Monday, May 12, 2008

Platypus DNA Proves RID Theory...!!!

RID = A Reasonably Intelligent Designer.
One of my biggest pet peeves towards organized religion is it dogmatic assumption that gawd must be all knowing, powerful & Just.


This new analysis of Platypus DNA, Shows that in contains Mammalian, Reptilian...
AND Bird DNA...!!!
i'm fine with The Platypus having both Mammalian & Reptilian Roots from the Evolutionary Tree, But how could they have Bird DNA...???
Birds are supposed to have evolved from Dinosaurs, 300 million years after Mammals split from Reptiles, and from about time, The line that eventually gave rise to Modern Platypii.

This is The Smoking PopGun which proves that Animals must have been designed by an External Designer that was able to assemble a Platypus from DNA that was laying around the studio.