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Genies / The Truth Behind Alien Abductions ( ? )

Self-Replicating Molecular Sentience

Response ( In a Severely Tangental Manner ) To Wm Jaz' Speculations on The Role of Geneology as A Motivational Philosophy for Civilizations of Transhumanimal Sentience.
- - :

Geneology = The Study of The Intent of Genes.
Genealogy = The Study of The Descent of Genes through Genotypical Vessels.
- - -

i have just now finished reading, ( in studious detail ), Wm Jaz' Original Rant which this Rant was ostensibly based on...
This --- About 2 Weeks after i finished The Completed Rant featured below this...!!!
And --- i must now begrudgingly concede that Wm Jaz' Rant's Model & Explanation of A Wide Variety of Quixotic Phenomena;
Particularly The InExplicable Behaviour of The Greys; Makes Perfect Sense.

i have made several Hypothetical Models that are principally concerned with Why The Aliens have Yet to Make Overt Contact with us... But The Peripheral Actions that The Observed Aliens have Presumable been Involved in; Has Always been Very Troubling & Mystifying to me...
Such as: Cattle ( et. al. ) Mutilations, Medical Abductions, Phantom Pregnancies & Many Other Surrealistic Street Dances that Aliens Typically Perform for us.
- - -

Despite the Irrefutable Logic and Well Reasoned Argument Presented in Wm Jaz' Rant for The Genies...
And my Strong Belief that Simply Because an Argument is Repugnant is No Reason to Summarily Refute it ...
As many Debunkers ( Gullible Skeptics ) Arbitrarily, And Fanatically Rebut,
Without Warrant or Reason, Except they Simply Don't Like It ( ! )
And Insist that They are The Final Arbitrators for Reason, Logic & Science.
... i continue to Cling Tenaciously to My Own Model that The Principle Reason that The Little Doctors* have not Simply Landed in Great Numbers and Taken Over our World,
Is that they Cherish Our Uniqueness.
They Know that if they were to Conspicuously Reveal themselves; Everything that we've Created would be Peremptorily Discarded and We would Adopt Their Science, Mathematics, Religion, Art, Music & Furniture Design would supersede our previously held beliefs on These Topics.
i can see No Reason, However; To Reject The Primary Agenda of The Greys,
To replace our Genetic Composition with their own.
- -
* Re: My Nomenclature for Various Quixotic Beings.
- -
-: The Xi.6 Controllers are from The Next Dimension Up. They are The Operators of The Computers, Of Which; Our Reality is One of Their Screen Savers.
-: The Walking Fish People were pivotal in The Founding of The Earliest City/States, Such as Ur, Various Mesopotamian Cultures & Generally; The Sumerian Civilization of The Man-Ape.
-: The Greys are A Comparatively Modern Superimposition of The Little People that have Existed in Humanimal Folklore since The First Neanderthal's CampOut.
-: The Many Classifications of Beings within The Confines of Modern UFOology; i choose simply to ignore them, As Each apparently has an inexplicable agenda, And their Very Existence seems to hinge on The Promotional Agenda of The Witnesses that Report Them.
-: i would like to Fleetingly Mention BigFoot, As Its Existence seems Irrefutable, And Highly Quixotic...? There seems to be many Other Creatures that fit this General Description of Unquestionable Beingness & Not-Beingness. Their place in our Reality has yet to be described.
( ??? )


The Principle Rant
In Response to The As Yet ( Then ) To Be Fully Examined
Wm Jaz' Rant : The Genie Scenario


Self-Replicating Molecular Sentience

As A Function of this;
i have comparatively recently become very much aware & disappointed by; The utter Failure of Logical Thinking to Resolve any of The Important Questions that The Modest Ape has been asking ( Articulating within a Social Forum ) for The Last 25,000 Years.

It may be successfully Argued that Philosophy has been terribly immature until just recently; But it is my contention that it is still horribly immature. The critical thinking of our most modern thinkers is still as primitive & childish as The Greatest Neanderthal Geomancers.

