Saturday, April 25, 2009

Staph Infection!

Staph Infection!, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

Out of all My Images on Flickr,
This one has been viewed 7,000 Times
Which is nearly Half of all My Viewings...!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lutheran Baptism Fiasco...!


i wasn't aware that anyone was every reading my blog...

You know—

If you hamsters out there were to add a comment from time to time,

i would be much less prone to absentmindedly & frivolously add pictures from my cell phone, and then completely forget that i'd done so...!

The story behind this; Is that i was begrudgingly invited to my GrandNiece's & Nephew's Baptism,
And before that we had a family dinner, at which; i took lots of pictures,
And when we got to the church, i continued to take a lot of vacuous snapshots,
So that when they finally got around to The Baptism;
i decided that i was going to use my camera as a video camera and film it...

i had a 2Gb SD card— Which, even after all the pictures i'd already taken, left me with more than an hour of shoddy video time...!
But then the batteries died after about 3 mintues...!!!

i NEVER go anywhere without backup Batteries... Until THEN...!!!

So in desperation; i tried to take some pictures with my cell phone,
But the recycle time between pictures was about a minute ( or seemed like it )
So it was just too frustrating, so i stopped trying and just watched.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jury Thinger

Jury Thinger, originally uploaded by chrstphre.

This is A Set of Two Rants Sent
Only The First of Which would Regretfully fit in The Postage Paid Envelope
For a Federal Jury Selection Form.
The form wasn’t calling me to Jury Duty;
It was merely making a determination as to whether i would be fit or elegible for Jury Duty.

Various DisOrganized Topics for Consideration
chrstphre campbell

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

i would first of all like to apologize for the incoherent structure of this rant,
but my mind flitters terribly from one idea to another constantly…
Just another very good reason for disallowing me from jury duty.

Many of These Convictions are Very Summarily Noted,
And not Intended to Be Convincing or Meant to Sway Ones
Preconceived Bias of Their Own.

Other very good reasons:

You may not be terribly familiar with Asperger’s syndrome, which is what i may have. i have been diagnosed with having A Schizoid Personality Type, Which is almost the same thing as Asperger’s. One is thought to be related to Schizophrenia, and the other is a form of Autism.
The Character Jerry Espenson; Played by Christian Clemenson on Boston Legal is said to have Asperger’s. He is a very accomplished Lawyer, and while many Aspergerians achieve many of their career goals, Some; Like me were thought & labeled when we were young as merely retarded or lazy.
Asperger’s was not even recognized as a clinical diagnostic syndrome until about 5 years after i finished high school, and Schizoid Personality had always been thought of as a Hermetic Label, not appropriate for children, So i was never really given by support or encouragement.
General Confusion & 7 Years as a Street Person ensued.

While i may not technically have tourette’s syndrome, i am often chastised for making inappropriate sounds & carrying on animated conversations with invisible beings.

If SSI Considers me 100% UnEmployable,
Which Mystifies Even Me,
i would certainly be UnAble to Serve in a Responsible, Non Disruptive Manner; On a Jury, Whose ostensible function would be to Discharge The Culpable Obligations of Truth, Justice & Righteous;
All of which deeply mystify me.

In The Sixth Grade, i experienced a very traumatic episode in which i was punished for something which i don’t even believe occurred. This event not only betrayed my trust in the system, but corrupted the one person that i had until that moment, considered the one really honorable & trust worthy person that i’d ever met.

When i was in Hawai’i as a street person around 1986, i experienced first hand how the judicial & penal system works. Such that the attitudes & conviction that i have brought back from this, are not derived from television or other pop media outlets.
It has been revealed to me that the court protocols & witness testimony, particularly by the police and other experts, are all directed to their participation in a liars contest.
The winner is the best liar.

If i were to serve on a jury, i could not, in good conscious, for a single moment, allow testimony by any paid for witness, police officer or shoeless cocktail waitress to be believed.

“Judge Not; Lest thou Be Judged” Somewhere in The Bible.

