Friday, July 04, 2008

Another 4th of July Rant...!

On the TV just now;
Another Slopeheaded Y-Generation Amateur Model
Claimed that she was proud to be an American
Because she was Free
& As Evidence for this,
She Could Vote!

There are several different direction to go from this;
Principally that it's all a scam,
On every level, from every direction...

But i would like to Propose; Instead:
A Thought/Real/Proposed Experiment.

This might be conducted by a History Professor...

Get your Least Favorite Graduate Students to Examine all The President's Legacies,
And rather fuzzily—
List all their accomplishments, policies, exploits, fiascoes & such...

—So that even The Unbiased Jury that is chosen to examine these lists,
Will not be tipped off by Obvious, or Blatantly Overly Promoted History Fallacies.

Then present this list of lists,
To a foreign historian or political analyst,
Or several of them,
And ask them to determine what the ideological foundation
Or political party of the president was
That represented all these achievements & travesties...?

i predict that their identifications will be no better than chance.

Not only is our political system rigged
So that Any Modestly Financed, Independent Scholars
That might actually make a decent president,
Simply Can Never become President,

But it's also rigged that your votes don't count for squat,

But we don't even have a so-called Two Party System.

We have One Party;
The Mysterious Shadow Government.

A Totalitarian Dictatorship
That has to constantly tell you that you're free.

- - -

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