The most Glaring Proof of this is That as A Method of Our Most Serious Application of Clear Thinking, Western Civilization Resorts to A Theatrical Circus which is used in conjunction with Popular Applause to Determine The Guilt or Innocence of The Randomly Accused Citizens. This Decision is Then used to Condemn The Victims to Torture or Death.

What i am suggesting is that Humanimals are Incapable of Genuine Thinking.
What we pass off as Thinking is merely Insanely Complex Behaviours that are Layered on Top of One Another, Layer upon Layer, Which results in a Deviant Waltz of Emergent Complexity.
It may appear to the patient observer as Intelligence;
But it reveals its True Axiomatic Foundation of Mindless, Inconsequential Beating of Sticks on A Dry Earth by The Interjection of Sudden, Erratic Actions which Completely Refute All Previous Behaviours which would seem to have been leading to a Reasoned Objective.

How Might This Hypothesis choose to explain The Trinkets that The Rock Throwing Hamsters have Created.
The Principle Theory states unambiguously that The Humanimals are Incapable of Rational Thought, Which would preclude the possibility of having developed a True Scientific Manner of Rationality...
Then by What Manner have These Dancing Parakeets Created Digital Watches & GPS Based Treasure Hunts?
These Artifacts were Created By Engineer's; Which may assert that they have created )x( by means of rational thought; But by examining in Detail how Any Given =x= was actually Created— We Discover that it was in fact Tinkered Together after years of Attentive Trial & Error, and Building from The Blunders of Previous Greasy Faced Mechanics.

“If I have achieved Greatness, It is because I had The Convenience of Standing on The Faces of Giants That Stumbled over The Ancient Dead Before me.” Thomas Edison

Just Consider The Randomality of Scientific Development.
It has been asserted that The Brains of Modern Humanimals have been fully formed for At Least 35,000 years— And that Lightning has been around for at least that long...
And Even if We Allow that Metallurgy has only been Acquired in The Last 6,000 years;
Why has it Taken so long to Harness Electricity.
In our Modern Times, It has Taken less than 200 years to rise from Open Flames to Electronic Computers.

This was not The Consequence of Rational Thinking;
It was The Result of Mindless Fiddling for Millennia.
Even Thumbless Ants have Accomplished Very Nearly The Same Level of Social & Technological Achievement within The Same Chronological Allowance.
It might even be Convincingly Alleged that Ants have Accomplished What Humanimals Achieved, Millions of Years Before us...
And has anyone Suggested That Ants did This because They possess Superiour Sentience?
Maybe it is Merely Jealously that prevents us from Recognizing that they are Our Peers.

One of My Bête Noire's is The Belief that Mathematics may be Use to Model The Physical Universe. One is Digital & The Other is Analog.
That Is: One Operates At Infinite Precision With All Parts Operating in Parallel, With Each Element Sharing All Operational Variables With Every Other Particle in The Universe With An Infinite Granulation of Time.
Mathematics is in Every Respect; Exactly The Opposite.
Is This What Genuinely Sentient Beings Do?
- - -

Evolution vs Intelligent Design

If Humanimals Don't possess Genuine Intelligence, Even though it may appear that we do...
Might it be That There is No Such Thing As Intelligence?
If This were So; Then— The Intelligence that we speak of as The Motivational Force of Genes is Exactly The Same kind of Intelligence that MacroOrganisms Exhibit... And by Exhibit— That's exactly what i mean!
Wax Figurines that Beep & Shake, Write Poetry, Fly Aeroplanes, Jump from Office Buildings & Fornicate with Plastic Dolls... Are Exhibiting Behaviours that are Determined by A Cascading Chinese Wall of Dominoes without The White Dots Painted on them.

Despite The Great Complexity of The Most Translucent Amoebae;
It is really No More Magickal Than The Easily Comprehended Process of Eating a Pie.
Likewise; The Complexity is Incrementally Molehilled to The Humanimal Brain and The Phenomena of Consciousness.


