Saturday, November 15, 2008

California & Western Coastal Wild Fires

It just seems completely crazy to me that all these very expensive homes in California are at risk every few months due to wild fires.
A) Build a fire wall around your property by cutting down superfluous brush & trees that face your wild areas and create some nice japanese sand gardens or children’s play areas there.
B) Have a repository of stored water in large inflatable balloons that you can fill when a fire is approaching your property that you can then use as needed to put out small hot spots when they strike, until the fire front passes by ( essentially the point when all the surrounding area is reduced to ashes. ( It might also be prudent to get some nice organic fire retardant chemicals to mix with the water... )
C) Fireproof your Roof.
D) Make Available Fire Proof Tents that can be easily thrown over your house...??? / Or maybe if you're building a house in a fire prone area, incorporate fire shields under the awnings so that they can simply be dropped when fire approaches and then drawn back up when it passes.
E) Or set up these fire walls that can be raised from the parameters of your property along telescoping support poles to a height of about 30 feet or so. This would at least make fire jumps that come over, more manageable.
F) When standing around on your own property, with your very large reserved water & foam retardant equipment, you should also have a fire resistant suit, like the professional fire fighters have, but a much cheaper version, that more closely resembles a largess poncho with separately attaching bubble helmet, arm sleeves & mittens.

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