Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Alledged Smallest Snake...

Recent News Story Claims
To have Found The Smallest Snake

i'm sure thought that i once saw a smaller snake while in Hawai`i ( Oahu ) around 1986.
i found it in a fountain in the middle of Honolulu. When i first saw it, i was drawn by its vigorous wiggling in the water, and then when i picked it up and examined it more carefully, i noticed that it was flicking a very tiny tongue in & out...
Proving that it was a snake, and not a worm.

It was slightly thicker than a hair, about an inch or so in length and a plain brown.
It looked very much like this one, Pictured, but much smaller.


Hylobates Lar said...

Are you sure it was a snake -- not, say, a nematode?

A Translucent Amoebae said...

Well, the defining feature that i noticed was the tiny flicking tongue. i don't know squat about snakes, worms, flatworms, caterpillars, shoelaces, spaghetti or nematodes, But if any of these have flicking tongues, then; i'm going to call it a snake.