Wednesday, April 30, 2008


i didn't use to have nightmares at all, But now i'm starting to have them all the time.

A Variation on Nightmares that i used to have, rarely— Was a Loop Dream in which i would dream a short 15 second segment of something, usually a piece of trying to solve a puzzle, and then i would dream it again, verbatim, again & again.
And if i woke up, i would try to shake it off, But as soon as i fell asleep again, the loop would start again.

This last one was; As much as i can remember of it...
i was hired as a technical writer for a large electronic research company.
When i got to the town where i'd be working, they took me to an apartment that they'd found for me. It was small but i thought it was OK. i put down my stuff, met a lady administrator or secretary that worked for the company and a fat engineer that was nice but flaky.
They'd left out a large cup of coffee for me, but it was cold. The lady suggested that we go over to the cafeteria to get it refilled, so i went with her. For some reason, i left everything behind, including my key and bookbag, which i usually take Everywhere.
When we got to the cafeteria, there was some confusion about whether or not i would have to pay. The lady started giving me this very long lecture on whether i would or not, and it became so frustrating that i turned to a guy sitting at a table to ask him. This might be where i met the fat guy...??? His answer was no more enlightening, so i left to go back to my apartment to get some money.

The Cafeteria was around the corner from where i lived, and the reverse path would take me down a alley, but i walked too far and after a few blocks and seeing some things that i was sure i would have remember seeing, but didn't, i was sure that i'd walked to far.
When i turned around, i discovered that i was on the other side of a fence, and i couldn't go back. The path had turned into a very, very narrow ledge above a very deep gorge.
Fortunately; i could get back to the alley by crawling through a hole, through a railing and back to the other side.
On the way back, i ran into several more obstacles, including at least two places where the alley just seemed to change into something else...

[ i seem to recall ( now ) that i had a dream with a similar theme a week or two ago ]

...despite these minor obstacles, i managed to get back to the alley each time.
Then i ran into the guy that i'd met earlier.
He offered to give me something, but i was unsure of what it was until he pulled it out of his bookbag. It was an yellow shipping envelope with two CD's in it. One was much bigger than the other, and irregularly shaped. And they were very Thick & Orange with a checkered pattern on them. i was impressed with the design, since apparently he'd done them himself.
i wanted him to walk me back to my room, but he stayed with some friends of his that there there, so he didn't.

Then i found what i thought was my room, but the ceiling was impossibly low, so i had to crouch over to crab around. It looked similar to how i remembered seeing my room earlier than afternoon, but now it was filthy and all my stuff was missing, except for one of the three keys that i'd seen earlier.

Then some crazy police officers arrived and discovered that the CD's were cases with pot in them. i volunteered to take a blood test to prove i didn't smoke pot. i also tried to explain that i was looking for my room, and this was similar, but i was sure it wasn't it. But they wouldn't let me go to find it. It was getting dark and i really wanted to leave, but they wouldn't let me go, or arrest me.

There were lots more details that i remember, but are too tedious to include.

It was one of those very vivid dreams. Where do they come from.

- - -
Who has been posting anonymously to this blog?
i love, love, love comments, but Anonymous are kind of scary;
esp. if they seem to be stalking me...!!! ???
Leave your eepdress...!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Word Problems...

So the other day i used the word Septagon in a document and got a spellcheck flag for it...???
i've always thought of a seven sided object as a Septagon and was befuddled by this flag on this word...
i looked it up in my MacDictionary and Franklin Electronic Dictionary and Neither had it...!!!

Wikipedia says that The OED recognizes it was Equivalent to a Heptagon.

This sort of thing happens to me all the time.
i'm sure that a word exists and my dictionaries say that it does not exist, and then when i check for it on the Internet, The Internet says that it does Exist...!!!

i'm seriously loosing faith in Dictionaries...!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Words that Aren't Quite Words...

i went online again today to find a word that my Franklin & Macintosh Dictionaries refused to consider a real word...
i've done this before; and have gotten several hits on Google, suggesting that there are countless other people that consider these words real words, and given that words come from usage and not authority, i take any confirmation of them as validation.

Todays Word: Befret. Apparently it is likely that this is a distortion of Bereft. Since they are used in the same sense.

Another Example: Insundry or Asundry. Sundry is a real word and All & Sundry is a common aphorism, Such that the Contraction of All & Sundry should easily be A'sundry or Asundry.
Insundry is close enough. After all; You know what i mean... Don't you?

Irregardless is in such wide usage that i don't see how anyone can argue about it anymore.

Indescript is essentially the same as NonDescript, which means Not Noteworthy.

i would very much like a Dictionary that keeps up with the usage of words on the internet, which is pretty close to the actual usage of words in The Spoken Form.
Dictionaries have always lagged behind Actual Usage, and all i want to see is that this is recognized.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sorry-- Another Test...???

Font Arial
Font Courier
Lucida Grande

Default...? Tiny Small Normal Big Large
Light Grey
Dark Grey
Numbered List
  1. Dog
  2. Cat
  3. Mouse
  4. Elephant
  • Dots
  • Second Dot
  • Third Dot
In Quotes
Which just means indented

Spaces -------------------Twenty Dashes in White

Does Jim Have ESP...???

The other day i was coming home from Safeway and met my floormate; Elaine on the bus.
When we got off the bus, The bus stopped in the middle of the block due to traffic, And Elaine headed toward the corner to cross at the light...
But i went the other way, the shorter way, and when i noticed that the traffic had cleared in both directions, i crossed in the middle of the block.
So when i got to my building, Jim was standing out in front and the first thing he asked me was if i J-Walked across Monroe...!!!
He couldn't possibly have seen me, and this was a very odd question for him to ask.