Thursday, October 16, 2008

Should have gotten a picture...

It's still in my vacuum cleaner, so maybe i will post a picture of it.
- - -
i was sitting at my desk yesterday, working with the box here, and suddenly, without it coming in from anywhere, i became aware of a very large brown beetle ( roughly 4 inches in length ) sitting right in front of me, between me & the keyboard for my computer!
So without thinking of getting a picture of it, i vacuumed it up with my hand vac.
- - -
Certainly an Omen of some kind.

- - - - - -
A few days later... Ack!
i emptied the bug out of the vacuum cleaner and took some pictures of it next to a dime,
And while i would allow that some shrinkage would be due to its being dead and dried out a little... it was much smaller than i remembered it.
Probably now bigger than an inch & a half, Standing Erect.
Then i somehow... ??? ...deleted the pictures...!
And after taking the pictures;
i revacuumed it up, and also vacuumed up a bunch of stupid moths,
so i didn't want to fish through them to find the beetle again.
- - -
When i comes to insects being vacuumed up,
i have often wondered, why do the moths guardian angels allow them to be in that situation...???
And the solution that i've come up with,
Is that the guardian angels of moths, are only a little smarter than the moths themselves.

Or— It may just be that it's all the way it's supposed to be.

- - - -
i got a picture of it...!!!
Well; Actually this is a different bug, but it's the same kind, only smaller...
Much Smaller...!!!
The one that landed on my desk was at least four times as big as this one...!!!

Bug On My Desk, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

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