Thursday, March 27, 2008

Less Active...

If i seem less active, ( esp. on Flickr ) it's because all my previously free internet servers have learned how to set up their security preferences...!!!

So i've only been logging on to the internet when i'm at the library.

The good news (?) is that i'm getting more done at home.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Simple Test to See What Blogger HTML Looks Like...???

Small Text Goes Here

Red Text

Blue Text

Green Text

i'm only trying this because my experiment to transfer Text Edit HTML to this blog failed...!!!
The Blogger HTML seems to be subtly, or not so very much, different from Text Edit HTML...???

Standardized Big Text

Any attempt to modify the Bigger Text HTML to make it bigger seems to fail...???
It appears gigantic in the edit window, but is reduced to normal size when posted...!

ALSO; The Format of HTML seems to be greatly simplified, like the HTML used by Flickr...???

Just to Add Something...

So i left my room to go to the library today, to use the internet there...
It seems that none of the internet provider servers that i've been using for Free from my room will work anymore...!!!

i really have to get my own service provider... But if i do, i know i'll end up spending all day on the internet, and as it is, i'm actually getting a tiny amount done on other projects, and i'm forced to get out of my room a few times a week this way too...

But anyways; When i left my room today, i took out a bag of garbage, and when i'd gotten about a block from my building, i realized that i was still holding the bag...!!!

Senility, it doesn't seem to be as bad as i've heard it would be.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Something Odd...

i noticed the other day on my Flickr account that this Map Dealie; provided by Flickr Toys, Showed a collection of islands above Europe that i was completely unfamiliar with...???

Apparently they're a part of Norway; called Svalbard.
i have never noticed them before...
They are much higher than Iceland, which i had always thought of as the highest landmass in The Atlantic...

So to compound this;
Since just learning of them a few days ago;
i keep coming across new references to them...

Such as this New Reptilian Dinosaur...!

It's like reality is just making itself up as it goes along.

And this sort of thing is happening to me all the time...

i think it's evidence that The Reality Generator that creates my existence is not really very clever and once it comes up with something good—
It just recycles it over and over for awhile; And then, in a week or so; It will stop reminding me that this Island Group exists, and i'll never see any references to it ever again.