Friday, December 12, 2008

Stupid Slum Lords...!!!

The other day i decided to check my Checking Balance
And Discovered to my Horror that i'd forgotten to pay my Rent...!!!

So i called Bertis & Wieber & Sandy, at the front desk,
didn't seem too officially annoyed about it...
So i just went online to pay it, PLUS the $50 Late Fee...

( Which is probably where they make 20% of their income,
So they actually would like more people to be slightly late ( 5 Days ) with their Rent... )

But when i got to the Web Site;
The $50 had already been added to my Monthly Rent,
and below that, Was the $50 late fee,
AND the Total amount due was $100 MORE...!

So i typed in the Correct Amount $375,
and The computer ignored the amount that i was agreeing to pay,
and Extracted $425 from my Account...!!!

TWO WEEKS BEFORE CHRSTMSA...!!! ( Now called Z-Mas )

So i called Sandy again,
and Sent them a SnailPost of the Documentation that i had of this;
And this is the Eep that they sent me:

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 10:07:47 -0800
Download Payment.msg
From: "Paula Johns"
Import addresses
Subject: Payment

Hello Chrstphre!

This is to let you know that Innercircuit did take $425.00. It will be posted to your account on 12/12/08 (actual date of deposit). You will have a $50.00 credit against next month's rent.

We have corrected the rent amount in Innercircuit and have allowed Innercircuit to accept a partial payment. So next month when you make your payment you should be able to enter $275.00 (that is the $325.00 less $50.00) and it should take it. If it does not, please let us know!

Thank you and have a safe and happy holiday season!

Paula Johns, Bookkeeper


Which means of course,
that they just decided to keep the $50... for now.

Most other Viable Companies that i deal with,
Would have had the technical savvy to simply return the $50 to my Checking Account,
But this is Bertis & Wieber.

Also: With all my other Bills,
All My Other Bills,

i have them automatically deducted when they come due,
but Bertis & Wieber haven't figured out how to do that...

Or-- More Likely; They don't want to.
As i suggested earlier; The late fees are a major source of their income.


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