Monday, June 29, 2009

Modeling An Alternative Reality

i found -This- online a few minutes ago...

It's a =New Science= Article & Video on how CGI Programmers are making new advances in simulating reality from The Smallest Particles to Larger Macro-Events.

i had thought about something very much like this awhile ago...
Although; i was thinking of how one might simulate An Entire Alternative Reality/Universe from The Ground Up.

In this Completely Different Reality;
The Fundamental Laws of Physics would be Subtly Different.
And by Subtly... i mean that if they were to deviate -Too Much- Then there may be Truly Unexpected Consequences which may severely disrupt a Valid Alternative Reality Simulation...

But if you only wanted to Fudge the Mass of an Electron
Or Change The Electrical Attraction between Protons & Neutrons...
Then this approach, i feel, would work well towards modeling An Entire Universe with these New Properties.

The Approach is this:
Feed a computer simulator with The New Laws
And then tediously calculate how A Single Electron would React with A Single Photon,
Or how a Proton & Electron would Interact.
At each Tier; You would Just Assume that All such Interactions would be the Same in Larger Contexts.
So you would then Use this New Alphabet of Interactions to Created Newer Larger Interactions, Such as how a Hydrogen ( or New Reality Equivalent ) Atom would Interact with Another Hydrogen Atom.
And so on.

Each Calculation Result would then be added to The Soup Encyclopedia...
And used to Create Larger Simulations of Flowing Atoms in a Liquid
Or how They Might Fuse when Hot Enough.
So that you could Eventually Model a Whole Sun or Planet,
That would be constructed from Blocks of Smaller Interactions.

Just to be Safe ( ? ) You would want to stop occasionally and ReSimulate A Large Block of SubSimulations from The Smallest Interactions and Determine how closely The Largest Block Simulation compares to The Same Block of Interactions, When Compiled from All Individual Simulations.
When there is a Considerable Difference;
Then you'd have to go back, Analyze where The Simulation Tree went Askew
And Create a New Set of Building Blocks.

Once The Alternative Simulation is Highly Consistent;
You could start Experimenting with Organic Chemistry,
Creating Life in A Universe whose Electrons have only half The Electrical Charge of The Ones that We're Familiar with...

There is a School of Thought...
That Any of The Smallest Changes to The Laws of Physics would result in a Universe of Complete Disorganization...
But from the tiny amount of mathematical fooling around that i've done with Recursive Fractional Simulations, In which i've tried very hard to create simulations in which by no means imaginable-- They Should have Created an Interesting or Orderly looking Pattern...
But -- Did!
Suggests to me that No Matter What The Rules Are...
So long as there Are Rules...
An Orderly System will Result...

But it might be Very, Very Odd.
Which is why you'd have to perform The Whole Simulation from The Ground Up.
There is just No Way...!
...That you could ever really Predict what A Universe with Light Electrons would be like...???

( ! )

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