There is also this weird moral dilemma of Doing The Right Thing.
It is never possible to know if some action or inaction taken will result in a desired effect at some indeterminate time in the future.
It may well be that shooting a drunken necktie salesman will benefit a homeless plumber in the next 3 days, but severely & adversely cause hardships to an entire town in Kansas 200 years from now.
We all try to do the right thing from one minute to the next, but i have no illusions that i’m really doing anything to benefit anyone, ever.

The default is not to aimlessly rush through life, sending random citizens to jail, based on the accusations of coke sniffing public administrators that make their decisions based on the messages left for them by scratches on their living room furniture…
But to try to take responsibility for those few events that sneak up on me on any given Thursday afternoon, where i can see for myself, pretty much everything that is happening at that moment.

If i can contribute anything to The Betterment of This Plaidish World of Sour Mashed Potatoes & Hamsters running in & out of old tube socks…
i would like to donate Various ideas for an Improved Judicial System

== The One Equation to Replace All Laws ==
i think it is just crazy that the legislative branches of our state & federal government spend some measurable fraction of their time writing a never ending toilet paper roll of laws.
Maybe the Early Jewish & Mesopotamian Civilizations had it basically right in that any given Culture should have as few laws as possible.
Maybe even Ten was too many.
i would like to get rid of all the laws and replace them with
One Equation.

Foremost; The Equation would consider the number of actual & potential victims being harmed by the criminal &/or their actions. When that number is Zero for Zero, and the only meta-entity being harmed in gawd's dignity, then maybe that shouldn't be considered a crime.

The Equation would have many, Many Variables and the whole schmeal would be set inside a computer application designed to make input of all the variables very easy for anyone.
So that if anyone were interested; They could access the program, plug in all the relevant data and the application would tell them how bad their proposed activity would be, and what sort of penalty they would be expected to suffer, should they be caught.
The program might even provide a statistical prediction of how likely it would be for them to be caught.

The program would also be used by court officials in the same manner, after an arrest is made.

This is completely unrelated; But i also believe that Democracy is The Worst Political System for Personal Representation of The Damp Masses
i really believe that nations such as The Us of The A’s promote Democracy is because from this power base, and having taken control of the popular media & news franchises, The power moguls can make the people believe anything they want. The people then parrot this message to their handlers & the will of the people is enacted.

== Punished Eventually for Crimes Not Discovered ==
There is a school of thought that while many innocent people are convicted of crimes that they did not commit, These people were carefully selected by the criminal justice purveyors on the bases of secret & common street knowledge, That they were certainly guilty of something, and thus; Justice is done, pretty much.

i would rather not contribute to that line of thinking & activity.

At one time i had The Aspiration to Get Into Advertising
Like Darren Stevens in BeWitched
And then; By some mechanism that i can’t quite recall…
i decided that Advertising was a terrible scam that consisted of bending the untrained minds of the mall shopping bourgeoisie to ends designed by the lizard headed aliens that live underground in New Mexico & Arizona.
Since then; i have been completely lost as to what is right & wrong.
Everything seems exactly backwards to me.

== Why Do Smart People Let The Dumb People Run The World? ==

== Are We Living in A Universe that is So Cruel
That It Allows Us To Be Aware that We are Robots? ==

== i don’t believe that 911 was the work of North African carpet peddlers, Or that The Moon Landings occurred as they were sold to us, Or That Pearl Harbor was a Surprise Attack by The Japanese. ==
Everything is Wrong.
If i were so inclined to do anything that i presupposed was good for the world… It would not be to participate in the validation of those whose every bed time story was as tangental to the truth as the prongs of a fork held by Uri Geller.

Regarding Capitol Punishment.
It validates Murdering people that you think deserve it.
i also think that murdering someone that you have an invested interest in is far more justifiable than murdering someone, as the state does, just because it’s their job.
Also: A jury system in such cases dilutes the responsibility of faulty convictions, So that no one is held responsible for executions that so result from such boo-boos.
For these particular cases; It should be arranged so that One Person is held responsible, Perhaps picked randomly by scrapes of paper placed in a hat, So that if it were to be discovered that a prisoner was falsely executed, That person would be held responsible.
Naturally; As in the case of Media Contests held by Radio Stations, All paid employees of The Judicial System would be Exempt from Participating in The Lottery.

