Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Recent Mischief


i've been leaving comments and even testimonials on Flickr,
Of the sort that starts off reassuring the recipient that i really like their work... But.

So i was doing this yesterday, and this guy that was administering this group...
It turns out - Reluctantly - for his sister that skedaddled off from Flickr to sell her handmade cards, got one of my missives.

Before she left, she indolently started a group that she called Handmade Cards.
But she didn't really 'Set it up' at all...
It didn't even have a Group Icon...!!!

So that's what i was principally whining about.
The Missing Icon.

So this guy; The Reluctant Administrator, Made me an Administrator!
And i promptly made just about everyone else in the group an Administrator,
Because that's my philosophy for Flickr Groups.
If you 'Get It'; Then you should be promoted to Administrative Status.

i belonged to another group awhile ago,
That was - Not - a Serious Group, and it made EVERYONE an Administrator,
And one of them deleted everyones pictures.

So it is Dangerous.

So i draw the line on whether or not, they 'Get it'...!

The Group is Handmade Cards.

Drop by and take a gander.

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