Sunday, September 09, 2007

Still Not Quite "In The Furrow"...

i'm still trying to figure out how to use this computer--
But i have overcome some initial difficulties and stumbling blocks...
Such as downloading free pornography.
There is an AMAZING amount of Free Pornography ( however you choose to define it ) on the Internet and after only a few weeks, i am sated...!!! i haven't been able to find quite as much of certain genre's as i would like, so i may have to get a subscription to
Another difficulty has been just getting the feel of this key board...!
And that the 'mouse' pad is under my thumbs, so that the mouse has a tendency to wander while i'm typing...
It seems to me that on Deana's computer, i could turn this pad off, but on this MacBook, there's a feature which is supposed to disable any 'unintentional' mouse directions. It does not work.
i also still have an enormous amount of cleaning up to do on my sister blog; Riders of the Golden Hamster.
It was hacked ( due to a lame password that i gave it! ) and filled up, while i was in the nursing home, with literally thousands of 'advertisements'...! It seems to me that this should be illegal...???
So to make it even more depraved-- i have to delete them one at a time...!!! Stupid Blog...!!!
i've gotten a Printer... ( $60 to refill the ink cartridges, and it appears that Epson has gone to some lengths to insure that they can't be consumer refilled...!!! Stupid Epson...!!! -- But i have found a place that will sell me cartridges for about half that, although i haven't tried them yet... i saw something on The Internet the other day that makes me believe that Epson has discovered a way to time stamp their products, so that you can't use generic cartridges...!!! If this is so; i am boned. )
...and it's also a scanner ( so even i can't print with it, i can still scan with it...!!! ) and so-- i hope to be posting lots more pictures and drawings that are in focus...!!! ( Soon. )
more later... ( ??? )

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