== The Solution: We are going through an Intermediate Stage of Justice, Like The Transitory Phase of Literature. ==
What is a Viable Solution?
i would hate to be accused of being a crazy nay sayer that just says No No No to everything…
i think that the solution to the judicial system is to use cell phones to sufficiently interconnect people, so that we can return to a system like that in preliterate, preindustrialized Amazonian hunter-gatherers.

== Laws that Insist that We Wear Clothes
Are Laws that Make it Illegal to Be a Humanimal. ==

== What is The Source & Consequences of Justice? ==
Either The World Makes Sense, or it Doesn't.
That is: Either The Universe is a Magickal Clockwork in which all actions have been wound up long ago, and are now stretching backwards to find the itch that comes from an explosion of randomality...
Or Things are arranged by The Ξ.6 Controllers and Justice & Fairness will find its way to the end of the paper towel roll, irregardless of how hard we pull off sheet after sheet to clean up our glasses of spilled milk.

== Bad or Faux Justice is The AntiThesis of Justice ==
Improperly Administered Justice is Not Simply, Our Best Flawed Efforts to Do The Right Thing, But The Exact Opposite of Justice, It is merely Random Violence, Exactly What Terrorists do To Make The World Better.

== The Solution: Justice Needs to Be Administered Locally, On The Personal Basis of One on One, One Minute to The Next. ==
This may not be a complete solution; But i think that for the most part, until the giant mechanical ants take over the world, The compartmentalization of Detectives hunting killers & Zoo Keepers feeding under stimulated Orangutans will fulfill their own destinies as the universe intended them to.

== i hate & distrust all science ==
i think that the Evolution vs Intelligent Design has made it transparently clear that the hamsters that are promoting science are lunatics.

== Equality of State & Citizen for Governance of Rights ==
All Rights that Citizens Hold, should be equally held by The State; And Vice Versa. Consequently; If The State Contents that it has The Right to Murder People According to Established Criteria, Then Citizens should also be able to claim that Same Right, And Murder People that have met the burden of Proof for their Unworthiness to Live.

== No One Ever Does Something that They Think is Wrong, Thus Only Crazy People Commit Crimes, Thus; All Criminals are Insane and should not be held responsible for their actions. ==
This may be a subtle idea.
It essentially states that if you believe something is wrong, then you wouldn’t do it. On an obvious level that i would like to think that most people would agree to, Is that the worst Serial Killer believes that some things are wrong, and consequently abstains from those behaviours.
Likewise; A person might easily believe that Other people believe that something is Wrong, and that when in a country that hold those crazy beliefs, it is prudent to obey their silly laws.
In such a case; Do the Police in that country treat you as a Criminal or A Crazy person if they catch you wearing white socks with black shoes.
They will probably treat you as a Criminal, as the police in this country treat people that believe crazy things.
This is Wrong.

== Monsters breed by ensuring that non-monsters pick up frozen haddocks and throw them through windows of those that in some irrelevant way, the monsters that the media has indoctrinated us to irrationally fear. ==
i really believe that the judicial system doesn’t restrain or prevent crime, it creates criminals and instructs them as to how to engage in criminal activity.
This is true on many different Levels.
== Why Are All The Electrons in The Universe Exactly The Same? ==

== The Amish ==
The Amish are The Solution.
Not The Whole Solution, But in a Theoretical Sense.
i might not even be willing to turn the judicial system over to The Amish, But in some pasty white version of reality, They are adding just the right amount of sugar to their tea.

