Thursday, August 14, 2008

Georgia Bigfoot

Regarding The Recent Disclosure of The Georgia Bigfoot...

Although true bigfoot hunters know that Bigfoot
Is indigenous throughout the US and The World for that matter...

This is not only a Hoax;
But a cheap, transparently crude & Idiotic Hoax.

The Consortium of Translucent Paramecium's
Believe that the reason that Bigfoot will never be captured,
Dead or Alive, is that although they are Very Real—
They are Quixotic.

That is; Very Real like Faeries & Santa Claus.
They can be experienced, You can interact with them,
But they don't play by the rules that we are bound by.

Humanimals are Incarnate to keep us flying off into the void,
And Not being to find our way back.

Quixotic Beings are—
Not necessarily smarter or better looking than we are;
But they just serve a different rule master.
These rules protect Leprechauns & their pots of gold—

Amoung other things.

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