Friday, January 02, 1998

Step Four for Flickr

FourFlickr, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

F )
If you have any idea what is going on in this picture, Fill in The comments Box with your knowledge of this Picture.

G )
For some reason; Flickr allows you to use Bold & Italics, As well as HyperText Links in your Comments, But they don't make it easy.
Just Ignore this unless you think you know what you're doing.

H )
When you're done, Hit Post Comment.
If you suddenly notice that you've made a mistake, misspelled a word or such, then you can ReEdit your post by clicking on the Edit Link below your Posting.

Don't be shy about clicking on other things to see what they'll do.

You can also Add Tags that will make it easier for other people to find this picture...!!! Tags are One Word Clues, such as The Names of People in The Picture, where it was taken or whatever.

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