== Will Scientific &/or Forensic Evidence Be Introduced ==
If so; i will summarily disregard it. i don't believe that the elemental tenets of what is commonly called Science is nothing but irrationally held doctrines that have become established as dogma by chickens whose feet have been wrapped with inky cotton balls and allowed to run over large sheets of cheap yellow construction paper.
Your conventional religious zealot may believe that they know plenty of irrational nonsense, but when held to rationalize it, will confess that their convictions are based on ancient teachings or personal experiences which were spiritually experienced and not subject to quantifiable measurements... While those that call themselves Scientists believe nonsense every bit as ridiculous as the zealots, But believe that they know these things for Rational & Logical Reasons, And are far more intolerant of critics that demand that those ideologies be carefully reexamined & reviewed.

== Will Eye Witness Testimony Be Proffered? ==
If so; i will summarily dismiss it.
The only time that Eye-Witness Testimony is in the slightest bit reliable, Is when the person being identified is well known to the witness.
It is patently absurd that anyone can reliably recognize someone seen for a period of less than a minute, and then re-identify that person, days, weeks or months later.
And Cross Racial Identification is far less reliable.

== Will Logical Arguments Be Used? ==
i have come to believe, more strongly, after recent examinations of propositional logical structures, that such tools for rational thought, are completely bunk.
While Boolean Logic is quite useful in the engineering of Central Processing Units for Computers, Propositional Logic & it's Operators are completely useless for Constructing Arguments which reveal anything resembling truth.

i have an idea for Restructuring The Judicial System, So that all the rights & responsibilities of the Accused & Accusers will be preserved, But that Citizens will be lining up to be on Juries, Instead of shunning them.
The first & most elemental assumption that i'm making about the functionality of a legal trial, is that it consists of an logical & reasonable argument of guilt by The Prosecutor, which is rebutted by The Defense Attorney.
What this Trial is Not; Is a Theatrical Performance.
The New & Improved Structure that i am proposing, May seem even more Theatrical than the current structure, but it is intended to provide more & clearer information in a more confined & well regulated format.
The New Structure is simply This:
All the principles of the case; Accused, Prosecutor, Defense, Judge, Witnesses & Various Experts conduct the trial in a manner very reminiscent of a conventional trial, With the tiny exception that instead of presenting it to A Live Jury; It is simply made into a full & complete Video Presentation.
What are the advantages to this:
* All parties have complete control of what the final presentation will consist of, disallowing or sharply reducing, the possibility of an appeal by either side.
* This complete control means that there will be No unexpected outbursts, irrelevant comments, pointless delays, & all other wearisome & tedious content for The Jury to Endure. / It may be argued that on various occasions, Either side of the debate would like to introduce what may appear to an unexpected outburst, but such theatrics will now have to be carefully argued at a meta-level with all concerned parties for their inclusion.
* Expert Witnesses may be Video Conferenced from Distant Locations, or Pre-Recorded Explanations of Evidentiary Content may be inserted seamlessly into the final Presentation.
* Detailed Examinations of The Crime Scene may be included with fancy Graphics & detailed computer simulations. / These sorts of things are present in current legal proceedings, but only in the most contrived & often clumsy manner.
* These Video Presentation Arguments will be created by professionals working with all interested parties to make a final, professional looking product that will contain all relevant information, disallow irrelevant information and be pleasing & engaging to watch.
* The Jury may view the entire Presentation or a subsection repeatedly.
* The amount of time that The Jury would have to commit to the Trial may be as little as a single afternoon. / Or conceivably; They could view The Presentation from home and deliberate with other jury member within a Secured Chat Room.
* The Presentation would be available for review by anyone, in it's complete form, for reconsideration, appeal or historical purposes at any later time.

We've become in recent times, more so now than we may have been in the past, that Voting never actually counts anyones votes, and more than that; Even under the most ideal circumstances, Voting still doesn't count votes, or determine the will of the people.
An entirely new system needs to be hacked together that:
Allows 3rd Party Candidates to Run & be elected.
Encourages & Allows all Citizens that Should & Would Like To Vote, Vote.
This means that the new system allows younger children that know the issues are allowed to vote, and dumb hicks whose votes are being bought, are discouraged from voting.
Voters are allowed to vote for all The Candidates that they like,
and Cast Negative Votes for Candidates that they believe to be exceptionally Evil.
Political Parties are Eliminated, So that Voters can't vote for a Party Candidate.

