Saturday, July 05, 2008

Another News Story that is Driving Me Crazy!

Man gives birth to baby girl

It's not a man...!!!
It's a woman that's ostensibly become a man in appearance only...!!!

i fully expect that a real, biologically male person will give birth sometime in the near future,
if it hasn't happened already,
but this isn't it.

It's actually my understanding that you could take a fertilized human embryo and just implant it anywhere in the body of any man or woman,
It would parasitically implant itself, and begin to grow into a baby.
Typically when this happens in women—
When the fertilized eggs doesn't make into the uterus,
Or actually falls away from the fallopian tubes,
Implanting itself somewhere in her abdominal cavity,
There are complications that prevent the baby from coming to term...

But given that the biology of the process really doesn't need a uterus,
It seems likely that a reasonably comfortably spot could be artificially laid out inside a male somewhere to accommodate a baby for at least the 5 months or so that medical science currently requires for the baby to spend inside a human host.


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