One Index of Parakeet/Hamster Consciousness was Suggested by René Decartes with his Idiom : “I Consider The Paradoxes of Television, As a Direct Consequent of Independent Autonomy.” )±(

But there is something Curious about this Assertion.
If it were True that The Brain is The Sole Precipitator of Consciousness,
Then; Tautologically— All Thoughts are The Residue of This Brain.
Now Then: If Conscious/Awareness were A Residue of The Brain, The Brain Creates a Thought; Then Sees It.
That is; It becomes Aware of The Thought that it just Created.
It seems entirely reasonable to me that it would be possible to create a wax figure that behaves in exactly the way that humanimals behave, Including such Feats as writing Insipid Romance Novels, Expressing The Transendental Enlightenment of Schizophrenia, Composing Symphonies of the likes of Mozart or Boy George &/or Bashing in One Another's Heads with Household Appliances.
Such Mannequins might even Generate Thoughts which are Never Expressed in Any Behaviours that May be Betrayed by A Hidden Video Camera.
But would such Anorexic Fashion Models possess =Awareness=?
And If So— Why?

What is The Point &/or Functionality of Awareness?

As This Argument Suggested Earlier; All Thoughts are Residue of The Brain.
So That If The Brain Generates a Thought, And then Becomes Aware of That Thought, What does it gain from This? Does this Process Produce some Additional Thought(s,
And If So; Where does this Additional Thought(s come from?

Let us Consider The Most Charitable Way to Resolve This.
The Brain Generates a Thought,
Then Becomes Aware of it, Requiring Another Portion of The Brain to Exercise This Awareness Activity; But this Rerouting of Neural Activity is Still Within The Brain,
And If This Secondary Activity Generates Additional Thoughts; It is merely another cabinet of dominoes falling over one another.
Why is there another Sanctum of Neural Activity that Experiences This Awareness.
Is it The Awareness that Generates Additional Thoughts, or The Brain.
It is The Brain of Course.
The Brain Creates a First Tier of Thoughts, Then a Second Tier of Thoughts.

To Digress for A Moment.
This Idea of Thoughts is Very Confusing to Me.
Would The Brain Generate a Behavioural Causality =Thought=
Or Non-Behavioural Causality =Thought=
That is Then Processed Though The Language Center to Express That Naked Behavioural Thought into Sentences of Language...
That are Then Routed Back through The Interpretive Language Center for This Entirely Pointless Consciousness to =Understand=?
It would seem to make much more Sense that The Naked Behavioural Thought is Forwarded Directly to The Pointless Awareness Center... But this would mean that we Only Think that we are Thinking in Sentences. All our thoughts are actually being Conducted in The Naked Behavioural Language.

But getting back to my Assertion that Awareness is Something that The Brain Does Not Experience...
It seems to me that If The Brain Generates a Thought
Which is Then processed by an Awareness Center
Which is Experienced as A Thought...
i can see The Brain Creating The Awareness Thought,
But is The Brain Aware of That Thought.

It might be like a Computer Generating a Page of Graphics & Text,
Which is Then Sent to a Printer...
But The Computer Never =Sees= The Printed Page.

If The Brain Never Sees The Thought that it Just Created
And Formatted to Be Experienced As A Thought that one is Aware of...
When The Brain says; “I Think; There I Am.”
What in The Heck is it Talking About?

The Brain is Not Aware of Awareness;
And No Thought that Comes from The Process of Awareness Can Be Fed Back to The Brain; As that would mean that The Brain Received a Thought that It did not Generate.
There is No Way for A Brain to Be Aware that it is Generating Awareness.
So that When It Says; “ITTIA.” — It is Either Lying or Mistaken.
At The Very Least; It is Referring to An Awareness that We,
In our Experience of Awareness, Can Not Be Aware of,
And It Can Not Be Aware of Our Awareness.

i keep Straying from Gene Sentience.

My Chief Discomfort with Gene Sentience is That If This were an Accurate Model of The Universe, Life & The Last Friday One Trillion, Trillion Years from When Heaven Closes It's Doors after being sold to That Universe down The Block that we Never took very seriously.

It Doesn't allow for Robots to Take our places.
Which is A Heartfelt Aspiration of Mine.
i hope to Reincarnate into a Robot.

