Thursday, July 31, 2008

i knew this 5 years ago...!!!

Well; It took long enough for the rest of the world to catch up to my brain power...!

Cell Phone Companies Are Evil.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Recent Mischief


i've been leaving comments and even testimonials on Flickr,
Of the sort that starts off reassuring the recipient that i really like their work... But.

So i was doing this yesterday, and this guy that was administering this group...
It turns out - Reluctantly - for his sister that skedaddled off from Flickr to sell her handmade cards, got one of my missives.

Before she left, she indolently started a group that she called Handmade Cards.
But she didn't really 'Set it up' at all...
It didn't even have a Group Icon...!!!

So that's what i was principally whining about.
The Missing Icon.

So this guy; The Reluctant Administrator, Made me an Administrator!
And i promptly made just about everyone else in the group an Administrator,
Because that's my philosophy for Flickr Groups.
If you 'Get It'; Then you should be promoted to Administrative Status.

i belonged to another group awhile ago,
That was - Not - a Serious Group, and it made EVERYONE an Administrator,
And one of them deleted everyones pictures.

So it is Dangerous.

So i draw the line on whether or not, they 'Get it'...!

The Group is Handmade Cards.

Drop by and take a gander.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

NASA is driving my Crazy...!!!

Another Probe Doesn't Look for Life...!!!

It just seems completely crazy to me that NASA keeps sending probes to Mars that are very specifically designed NOT TO LOOK FOR LIFE...!!!

On those occasions when they are supposed to be looking for Life,
The Experiments are Carefully Contrived to Almost Look for Life...!!!
So that; After the test it done, they can say;
“Well; Maybe, Maybe Not.”


Why not put a Microscopic Lens Attachment onto one of The Cameras,
Scoop up a soil sample,
Add several recipes of various enriched nutrients into several little cups,
Warm them up a bit,
Then put some drops from these cups onto some Slides...


If something is wiggling around.
Wouldn't that be interesting.

i am really coming to believe, as Richard Hoagland apparently does,
That there is something very fishy going on at NASA.

Why would they want to keep it so ambiguous...
And why does NASA play down all The Amazing Images that the orbital probes send back to us...???

Giant Glass Worms
Trees & Forests
Shattered Structures
Cities Ancient Cities Cities
Really Quirky Bits Strange Cookies

The Face
The really quirky thing about The Face on Mars,
Is that the new pictures make it fairly clear that it doesn't really look much like a face...
But— That sure is an awfully artificial looking mesa that it's sitting on...???

What is their real agenda...???

And another thing...
Why is The International Space Station being kept such a secret...
OK... It's not really a Secret-Secret,
But it sure as heck doesn't get much press.

And have you ever seen any pictures from INSIDE it...???

Man oh MAN, What a Shat Hole...!!!
( more on You Tube )
Space Station: IMAX
There is crap piled up all over,
And all the equipment is just tied to the walls with bungy cords.

It is sure a long way from the space stations in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

- -

Another News Story that is Driving Me Crazy!

Man gives birth to baby girl

It's not a man...!!!
It's a woman that's ostensibly become a man in appearance only...!!!

i fully expect that a real, biologically male person will give birth sometime in the near future,
if it hasn't happened already,
but this isn't it.

It's actually my understanding that you could take a fertilized human embryo and just implant it anywhere in the body of any man or woman,
It would parasitically implant itself, and begin to grow into a baby.
Typically when this happens in women—
When the fertilized eggs doesn't make into the uterus,
Or actually falls away from the fallopian tubes,
Implanting itself somewhere in her abdominal cavity,
There are complications that prevent the baby from coming to term...

But given that the biology of the process really doesn't need a uterus,
It seems likely that a reasonably comfortably spot could be artificially laid out inside a male somewhere to accommodate a baby for at least the 5 months or so that medical science currently requires for the baby to spend inside a human host.


Friday, July 04, 2008

Another 4th of July Rant...!

On the TV just now;
Another Slopeheaded Y-Generation Amateur Model
Claimed that she was proud to be an American
Because she was Free
& As Evidence for this,
She Could Vote!

There are several different direction to go from this;
Principally that it's all a scam,
On every level, from every direction...

But i would like to Propose; Instead:
A Thought/Real/Proposed Experiment.

This might be conducted by a History Professor...

Get your Least Favorite Graduate Students to Examine all The President's Legacies,
And rather fuzzily—
List all their accomplishments, policies, exploits, fiascoes & such...

—So that even The Unbiased Jury that is chosen to examine these lists,
Will not be tipped off by Obvious, or Blatantly Overly Promoted History Fallacies.

Then present this list of lists,
To a foreign historian or political analyst,
Or several of them,
And ask them to determine what the ideological foundation
Or political party of the president was
That represented all these achievements & travesties...?

i predict that their identifications will be no better than chance.

Not only is our political system rigged
So that Any Modestly Financed, Independent Scholars
That might actually make a decent president,
Simply Can Never become President,

But it's also rigged that your votes don't count for squat,

But we don't even have a so-called Two Party System.

We have One Party;
The Mysterious Shadow Government.

A Totalitarian Dictatorship
That has to constantly tell you that you're free.

- - -

In The News...

i should note first off—
That i believe that 911 was planned and executed by mischievous hooligans in this country,
For reasons unknown.

There are many fine films available that make this case;
One of the best is: Loose Change
Two others are: 911 Taboo Part One & 911 Taboo Part Two

So anyways...
It's just been driving me crazy,
That on this 4th of July, Ostensibly called; Independence Day...

The News Organizations have been Parading Out Disabled Veterans & WWII Amateur Historians onto our little indoctrination telescreens—
And then are prodded into saying that they are so proud ( add teary eyes ) that we have so many soldiers fighting for America & Our Freedom overseas.

Blllleeeaaaaccccchhh! ( add mess on floor )

The Damp Masses are so stupid.

i really, really, really believe that most people are not genuinely conscious.

They are just wind up toys
That you can fill up with any crap
That you've got an old bathtub full of.

This is why our government is trying to convert the world to democracies,
They are easiest populations to control by means of unregulated media outlets.

Free Speech is actually the greatest enemy to Our Freedom of Thought.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Interweb is Freaking Me Out...!

So; You go to and type in my old name & town;
Rocky Glenn Spokane

and i come up as The FIRST Entry.

But; i can not find any information on ANYONE ( hardly anyone* )
That i've been searching for from my various yearbooks.

What i find—
Very Curious
; Is that i'll type in what i think MUST BE a very common name,
And i would expect there to be THOUSANDS or MILLIONS of hits...
And there are NONE..!!!

i just can not get my Head around the idea that many of my classmates
Are leaving NO TRAIL at all on the Interweb...???

The old axiom;
The Interweb is a million miles wide, and an inch deep.
This is still true.

[ ??? ]

- - -
* i had a dream during my afternoon nap today that featured Bill Simer,
So i thought i would look him up.
Back in High School, he was a no direction, drug snorting wanna be...
And now, he's apparently a local millionaire.
Bill Simer ( Success Story )

The Old Bill Simer ( Circ. 1973 )
He looks very different in this picture,
But all the biographical information in the story above
Seems to match The Old Bill Simer...???