The True Crisis of Western Civilization
Legal Contracts
The Real Failure of Western Civilization is The Disappearance of The Gentleman.
( For lack of a More Appropriate; Unambiguous Appellation,
This Designation: The Gentry; Applies to All Sexes )
- - -
And more specifically; The Gentleman Agreement.
What we; As a Culture & Viable Economic Society need to ReCreate, Is The Gentleman Agreement; Which we would continue to allow to exist on Paper, but in a starkly different form.
The New form of every contract would be that it consists of Three Sections, which may have innumerable subsections adhering to the usual & familiar structure of Contracts as they have existed from time immemorial.
The Three New Sections would be such:
** The First Sectional Page:
The First Page would be exactly that, One Page, and One Page Only, Printed or Written in a Clear, 14 point or larger text, that provides both parties with a clear & unambiguous Understanding or Spirit of the Agreement. This First Page should be written in a way so that a typical, attentive third grader would be able to understand it.
If at some later time, Either party of the agreement were to show in a court of law that any part of this First Page is written in a manner that suggests the tiniest hint of subterfuge or ambiguity, or that the page contains any text, graphics, watermark or other other markings that deviate from The Clear 14 Point Text Rule; The Agreement Will Be summarily judged to be Null & Void.
** The Second Sectional Page(s:
The Next Section may be written on more pages, In a Clear, 12 point or larger text; But will adhere to a New Rule such that it will be clear to a typical, attentive 5th Grader ( 9 to 11 years old ).
All Previous Rules that specify the complete & unmistakable Absence of Subterfuge & Ambiguity would continue to apply.
This Section will contain examples & a more detailed explanation of what will be expected from both parties throughout the duration of The Agreement.

** The Third Sectional Page(s:
The Third Section may or may not be included, And it may or may not adhere to a form that is more conversant with Modern Lawyers. Since Any violation of Ambiguity in The First or Second Sections will be grounds for Nullifying The Agreement, This Section can not contain any specifications or legalese that will be to the sole benefit of either party, in such a way that the contrary party will be caught unawares by such specifications.


That preceeding part was the section that i printed up,
in one of those crazy broken type writer fonts,
So that the presentation wouldn’t add any gratuitous credibility to it…???

The following section was another rant that i wanted to include;
But it was too thick for the enclosed envelope with the prepaid postage & the address preprinted on it…
This was also in a kooky broken type writer font,
with the headers in font that resembled text created with a black ribbon label maker.
( The kind with the sticky backs )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
from & based on the book:
what is your dangerous idea / edited by john brockman

my dangerous ideas

Perhaps many of the grandiose projects in the past were not enacted for the reasons commonly told, But begun by farsighted politicians that genuinely wanted to avoid war, By building pyramids, earth-mounds, stupendously long walls or populous junk— Just to keep the damp masses busy. To keep idle hands busy and their thoughts off the wonder & majesty of war.

•.·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.•

Video Games are getting very close to emulating environments which are indistinguishable from Our Reality.
If they could be supplemented with device which would allow characters within the game to experience genuine consciousness, Then those entities would believe that they are living in a world just as detailed & complicated as ours.
Such an illusion would require a few clever tricks to pick up the slack of referring to each atom that we believe exists independently in our world, But these tricks are actually few in number and easily managed.
The Fist Assumption to contribute to this idea is that within each Humanimal Skull is a bowl of jello, much of which is intended to operate the robot under it. The remaining portions contain a complete model of The Universe.
That fragmentary information is all that's really necessary to allow entities in a screen saver universe to believe that their reality is entirely consistent and fully described to each unseen electron.
The Reality Generator would simply draw upon each entities repository of what they think the universe consists of, and paint that view for their sensory experiences.
What is behind a door, in a cabinet, on the page of a book or the thoughts of a stranger met at a bus stop -- Need not exist, or take up memory on The Host Computer, until it's required. And at that point, The Reality Generator fills in the gaps with what the selected entity expects, how the universe has been previously defined by that & other entities, and additional temporary details made up on the fly. Additionally; The Reality Generator can infuse into any given entity a sense of familiarity, So that everything that should be consistent in their environment, at least seems familiar.
Distant Stars, Elephants in Africa, Pictures in All The library Books & The inner mechanisms of an alarm clock remain undefined until some conscious entity within the screen saver takes a closer look at them.
- -
Are we living in such a Reality?
Curiously; There is really no way of Testing It.
Since everything is made up when we examine it to make us believe that it is real, and that that reality is created to meet our expectations of reality, All such examinations will pass that test!
Perhaps the one weakness that may suggest that this reality is A Screen Saver Universe, Is if Numerous Examples can be found that Infer that This Reality is Kookier than it should be.
But it must first be determined how kooky a Real Reality may be...?