The Escape Clause would seem to be that Genes are themselves being Exploited by An Even More Elemental Directive.
And this may be The Desire of The Universe to Store Information.
And to Do This; It must have a Correlating Function of Information Collection & A Fanatical Appreciation for Backup Copies.

This fits very neatly with what Genes do.
But when The Opportunity to Switch to A More Reliable Information Storage Medium Becomes Available; The Genes will Happily Create This Replacement Vehicle, And then Allow themselves to become A Well Documented Footnote.

- - -
Additional Thoughts too Disorganized to have been Integrated into The Prior Rant.
- - -

Strangely ( ? ) i am much more willing to allow that a house fly exhibits, or is capable of experiencing the phenomena of consciousness— Than most humanimals.
It must surely be the case that If a Fly does experience Consciousness; Then Any Humanimal, irregardless of how mentally disabled they are, and have lived to be 3 years old, must be sufficiently gifted to this degree...
So— What i mean is; i don't believe that a house fly could manifest all their incredibly complex behaviours without somehow cheating, Given the number of neurons that they have been allocated.
Either The Fly has been programmed with a very complex library of heuristic algorythms, Or a much smaller number of Simple Directives which are the basis for their tremendously complex activities via The Phenomena of Emergent Complexity...
Which i will allow; May create very amazing behaviours with a very small number of Instructions.
But— i just choose to believe that when a fly looks out through it's compound eyes...
It sees things.

If not; Then the same argument that refutes the sentience of a fly, may just as easily be applied to hamsters & parakeets as well. It is simply a matter of how many simple machines are working together to display a given number of complex behaviours.

Tangental Digression:
Have you even wondered about those tiny brains that the dinosaurs would alleged to have?
Modern Thinking & Common Sense are now asserting that those hugely huge hairless ungulates were able to care for their young, wander in herds, migrate perhaps, and find suitable things for eating and avoid being eaten. Just like Modern Animals like Zebras or Starlings. So why to Zebras & Starlings have such big brains? If The Dinosaurs could do everything ( ? ) that Modern Animals can do...
Or— Not. What can Zebras do that a Brontosaurus couldn't do?
Do Zebras have a richer personal experience when gazing up at clouds?
One suggestion that may possibly have some weight to it... Concerns the Skin of Dinosaurs and Zebras. While i think, from our understand & observations of lizards and salamanders, They are able to sense a firm poke to their thigh... It may be that a Zebra's Brain is spending an overt amount of time monitoring the activity of each hair on it's body... While a Dinosaur, with bare skin, may have been able to sense only blunt trauma to substantially large regions?
So according to this line of reasoning; The Supposed Intelligence of humanimals may be due to the fact that mammals evolved large brains to oversee all our follicles, Then lost our hair, Kept the big brain, And used it for pointless mischief.
Classic Expression of The Idiom; Idyll hands make for The Devils Workshop.

- - -
Returning to Flies.
The point that i intended to make; But became hopelessly muddled by my own disorganized thinking... Was that While i wish to believe that a Fly is Genuinely Conscious;
i expect that the personal awareness of The Fly...

Wait: Another Digression.
You know The Test that Behaviouralists give monkeys to see if they're ‘Aware’ of themselves... By painting a dot on their foreheads when their asleep, And then putting them into a room with a mirror, to see if they will wipe the dot off...
i am very skeptical of the validity of this test.
First: A Mirror is an Extremely Artificial Contrivance, and unless they have been brought up with mirrors, i can't believe for a moment that any given monkey or ape, cat or illiterate humanimal is going to understand what their experiencing in a timely manner.
It may be suggested that mirror occur in nature; Such as when looking into a pool of water.
Have you Ever actually looked at yourself in a pool of water? Putting yourself in a suitable position over sufficiently calm water, under optimal light conditions—
Is extremely improbable.
Second: i suspect that if A Fly does experience the universe in a primitive sort of way, They may very well, As Tailed Monkeys are thought to experience the universe; As a Pointalistic Singularity, Effectively An Observational Node in An UnDifferentiated Reality.
Maybe That is The Superiour Way of Experiencing The World.
Isn't that what The Zen Monks want us to believe?
Maybe it's The Smart Animals that are OverThinking the World are the Ones that have Lost The Ability to Be Genuinely Conscious?

