Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some of my Political Thoughts...

This is an incomplete listing of some of my political thoughts...
i know that no one ever reads my blog, so i really haven't been working on this very much,
i've been mostly just screaming at the TV.

The Question that i would like to ask those that oppose universal health care, Is:
Who, do you believe, should not be receiving health care?
It may well be that there are classes of people that don't deserve health care, but i think that it should be clear which groups are being considered.
Some groups that might arguably be up for discussion are the foreign factory workers that make our sports shoes & stuffed animals. When they get sick, should they just go back to their straw huts and die?
Certainly; All the people that make up the backbone of America, that do all the petty-ass work that support the upper layers of the middle class, Bourgeoisie, The Wealth & Pig Genitals Require to buy toilet paper to wipe their butts with.
Given that everyone agrees that just about everyone else, excluding these chosen few, should be provided at least the bare minimum of a basic health care...
And since we'd expect these people to pay for their own health care...
As part of a Health Insurance Program...
Since Everyone ( Nearly ) would be included in this program,
This seems to me, Exactly the sort of thing that a Government should administer to all it's citizens.
- - -
What i would like to suggest as a fine point to this, Deeply unexpected & Reviled by many...! ...would be that this new system consist of various tiers.
So that The Rich would have access to One Tier, While The Poor are given only the bare bones version of Health Care.
This Barebones version would be designed to keep the poor healthy, so that need less care later on in their lives. This system might also encourage, in various ways, that people take responsibility for their own health. This might take the form of increased chances for receiving a heart transplant if there is a shortage of them when you apply.
The Rich meanwhile can go to doctors & facilities of their choice, that have elected to exist outside The National Health Care System. These Outworlder doctors & facilities may be desirable for a variety of reasons, so that if you can afford them, they & their patrons will take some of the pressure off the National HCSystem.
It's my understanding that this is one of the major problems with the Canadian System, in which it's so overloaded that many Canadians actually come to The US for various Operations for which, if they wanted to stay in Canada for, they would have to wait weeks or months for it.
The Rich Tier would also allow for NonReconstructive Surgery & Crazy Cancer Treatments.
The Barebones Tier would be pretty much everything included for Realistic Health Care to actually keep you healthy.
······················································ 0
Poverty / Homeless / Facilitators
······················································ 0
Environment / Endangered Animals
······················································ 0
Flying Saucers / ESP / Quixotic Creatures
····················································· 0
War on Terrorism / Invisible Security /
······················································ 0
Looking for life on mars
······················································ 0
Women’s right to choose.
Women should have the right to choose, but they should choose before they have sex.

······················································ 0
Citizenship Tests / Intelligence / Maturity / Commentary
······················································ 0
Cultural Awareness
These tests & rating systems would allow
companies & restaurants to give more freedom of choices to people that understood what they were getting themselves into... We would no longer be required to form a judicial system around the lowest common denominator
······················································ 0
Black Projects
······················································ 0
What is a Crime / Porn / Drugs / International, Federal & State Laws
······················································ 0
Animal Rights
······················································ 0
Computer Uniformity
······················································ 0
······················································ 0
Democracy / Freedom /
······················································ 0
Dangerous Science
······················································ 0
100 year plan
We need to start thinking of our deep future.
······················································ 0
Political Strategies...
Present some crazy political position, That is not your own, and urge anyone that believes that way to vote for your opponent. Please; For the love of gawd, forsake my campaign, and vote for my opponent.

