Friday, April 24, 2009

Lutheran Baptism Fiasco...!


i wasn't aware that anyone was every reading my blog...

You know—

If you hamsters out there were to add a comment from time to time,

i would be much less prone to absentmindedly & frivolously add pictures from my cell phone, and then completely forget that i'd done so...!

The story behind this; Is that i was begrudgingly invited to my GrandNiece's & Nephew's Baptism,
And before that we had a family dinner, at which; i took lots of pictures,
And when we got to the church, i continued to take a lot of vacuous snapshots,
So that when they finally got around to The Baptism;
i decided that i was going to use my camera as a video camera and film it...

i had a 2Gb SD card— Which, even after all the pictures i'd already taken, left me with more than an hour of shoddy video time...!
But then the batteries died after about 3 mintues...!!!

i NEVER go anywhere without backup Batteries... Until THEN...!!!

So in desperation; i tried to take some pictures with my cell phone,
But the recycle time between pictures was about a minute ( or seemed like it )
So it was just too frustrating, so i stopped trying and just watched.


William James Tychonievich said...

I don't get it. What's the message?

A Translucent Amoebae said...

Description added after this chastising...

William James Tychonievich said...

And after that chastising I'll start leaving comments more often so you know someone's reading.