- - -
The point that i intended to make; But became despairingly tangled by my own shambolic thinking... Was that While i wish to believe that a Fly is Genuinely Conscious;
i expect that the personal awareness of The Fly is appropriately terse given it's diminutive stature.
But A Humanimal... When i say that i don't believe that most humanimals are genuinely conscious... i mean that i rarely witness this inherent consciousness becoming manifest to a degree that rises to the promises of any given, absolutely filthy homo-erectus sharpening a stick.
By far & above; Humanimals are simply incapable of the barest demonstration of original thought or action. Western Civilization is Sustained by a tiny fraction of the population that supervises The Damp Masses that have been trained to perform some astonishingly complex occupations by Classic Pavlovian Conditioning.


Instinct for Survival
i agree that most animals do not have an articulated personal expression of life & death.
It's been demonstrated to my satisfaction that most animals have no awareness of the passing of their peers or prey.
Lions routinely eat animals that are still alive, and a herd of animals will blithely continue grazing when their significant other falls over dead from a coronary or stroke.
Beavers have been ( ? ) known to chew off a leg to escape a bear trap, which seems to strongly suggest that they are concerned only with the moment, and lack an understanding of retirement communities.
But again; Isn't this the kind of Thinking that Eastern Masters tell us is The Aiguille of Enlightened Awareness?

The thinking that humanimals are quantitatively different from this kind of thinking, though, is probably wrong.
What makes humans think that they are thinking ( about personal survival & such ) is merely the complexity of superfluously layered cognition.
"This is delicious, but if I eat this kind of stuff too often I could end up with heart disease."
...Is an Expression of Conflict Behaviour.
That is; There are numerous tiny little directives simultaneously operating in your massively parallel brain, Which causes some to butt heads with each other from time to time. When this happens, Usually; One dominates... But it is very often the case that there is no clear winner, And when this happens; The experiencer either expresses both opposing behaviours at the same time...
Or they discard whatever they were doing, Even if it was extremely important for their survival, And express a completely unrelated behaviour.
The fact that humanimals are often witnessed professing to these sorts of completely bone-headed diversions seems to fit this model.

Another Digression:

It's been suggested that all behaviour may be reduced to our desire to be ‘Happy.’
We work for money to buy things that will make us; For whatever reasons, Happy.
We have sex because it makes us Happy.
We eat so that we will be Happy.
We make Art or Music to make us Happy; When other people appreciate that we are making them Happy.

And it may be further suggested that All these examples can be flipped over to The Avoidance of Sadness...

But i would like to assert that It's not The Avoidance of Sadness that is really motivating us to Do -AnyThing- ... But The Necessity of Stopping Pain.

Pain can take many forms, But most specifically for this argument, i would like to define Pain as An Awareness of Discomfort, Which if Unattended to; Will only get worse and interfere will all other survival oriented activities.
Such that; If any of these Discomforts is ignored it will result in a substantial reduction of the individuals quality of life.

It may now be pointed out that by avoiding activities that make us happy will result in the lessening of one's standard of living...

But the difference may be seen by exploiting the addiction of smoking.
Every Smoker that i know insist that they enjoy smoking, That smoking makes them Happy.
But if you deny a Smoker a bowl of Ice Cream for a whole week, they may indeed experience a sense of sadness; But they just as reasonably not even be aware that they are suffering this burden of No Ice Cream.
But if you take away their cigarettes for a hour— They will go totally fawking CrAzY...!!!

It's not Happiness that they are seeking;
They are Avoiding The Pain of Nicotine withdrawal by Smoking The Cigarettes.
( But try telling them this! )

It is my assertion now that while An Addiction to Nicotine is an extreme example...
We clearly experience pain when we are denied food or water,
And The Desire to have Sex is not Motivated by The Fleeting Happiness that an Orgasm provides, But to stop The Anxiety ( The Pain ) of Sexual Denial.
This model may easily be extended to making money,
Which we do to avoid The Pain of Social Ostracization, Which will lead to Sexual Denial.
To find The Causal Factors in any Given Conspiracy; You Follow The Money.
To find The Causal Factors to Any Behaviour; Find The Source of The Pain.

