Monday, January 19, 2009

i hate weekends!

in theory, everyday for me should be like any other
such that it shouldn't matter to me if one day was ostensibly called
a weekday or a weekend day...
but the problem is that everything closes down in an odd way on weekends
and long weekends are even worse.

the problem with this weekend is that i got my new debit card
the other day, and i'm pretty sure that i activated it correctly,
and so i went around on the interweb, telling everyone my new card number,
so that all my on line billing would work...

but they are not.

is it the weekend, or did i do it all wrong.
will i have to wait until wednesday to find out...?
i wish that i could verify these things some how...

like my interweb, dialup connection.
i tried opening a dailup connection a few months ago
and i couldn't get it to work.
i tried and tried.
it wouldn't work.
so now i'm afraid to try it again.
i will have to start another account,
and then check to see if i can get it to work.
and if it doesn't, then i will have to cancel it.

i don't know what the problem is;
because i can't validate the individual parts.

is it my modem?
computer software?
the interweb service?
the phone line?

it's making me very anxious.

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