Monday, June 30, 2008

Mean Brother...???

Right upstairs there's this guy ( or brothers ) named Mean...
And Jim ( below me ) was saying that there's two brothers that live there,
But i ran into one of them ( 2nd time in 3 years, first conversation, if you want to call it that; it consisted of me blathering a bit, and him saying; ‘I'm the only one that lives there.’ )
So he says, after i suggest my hypothesis that of the two brothers, one is nearly deaf, and the other has normal hearing, and he says: “I'm the only one that lives there.”

i can just hardly believe that Jim has been filling me with disinformation,
Even though he is very crazy...???

But the other thing— This Mean guy seems VERY crazy to me.
Way crazier than either me or Jim.

i'll have to talk to Jim about this.
He hangs around the front door just about all the time,
And knows everything about everything.

Historical Reference to Number 10 ( above me )

Mean(s #10

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