Humanimals don't Do Things because we Want to Do Them,
Or Because they will make us Happy...
We Engage in A Mindless String of Pointless Behaviours to Satisfy The Itch Master; Which is The Homunculii; That pushes over the innumerable arrangements of dominoes in our Damp, Electrified Brains.

What is The Causality of The Itch Master?
In The Gene as The Selfish Tyrant Model; The Self Replicating Molecules that have honed there survival to sacrificing layers & layers of absolutely superfluous peripheral phenotypes that only indirectly allow these molecules to make more molecules very much like themselves.
A very simple example of how this so counter productive is when a community of amoebae form a Slime Mold Pillar in which many unambiguously sacrifice their own molecular identity for the survival of their distant cousins.
They should have perfectly happy rolling around in the simplest protozoa, filling all the oceans of this world...

The organic model has a slight problem with The Genes Intrinsic Evolutionary Desire to make only self similar molecules...
Because Sexual Selection is designed to ensure that more self replicating molecules are created;
But Not Any Particular Strain of Self Replicating Molecules.

This means that something Else is Exploiting The Gullibility of The Genes.
The Genes think that they are making more Genes to make themselves Happy...
But they are actually only avoiding the pain of... ( ? )

Why is The Universe Interested in Self Replicating Molecules?

The History of Life on Earth is that Self Replicating Molecules have been used to create a stupendous diversity of Totally Mindless, Purposeless Animals.

The Big Plan seems to involve rocket ships and colonizing the universe.

The Dilemma is Then:
Is There a Very Simple Rule, Easily Contrived by The Mechanics of The Universe,
That explains what is Twisting The Arms of Atoms to form Longer & Longer Strings?
Or— Is There a Bottomless Continuum of Realities, Stacked on Top of One Another;
Providing Each Next Tier with a Gawd of Sorts, To Perpetuate this Search for a Purpose.

- - -
According to this Model of Genes being Subjugated by A More Elemental Master—
Richard Dawkins is mistaken when he asserts that humanimals can turn against our creators.
If we choose to stop making babies, and instead put all our efforts to building bigger and faster computers—
This new genus of mechanical brothers that we are making, will serve the smaller masters, which in turn, are serving the obscure agenda of The Universe.
The Genes may be pissed, But they were always just another superfluous intermediate phenotype, A ball peen hammer used to make something else...
When this something else is completed; The hammer is discarded.


Gene Centered Psychology =vs= The Mysterious Agenda of The Universe

While The Hyper Intelligent Gene Oriented Aliens are Called Genies...
The Modestly Inexpensive Robots, That Experience Consciousness Only as A Cheap Trick to Compensate for Sloppy Programming; Are called Agendians.

It might also be mentioned that The Agendians have been studiously gleaning their population for thousands of years, Of all Agendians that have been unable to transcend their most elementary programming directives. Current Agendians routinely think very Tangentially, And have socially & culturally Refuted any pretense of Thinking Logically.

The Agenda Come First.
Everything subordinate to That is not only Expendable, But Must Necessarily be Taken Apart to Make The Parts of The Next Tier.

The Agenda is Fragile
The Bulk of The Universe may be Actively Fighting The Agenda.
While It may be True that There are No Demonstrable Examples of True Randomality;
As Cause & Effect Seems to Account for All Phenomena, The Agenda may be Insanely Insecure and Fear That Randomality is Howling Just outside The Gates...
Or— Maybe The Complexity That we Are Experiencing as Life, Is an Unexpected & Unnecessary Fluke That The Agenda is Observing with Benign Amusement.
Maybe Life is Merely An Unimportant Residue of What the Agenda is Actually Concerned with... ( ? )
Maybe it's The Suns of The Universe that are The Real Bearers of Sentience that The Agenda Created all The Hydrogen for.

