Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Sad Thing...

i went to the dentist today, and that seemed to go alright,
But about four & a half years ago, i really needed to have two crowns made for two teeth in the upper front region of my mouth, which i could not afford by a long shot,
So this very nice Pakistani Lady Dentist, rebuilt them with Posts and Filling Material.
She said that they'd last anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years, and that was 4 & a half years ago.

But the thing is; That procedure she used was apparently; Kind of Crazy,
All the dentists that i've talked to since, laugh out loud when i ask if they can rebuild them when they shatter, as they certainly will sometime soon...!


Then; after that; i went to the library and at the library book sale, i bought:
Gnomes by Poortvliet & Huygen
This is sort of a Classic Book on Gnomes, with lots of fun bits & beautiful illustrations,
Published in 1976, and for whatever reasons, has fallen out of print ( i think )

So this one that i got, to replace the one that i had long ago, and gave away,
It still had the publishers information card in it...!
Which means that if ever had it previously, never opened it.
Maybe they got it as a present, thought it was stupid, and never opened it.

That's very sad.

Another book i got was a pristine Boy Scout Hand Book, from 1965,
That belonged to David Longhurst
And it doesn't look like it was ever opened either...!

Got both of them for $5.

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