······················································ 0
Fixing Any Given Government
Is it really all as complicated as it seems to most conspirators...?
Or less complicated, or complicated in a way that few people understand?
- - -
Or is all simply run by the poorly assigned values to a simple equation for social stability?
What is important to individuals?
What is important to a society?
What is important to a community of societies?
Are there factors that aren't easily apparent to someone searching for ordinary happiness?
How Quixotic is The World?
Should we base governments on a 300 year plan, or a 20 minute plan?
Where do problems become globally relevant to international wars that destroy the layers of stability & cultural value from previous social layers...?
Individuals want simplicity
Neighborhoods want simplicity
Cities want simplicity
States want simplicity
Nations want simplicity
Worlds want simplicity
······················································ 0
Hate Jury Duty...?
i have an idea for Restructuring The Judicial System, So that all the rights & responsibilities of the Accused & Accusers will be preserved, But that Citizens will be lining up to be on Juries, Instead of shunning them.
The first & most elemental assumption that i'm making about the functionality of a legal trial, is that it consists of an logical & reasonable argument of guilt by The Prosecutor, which is rebutted by The Defense Attorney.
What this Trial is Not; Is a Theatrical Performance.
The New & Improved Structure that i am proposing, May seem even more Theatrical than the current structure, but it is intended to provide more & clearer information in a more confined & well regulated format.
The New Structure is simply This:
All the principles of the case; Accused, Prosecutor, Defense, Judge, Witnesses & Various Experts conduct the trial in a manner very reminiscent of a conventional trial, With the tiny exception that instead of presenting it to A Live Jury; It is simply made into a full & complete Video Presentation.
What are the advantages to this:
* All parties have complete control of what the final presentation will consist of, disallowing or sharply reducing, the possibility of an appeal by either side.
* This complete control means that there will be No unexpected outbursts, irrelevant comments, pointless delays, & all other wearisome & tedious content for The Jury to Endure. / It may be argued that on various occasions, Either side of the debate would like to introduce what may appear to an unexpected outburst, but such theatrics will now have to be carefully argued at a meta-level with all concerned parties for their inclusion.
* Expert Witnesses may be Video Conferenced from Distant Locations, or Pre-Recorded Explanations of Evidentiary Content may be inserted seamlessly into the final Presentation.
* Detailed Examinations of The Crime Scene may be included with fancy Graphics & detailed computer simulations. / These sorts of things are present in current legal proceedings, but only in the most contrived & often clumsy manner.
* These Video Presentation Arguments will be created by professionals working with all interested parties to make a final, professional looking product that will contain all relevant information, disallow irrelevant information and be pleasing & engaging to watch.
* The Jury may view the entire Presentation or a subsection repeatedly.
* The amount of time that The Jury would have to commit to the Trial may be as little as a single afternoon. / Or conceivably; They could view The Presentation from home and deliberate with other jury member within a Secured Chat Room.
* The Presentation would be available for review by anyone, in it's complete form, for reconsideration, appeal or historical purposes at any later time.

