drug addled teenagers.

The Correct Salutation is : Buoyant Zmass— All & Sundry...!!!

The Recognition that in the various previous versions of —mas, The presents; that were given to make the recipients happy, were in fact, nearly always; crap.
And consequently; only made people sadder.
So that; with Zmass— Only happy invoking presents may be given.

What are “The Happy Invoking Type Presents?”
  1. All items must be of the highest imaginable quality.
  2. All items must be from a particular giver to a particular recipient
  3. All items must be life sustaining, rather than life depleting
The principle instigator of Zmas is “Larry Claus”—
Santa’s unkept older brother who never quite ‘Got on track.’
( this idea has been spoiled by the new 2007 Movie: Fred Claus )

Instead of Larry Claus; The principle instigator of Zmas is “The Zmas Giant Mechanical Ant”

Before X-Mas there was:
  1. P-Mass : Exchange of Damp Rocks Initiated
  2. Q-Maz : Yowling restrained to Special Occasions
  3. R-Masss : Discovery of Snowflakes
  4. S-Maph : Gawd Clothes Distinguished from Work Clothes
  5. T-Mezz : Sticks Painted with Stripes are Tied to Trees.
  6. U-Miez : Horrible Gifts are blamed on a Quixotic Archetype
  7. V-Muppies : Everything Wonderful is Attributed to The Quixotic Archetype
  8. W-Noggiluffessicratcklemotten : Self-Loathing Institutionalized as a Commercial Holiday
The True Story of Yolanda the Two Headed Reindeer with Seventeen Legs that Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is based on—

if you have any additional suggestions; please add them as comments...

New Post for the Sake of a New Post

i kind of like this font that's used with this new Template.
And i also like the simplicity.
But; You may have noticed that The New Template completely ( Nearly So ) Erased all the links on my SideBar...!!!
The Good news it that i have them all stored away,
And; There are apparently features with The New & Improved Google Blog System to rebuild them.
( i used to have to go into the HTML code and install them at that level...! What a nuisance! )

More later...

Please Visit my Flickr Account...! ( Chrstphre )

Friday, September 21, 2007

It's taking me way too long to get going on this again...???

i had a very bad experience with LINUX the past few days...!!!
Linux is supposed to be the hot new Operating System that is going to replace The Wintel and Macintosh Operating Systems... But i now have severe doubts about this... It is; i now suspect, just as Evil as the other two...!!!
The problem arose when i tried to download and install an HP48 emulator/simulator on my new MacBook, and there were some immediate difficulties... One being that i had to find and download a copy of an HP48's internal memory... These are somewhat proprietary and so you have to do that on your own... Which includes swearing to the website where i downloaded it from, that i own an HP48gx already...
So i think i managed to do that; But then amoung all the files that were allegedly the emulator, i couldn't find anything that looked like the application...???
So i went and asked the experts on the HP48 newsgroup, and then the real craziness started.
To cut right to the chase scene, i would need to know how to operate the Unix command structure underneath the Mac OSX, and execute a variety of commands to 'build' the simulator.
None of this was explained with the documentation that came with the simulator, and the experts on the HP48 newgroup thought that these 'steps' were so obvious that they repeated neglected to mention them to me, although my level and expression of frustration were steadily mounting over the course of about 3 days...!!!
i have officially given up trying to install this simulator.
It would appear that i would have to learn the entire Linux/Unix Operating System, just to have enough foundational knowledge before someone could explain to me, in any kind of reasonable way, how to get this simulator to work.
So that now:
The expression: "Gawd! i hate computers!" extends not only to the Wintel and Mac Operating Systems, But the Unix Operating Systems as well.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Still Not Quite "In The Furrow"...

