Friday, July 04, 2008

In The News...

i should note first off—
That i believe that 911 was planned and executed by mischievous hooligans in this country,
For reasons unknown.

There are many fine films available that make this case;
One of the best is: Loose Change
Two others are: 911 Taboo Part One & 911 Taboo Part Two

So anyways...
It's just been driving me crazy,
That on this 4th of July, Ostensibly called; Independence Day...

The News Organizations have been Parading Out Disabled Veterans & WWII Amateur Historians onto our little indoctrination telescreens—
And then are prodded into saying that they are so proud ( add teary eyes ) that we have so many soldiers fighting for America & Our Freedom overseas.

Blllleeeaaaaccccchhh! ( add mess on floor )

The Damp Masses are so stupid.

i really, really, really believe that most people are not genuinely conscious.

They are just wind up toys
That you can fill up with any crap
That you've got an old bathtub full of.

This is why our government is trying to convert the world to democracies,
They are easiest populations to control by means of unregulated media outlets.

Free Speech is actually the greatest enemy to Our Freedom of Thought.

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