······················································ 0
Flying Saucers
The Unmistakable Phenomena of Flying Saucers needs to be more thoroughly investigated.
This “Phenomena” of Flying Saucers makes no preassumptions or necessary specifications of what direction this examination will take.
But to simply deny that the Phenomena itself does not exist; Is Deeply Crazy.
- - -
More to The Point; The Phenomena of Flying Saucers; Which Excludes all UFOs, as UFOs constitute a class of phenomena for which there is not sufficient information to determine what class of objects or experience they should be grouped within.
As such; The Phenomena of Flying Saucers is widely thought to represent a variety of descriptions of spaceships from other worlds. Given this Understanding; There are many, many interpretations of what is meant by ‘Spaceships’ or ‘Other Worlds’.
But this investigation; As Now Defined will step back even further to allow that The Phenomena of Flying Saucers make Absolutely No PreAssumptions for what this Class of Witnessed Phenomena consist of.
- - -
And Rather than Designate One Authoritative Body to Investigate this Phenomena & Reveal at some point, An Official Authoritative Judgement of What The Phenomena consists of; There should instead be simply an ‘Opening’ of Allowing Anyone, Particularly & Especially at The Collegiate & University Levels, To Investigate this, & Other Quixotic Phenomena, without fear of Persecution or Reprisals.
······················································ 0
Understanding The Economy
······················································ 0
Political Parties
i'm not a Republican or Democrat, i'm more of a middle of the road Terrorist.
It should be noted that No reasonable Terrorist, calls themselves a Terrorist, so you should be suspicious of anyone that does.
But basically; i have a dream of a Society that includes sufficient numbers of fanatical Left & Right Wing, Middle Wing, 90º Tangental Wings, 180º Contrarian Wings & All manner of Foreign Religious Wings that No Matter what kind of Politician is Elected, One of these Groups will have him or her assassinated within a few wings of assuming office.
The Net Effect is a Government with very quiet, very invisible bureaucrats that simply get the necessary things done, and allow the general populace to live out their simple lives.
If a group wants to start a space program or send mercenaries to foreign nations, then our very quiet government allows them to do that.
······················································ 0
We've become in recent times, more so now than we may have been in the past, that Voting never actually counts anyones votes, and more than that; Even under the most ideal circumstances, Voting still doesn't count votes, or determine the will of the people.
An entirely new system needs to be hacked together that:
Allows 3rd Party Candidates to Run & be elected.
Encourages & Allows all Citizens that Should & Would Like To Vote, Vote.
This means that the new system allows younger children that know the issues are allowed to vote, and dumb hicks whose votes are being bought, are discouraged from voting.
Voters are allowed to vote for all The Candidates that they like,
and Cast Negative Votes for Candidates that they believe to be exceptionally Evil.
Political Parties are Eliminated, So that Voters can't vote for a Party Candidate.
······················································ 0
What is Your Dream
If you want to get a good job to make lots of money, that job is not your dream, the money is not your dream, the things that money will buy may be your dream, but is that dream, the money dream, is that the american dream or your dream.
Most people are little people. They do not have grandiose dreams. They want a little security, medicine when they're sick, someone to love, and be loved by. Obedient children, faithful pets, a nice view from their porch.
A few people have the grandiose dreams, and they often need to exploit the little people to get their dreams to come true, and this may be bad.
It may be kind of good, so long as the big dream people lift up the little people to see that the big dream is something that they genuinely want.
When the big dream is decidedly not what the little people want, then there is a problem.
By what method can these false dreams be constrained?
Most people, even the littlest people, are aware that many of their desires have been superimposed upon them by 'Madison Avenue' or The Military Industrial Entertainment Complex. But this awareness is often far too abstract, and they don't see it happening to them in individual, personal case examples.
What to do?
The little people need to be cared for by a class of people that have the biggest dreams.
These really big dreams are dreams whose actualization will last for 100 years, not 2 months or 2 years as most simply big dreams are designed for.
Identifying these biggest dreams is the central problem for a civilization that will last for more than 1000 years. Most Civilizations last about 1000 years, and then collapse catastrophically. Many people that are participating in This Western Civilization that most Northern Hemispheric Nations have adopted, believe that we are on the verge of this catastrophic collapse.
We need to be aware that this may be accurate.
······················································ 0
The True Crisis of Western Civilization
Legal Contracts
The Real Failure of Western Civilization is The Disappearance of The Gentleman.
( For lack of a More Appropriate; Unambiguous Appellation, This Designation: The Gentry; Applies to All Sexes )
- - -
And more specifically; The Gentleman Agreement.
What we; As a Culture & Viable Economic Society need to ReCreate, Is The Gentleman Agreement; Which we would continue to allow to exist on Paper, but in a starkly different form.
The New form of every contract would be that it consists of Three Sections, which may have innumerable subsections adhering to the usual & familiar structure of Contracts as they have existed from time immemorial.
The Three New Sections would be such:
** The First Sectional Page:
The First Page would be exactly that, One Page, and One Page Only, Printed or Written in a Clear, 14 point or larger text, that provides both parties with a clear & unambiguous Understanding or Spirit of the Agreement. This First Page should be written in a way so that a typical, attentive third grader would be able to understand it.
If at some later time, Either party of the agreement were to show in a court of law that any part of this First Page is written in a manner that suggests the tiniest hint of subterfuge or ambiguity, or that the page contains any text, graphics, watermark or other other markings that deviate from The Clear 14 Point Text Rule; The Agreement Will Be summarily judged to be Null & Void.
** The Second Sectional Page(s:
The Next Section may be written on more pages, In a Clear, 12 point or larger text; But will adhere to a New Rule such that it will be clear to a typical, attentive 5th Grader ( 9 to 11 years old ).
All Previous Rules that specify the complete & unmistakable Absence of Subterfuge & Ambiguity would continue to apply.
This Section will contain examples & a more detailed explanation of what will be expected from both parties throughout the duration of The Agreement.
** The Third Sectional Page(s:
The Third Section may or may not be included, And it may or may not adhere to a form that is more conversant with Modern Lawyers. Since Any violation of Ambiguity in The First or Second Sections will be grounds for Nullifying The Agreement, This Section can not contain any specifications or legalese that will be to the sole benefit of either party, in such a way that the contrary party will be caught unawares by such specifications.
- - -

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