i'm still trying to figure out how to use this computer--
But i have overcome some initial difficulties and stumbling blocks...
Such as downloading free pornography.
There is an AMAZING amount of Free Pornography ( however you choose to define it ) on the Internet and after only a few weeks, i am sated...!!! i haven't been able to find quite as much of certain genre's as i would like, so i may have to get a subscription to
Another difficulty has been just getting the feel of this key board...!
And that the 'mouse' pad is under my thumbs, so that the mouse has a tendency to wander while i'm typing...
It seems to me that on Deana's computer, i could turn this pad off, but on this MacBook, there's a feature which is supposed to disable any 'unintentional' mouse directions. It does not work.
i also still have an enormous amount of cleaning up to do on my sister blog; Riders of the Golden Hamster.
It was hacked ( due to a lame password that i gave it! ) and filled up, while i was in the nursing home, with literally thousands of 'advertisements'...! It seems to me that this should be illegal...???
So to make it even more depraved-- i have to delete them one at a time...!!! Stupid Blog...!!!
i've gotten a Printer... ( $60 to refill the ink cartridges, and it appears that Epson has gone to some lengths to insure that they can't be consumer refilled...!!! Stupid Epson...!!! -- But i have found a place that will sell me cartridges for about half that, although i haven't tried them yet... i saw something on The Internet the other day that makes me believe that Epson has discovered a way to time stamp their products, so that you can't use generic cartridges...!!! If this is so; i am boned. )
...and it's also a scanner ( so even i can't print with it, i can still scan with it...!!! ) and so-- i hope to be posting lots more pictures and drawings that are in focus...!!! ( Soon. )
more later... ( ??? )

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy BarfDay...!!!

i just had another birthday ( turned 12 ) and my mom got me a new computer; The MacBook; Black...
So hopefully; i'll start posting to this blog again...
The first project is to fully update Owie: BrokenHip
Which took a strange turn for the Wierd when i got to Spokane and i had to have all the lego blocks that they put in, in Hawai'i, taken out and replace with tinker toys.
What a nusance!
So it should have taken 8 weeks for me to get back on my feet, and it took closer to 18 months...!!!
oh well.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Search Engines are Sooooo Stupid...!!!

Gawd! i hate computers, and The Internet...!!!
i would really like to access a search engine that worked with me for a few moments and then went out and found what i was really looking for, rather than superficially return millions of 'hits' that have absolutely NOTHING to do with what i'm looking for...!!!
The ideal search engine would help me catorgerize what the subject of my search is, and then properly qualify that princple heading so that it would only be looking for the ONE thing that i'm actually looking for...
This may take a few minutes, but after awhile, the user would learn how to frame the question, so that the search engine would be happy with it immediately...!
When i was in the Eighth Grade, we spent hours and hours each day diagraming sentences...!
i find it hugely annoying that no one has been able to apply that tedium towards something usefull, like understanding simply requests in typewritten form...???!!!
The thing i was just today looking for; is the name of that tv show that featured in it's opening sequence, the scary sheriff that busts open the door, where the light is leaking in through the cracks...???

Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Formats...!!! ( ??? )

So anyways...
Blogger has recently changed their formats, or something something to a New & Improved Version...!!! and i've been having a Horrible time trying to figure it all out...!!! Especially; simply logging in...!!!

It's at times like this that i seriously worry about the damp masses, seeing as i have an extra fat iq, and i'm having all this trouble, how do ordinary hamsters manage through life...
( more irrefutable evidence for angels maybe...??? )

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Sorry i've been so thoroughly neglecting this blog, but i just don't seem to have any enthusiasm for my existence anymore...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Multimedia message

Forwarding through most of my recent selections!!!

Best Recent Film [a

i've been watching a bunch of films from Netflix and many of them have been horrible - most notably 'five easy pieces' & 'easy rider' -- i can not imagine how either of these films became cinematographic icons ????

the best film i've seen recently is a fun 'romantic comedy' : my super ex girlfriend : it is very silly, clever & enjoyable - i watched it twice - which is high praise since ive been fast forwarding through most of the films i've been getting lately.