•.·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.•

There is an idea that seems fairly plausible, And that is that it is far more reasonable & likely that any given awareness or some pocket of reality that is being experienced at any given moment or period of time; Perhaps lasting thousands or billions of years, Or Perhaps lasting only for the moment that it has taken to consider this Idea... Is An Illusion of A Past that Never Existed.
As Opposed to The Common Belief that the entire universe has been in existence by some natural order of things and come to this point from some infinitesimal point in the distant past.
Such that the prior view would be that the universe as it is experienced, comes into and pops out of existence by purely random antiforces.
- - -
A similar idea to this: Is that while we perceive reality as continuous, occurring with one moment following the next in rapid succession, It may be that our Reality depends upon an invisible mechanism that takes gazillions of years to model each moment of our existence.
i think it is entirely reasonable to suspect that the periods of experience that we think of as Moments-- Require an Innumerable Number of Intermediate Steps, Each of Which might easily be a Moment of their own.

•.·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.•

i've had this idea for a long time, and in the past few years, i have come across this same core idea in the writings of others... So it might Not be so Extremely Crazy After All.
The essential idea is that many animals, Perhaps the lowest Commonly Considered Animal for This Argument, Is The Crow or Raven. These are very smart animals with very tiny Brains.
This idea is extended to consider what a humanimal mind can do; Without Language.
That is; If you were to extract the Language Ability from a Person; How would their intelligence compare to a Raven?
Actual Behavioural Testing along these lines, Suggest that they would be able to count to about Seven, Solve simple puzzles, Shape Sticks & Wires to achieve some purpose, Remember what is around a corner that is currently out of view, and so on.
They would have about equal abilities.
My own view on this is extended with the observation that sometime ago, in the early days of computers, a program named Eliza was written that convinced many people that it was actually conscious. The program was very simple and consisted of about a dozen typed pages of instructions. Eliza was easily tripped up with pointed questions, but the seed of the idea that genuinely conscious people can be so easily fooled is indeed remarkable.
This is followed up with my own observation that most people speak only in cliches. They Rarely; If Ever, express an original idea or generate a unique thought.
i believe that Language & Symbolic Handling of Perceptions in The Humanimal Brain has allowed The Damp Masses to Perpetrate The Hoax of Intelligence.
By far & above, Most positions in Any Given Culture are held by people that have been trained by Classic Pavlovian Conditioning to Turn a Crank or Pull a series of Ropes to Accomplish some Task. By Codifying These Steps with The Trick of Language; The Damp Masses may appear to be accomplishing deeply complicated tasks, But this is easily exposed by simply moving the position of a crank or changing the color of a rope.
There are a tiny percentage of humanimals that appear to transcend these limitations--
But i honestly believe that if a town were to be set aside and filled with people whose IQ was 'Average' ( IQ 100 ±10 points )
...They would quickly degenerate to The Technological & Social Attributes of a Prairie of Ground Hogs.

•.·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.•

It only takes spotting a small number of these to begin to Rationally believe that if i have sound evidence that of all the news i hear or read, about 5% of it is Familiar to me personally, and of that; 3% is so egregiously inaccurate that it meets the general proposition that it was simply made up out of whole cloth...
Then The Greater Quantity of News that i am Not Immediately Familiar with is Also Completely Fictionalized.

