Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ugh & Ugh...!!!

Well— i was sure that i'd saved all the old links that appeared on The Side Bar of my old Blog Template...
But Incredibly; ( or not incredibly ) i have misplaced or lost them...!!!

i'm fairly sure that most of them may be recovered by tediously sifting through my eepmail archives to find various connective links to mailartists and such, but it may be awhile before a suitably puisant bipolar swing allows me to accomplish this...???

i've also realized that all ( or most ) of my posts were colorized in a manner that highlighted various features, pursuant to the old colour scheme, but will now have to be recalibrated...
What a Nuisance...!!!

Like anyone really cares.

Monday, December 24, 2007

To Hell With Everyone...!!!

i didn't get a single x-mas card this year.
What is the point of being good, if you're not going to make any money off of it...???

i didn't even get any eepmail x-mas cards...!!!
i did get a few xie-mas related thingies, but i wouldn't really consider them, in any way, in any personalized way, x-mas cards:

Although... The Seventh Day Adventists from across the street brought over some cookies and left them at my door...???
Gawd Bless The Fundamentalist Fringe Cults!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

This is a Test of Flickr to Blog...???

Fly, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

As a test, i can't think of anything to say about this...


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Buoyant Zmass— All & Sundry...!!!

i've been very depressed lately because i'm getting so little attention paid to my Flickr/Family Snap Shots Project...!!!
So that i haven't felt inclined to
do anything...!!!

But this proposal did occur to me, for a
chrstmsa card...

Here are some undeveloped ideas concerning


The next generation of XMass & YMas
Ways that Zmass is Better than either Xmass or Ymas

Given that Xmass is the Celebration of Christ's Birth...

Ymas was the corruption of this holiday by introducing Santa Claus & The Commercialization of the holiday...

Zmass is the complete overhaul of X & Y masses to integrate a new holiday into the fundamental spiritual, social & economic needs of The Damp Masses leading up The Reevaluation of our culture in the year 2012.
( Which curiously; will occur around December 21st. )

Faux holiday that is based on an imaginary deity whose teachings more accurately reflect the mores of post 911 western civilization.

Rules of present giving is clearly delineated and enforced by law.

Chrstmsa trees that are all electric lights, festooned with tiny bows of evergreen twigs.

New tradition in which standing under mistletoe gets you to second base.

Santas ( to be called something else... ? ) at the department stores are nude, which make them especially popular amoung sexually precocious, drug addled teenagers.

The Correct Salutation is : Buoyant Zmass— All & Sundry...!!!

The Recognition that in the various previous versions of —mas, The presents; that were given to make the recipients happy, were in fact, nearly always; crap.
And consequently; only made people sadder.
So that; with Zmass— Only happy invoking presents may be given.

What are “The Happy Invoking Type Presents?”
  1. All items must be of the highest imaginable quality.
  2. All items must be from a particular giver to a particular recipient
  3. All items must be life sustaining, rather than life depleting
The principle instigator of Zmas is “Larry Claus”—
Santa’s unkept older brother who never quite ‘Got on track.’
( this idea has been spoiled by the new 2007 Movie: Fred Claus )

Instead of Larry Claus; The principle instigator of Zmas is “The Zmas Giant Mechanical Ant”

Before X-Mas there was:
  1. P-Mass : Exchange of Damp Rocks Initiated
  2. Q-Maz : Yowling restrained to Special Occasions
  3. R-Masss : Discovery of Snowflakes
  4. S-Maph : Gawd Clothes Distinguished from Work Clothes
  5. T-Mezz : Sticks Painted with Stripes are Tied to Trees.
  6. U-Miez : Horrible Gifts are blamed on a Quixotic Archetype
  7. V-Muppies : Everything Wonderful is Attributed to The Quixotic Archetype
  8. W-Noggiluffessicratcklemotten : Self-Loathing Institutionalized as a Commercial Holiday
The True Story of Yolanda the Two Headed Reindeer with Seventeen Legs that Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is based on—

if you have any additional suggestions; please add them as comments...

New Post for the Sake of a New Post

i kind of like this font that's used with this new Template.
And i also like the simplicity.
But; You may have noticed that The New Template completely ( Nearly So ) Erased all the links on my SideBar...!!!
The Good news it that i have them all stored away,
And; There are apparently features with The New & Improved Google Blog System to rebuild them.
( i used to have to go into the HTML code and install them at that level...! What a nuisance! )

More later...

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