But we must discard this line of thinking, as it immediately curtails any further speculation!

It seems to me that The Hyper Intelligent Genies are treading on a dangerous muskeg by insisting that all their clones are identical.
The Agendians seek instead complete & uncompromising Diversity of all things...
As They are essentially Daoists; And Believe that it Is Impossible to Betray The Will of The Universe. Whatever is done; May only be actualized with The Blessing of The Dao.

“Never Break anything that you can't fix; Unless you're going to eat it.”
The Agendians refute the chaos of war. While they concede that War produces tremendous diversity; It is disorganized & formless diversity, Which they also refute.

In almost Every Sciffy Movie & Novelette; Robots are The Enemy, And even in venues where they are begrudging allowed live amoung us, They are treated with suspicion & uncertainty. Data is routinely passed over for advancement, and The Robots in Futurama are treated as Slaves, despite they're equality of mental acuity.
In The Stargate Universe; The Replicators are the most hated enemy because they're so much better at spreading their ‘Genome’ than The Terians.

This is why i hate The Genome Model.
i like Robots.
The Genome Model has No Use for a Successful Robot Species.

- - -
Annoying Strengths of The Genome Model
- - -
The Explanation of Junk DNA as Saving Inferiour Genes as Keepsakes / Given the usually fanatical mechanisms used by each cell to protect itself from foreign invaders, It is very odd that generation after generation; Successful Cell Lines would retains all this dead weight. Any Cell that Accidently lost some of it during Division would certainly be a more competitive as a result...?

The Single Mindedness / Anything done by a Committee, Consultation or Compromise is Doomed to Failure.

Population Control on An Agendian World
The Agendians are not driven to make a lot of nothing...
But instead are striving to make a small amount of something really interesting,
And consequently; Are perfectly willing to dismantle old things to make new, better things.
This includes the robots themselves. Any given robot may well be effectively immortal, and when a better design is proposed; It gleefully submits itself to be dismantled to be reassembled into a new form. As for it's mind; Those parts that are conductive to The Collective's library, will be retained, forming a growing holistic model of The Agendian's World View.
- -
Slight Digression:
It always seemed to me that if you were absorbed into A Borg Like Collective of A Hive Mind... Each Individual during The Integration Process would Believe that they are retaining The Entirety of Their Personal Ego, While Taking on The Knowledge & Wisdom of The Collective...?
i recall reading ( A Chick Booklet ? ) many years ago that a Christian Argument Against Hinduism was that The Hindu Belief in Reincarnation was completely Repugnant to Them, And even the thought of eventually being one with Gawd was contrary to their much preferred state of serving gawd in heaven for all eternity.
It seems to me that as you Reincarnate over and over, and become closer and closer to gawd, you would retain your personal Ego at each state, Until finally; You reach Nirvana & Total Enlightenment... And discover that you Are Gawd...! If there really is a Multiplicity of Souls in The Universe, As each one Merges with The Mind of Gawd at The Top, The Prior Gawd would have always felt The Presence of The Newer Souls that are Now Blending With the Totality... While Each New Soul would Experience Their Ego as Melding into The Common Awareness of Everything that there is... Their Ego would have always been an Imperfect Shadow of The Gawdhead, And The Final Transition would be Imperceptible.
- - -

This may have ended Abruptly, Due to The Hamsters in My Head Falling Asleep,
Or Becoming Distracted my Something that they just at this moment heard on The Radio.


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Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

"Why— Would The Brain Generate a Behavioural Causality =Thought= Or Non-Behavioural Causality =Thought= That is Then Processed Though The Language Center to Express That Naked Behavioural Thought into Sentences of Language... That are Then Routed Back through The Interpretive Language Center for This Entirely Pointless Consciousness to =Understand=?"

There's a theory out there (I don't remember whose or where I read it) that says language came first and consciousness grew out of it -- that when we had developed the abilities to talk to others and to listen to others, we unexpectedly discovered that we could listen to ourselves talk, and that that was the origin of self-awareness.