•.·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.•

Whenever i suggest to someone that everything that have been taught in the public school system is Wrong, they naturally assume; if they are sympathetic to this thesis at all, That i am wildly exaggerating, and that i am merely asserting that public school teachers are wholly incompetent & misrepresent the material that they are ostensibly teaching as a regular feature of their duties.
But No. i am stating without qualification or reservation that in excess of 97% of all lessons taught to the children of Any Given Subset of Western Civilization, is Exactly The Opposite of What is most probably True.

•.·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.•

Are We Living in a Universe that is So Cruel, That it Allows Us to Be Aware That We Are Robots?
- -
If you allow that we are living in a Material Universe... Which may include Spiritual Elements of Unknown Specifications, which sufficiently obey the basic premise of Cause & Effect, Then This Universe would apply to all Scientific & Religious Models; Excluding only those that believed ( Reasonably Perhaps? ) That The Order that is Perceived is an Illusion, And True, Pure Randomality is the only Causation Force in This World.
Given then: That we are living in a Material Universe, Some parts of which may be UnSeen, MisUnderstood & Incomprehensible...
We are Allowing for The Time Being that The Brain is a Physical Artifact that is by Some Mechanism; The Node of Conscious Thought.
The Brain is clearly responsible for The Behaviour of The Body & The Sensory Perceptions that The Brain Uses to Think With.
If one is to allow that there are Sensory Experiences beyound those easily attributed to The Organs of The Body; So be it. This will Not Effect the Conclusions of This Argument.
In Either Case; The Brain is somehow linked to The Mind, By Some arguments; The Brain Generates All Thoughts of The Mind, By some Other Arguments; There are Additional Thoughts introduced by Other Agencies.
Which Ever is True; There is The Remaining Dichotomy of Generated Thoughts & Experienced Thoughts.
The Experienced Thoughts are The Ones that we Call Consciousness.
The Problem is then; These Experienced Thoughts constitute what we also call;
-Awareness- & -Freewill-
These are The Attributes that Define our Autonomy. It is our Awareness & Freewill that allow us To Choose Good over Evil, Peanut Butter over Tunafish, Poetry over Skydiving.
But if the source of All of our Thoughts is from The Thought Generator; Then it is The Generator that makes the Choices. We are merely Watching These Things Happen.
Might it somehow be possible that Our Conscious Thoughts, that come into being from The Thought Generator, Influence or Control The Thoughts Created By The Thought Generator?
Such an Idea is Not Merely Recursive or Circular, Nor is it Mysteriously Paradoxical.
It is merely Wrong.
All Thoughts That are Experienced, Must first be Generated Somewhere, by Some Mechanism, And then Experienced. The Experienced Thoughts are merely Experienced, They have No ability to Jump backwards into The Thought Generator.
Any such intent would be made by The Thought Generator.
Does The Thought Generator itself experience Consciousness, Awareness &/or Freewill?
If so; Such Entities may be thought of as mischievious homunculii that project onto a opaque screen what we see & think, and have No Control over.

•.·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.•

One of The Most Obvious Fallacies of Entropy, Is it's assertion that Any Given Environment is becoming more disorderly. If this is so; then The Universe, At the moment of The Big Bang were in a State of Perfect Order, and the moments & millennia there after were more orderly than The Universe of Today.
At the simplest level; What do they mean by Order?
At A Grander Scale; It seems obvious to me that Heat has a tendency to push things apart, While Gravity has a tendency to pull things together,
And ElectroMagnetism does both.
It may be that it is far more likely that an egg will fall from a table and break open, than the inverse of this action... But the egg on the floor is just as orderly as the egg on the table.
The Perception & Labeling of Things as Quantitatively Orderly is a Subjective Illusion.

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Quantum Theory is such a rich expanse for Religious & Spiritual Fact Biting that finding any book that treats this subject matter with impartial examination is very difficult.
Even most books that are ostensibly about the scientific principles of quantum theory will routinely present outrageous conclusions without justification or explanation.
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It’s apparently quite easy to badly measure a person’s intelligence but there is, within the judicial system, no misleading or inaccurate way to measure, or even define what maturity is.
So despite the fact that most of the legal foundations are based on the idea of legal responsibility & competent culpability, this degree of consciousness is arbitrarily assigned to age without any account given to intelligence, social experience or social context.

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UnDeveloped Dangerous Ideas
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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Faster Than Light Spaceships
Time Travel
The Meaning of Life
Scotch Tape
Transparent Glass / Mirrors
Hypnotism / Personal Reality
Doing The Right Thing

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Little People
Angels / Xi.Six Controllers
Flying Saucers / Abductions
Remote Viewing
True Human Nature is Pure Anarchy
Humor is a Reasoning ShortCircuit
The correct solution to what humor is; has to be equally applicable to all the categories of humor.
Silly Things
Sad Things; When they happen to Other People.

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Falling Things
Mathematics & Physics

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Dangerous Idea ( Needs Work

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Extremely Evil Things...

One of the very evil things i like to do is go to the library and find CDs and Books on CDs and rather than just listen to them;
i store them on my computer, and listen to them later. ( And repeatedly )
One of these CD - Books on CD Publishers has found me out and kicked back in a most delightfully mischievous way...!
The Book on CD is The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.
It is on 9 Disks...
And they are all MisLabeled...!!!
If you simply took the CDs out of the case, and loaded them into your CD player or Computer and Listened to them; There would be No Problem. All the Disks are Numbered Properly on The CD Disks Themselves...
But internally; The Names and Sequence Numbers are all Askewd...!!!
So that if you loaded all the Disks onto your computer and put them into a Folder Labeled Pilgrim's Progress, They would all be out of order...!!!

Isn't that Ingenious...!!!
The way that they are actually Labeled:
Disk One: Completely Blank, All Tracks have no identification labels...!
Disk Two: Labeled as Disk Six; a through x
Disk Three: Labeled as an Agatha Christie Novel
Disk Four: Labeled as a Stuart Kaminsky Vampire Novel
Disk Five: Labeled as Disk Six, Again!
Disk Six: Labeled as Another Disk Six...!
Disk Seven: Still Another Disk Six...!!!
Disk Eight: Deviously Correctly Labeled as Disk Eight...!!!
Disk Nine: Numbered as a through f, But Not Distinguished as Disk Nine...?

Did all this inventiveness Thwart me...!
It only challenged me...!
i simply relabeled them while they were loading,
Tedious Yes... But considering the length of Listening Time,
A very short and comparatively painless matter.

You'll have to try harder next time Blackstone Audio Books...!

- - - -

So i've been listening to this and Those 14th Century Writers certainly had a very Chronologically distinct writing style, Most notably indicated by extreme redundancy...

Those Genius ( ? ) Lunatics at BlackStone Audio Books have layered Their Encryption Schemes to Insure that No One can Load one of their Audio Books onto their Computer...!
The latest foil i've found is that The Tracks are Non-Consecutively Numbered...!!!
That is: 4a is NOT followed by 4b...!!!
The Actual Track Sequence for The Fourth Disk is:
( Which by the way is Labeled as: Never Cross a Vampire by Stuart Kaminsky )
4a 4o 4m 4g 4x* 4d 4f 4s 4l 4h 4c 4i 4n 4q 4j 4w 4r 4b 4u 4t 4v 4k 4e 4p

4x is apparently MEANT TO BE at the end; Since it's only 4 Seconds Long and only reveals that the Story = The Pilgrim's Progress = is continued on Disk 5.


Does this seem to suggest that they know what they're doing, or.... Not...?

- - - - -
Supplement Two:

i have further discovered that Blackstone has so encoded them that i can not ( ? ) figure out how to listen to The Tracks in their correct order without watching the track display and correcting it's 'Natureal' flow at the end & beginning of each track...!!!
It would appear that despite my great hubris...! They have Won...!!!

Dang them to Heck!